Souvereign on the School of Self Love and Syntropy within (and the opposing cult programming (within))

First of all #wearesyntropy #wearelove, we however do have a virus in our midst and we pass this on ourselves. It can be known best as #cultprogramming or socially engineered conditioning. At its darkest core it is human blood sacrifice of innocence in dark places and too many gory subjects for most. We must however shine a light on it for it to stop existing as our ignorance is what it has been feeding it all along.

This topic may not be suitable for you, but also know you can contact me if you feel to have your questions answered if they come up. Also note this was primarily written for myself to myself, so there is no professing here.

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1 – Why the Lucifer worshipping cults have so much control over humanities orientation and why it is so easy to program/culture human cultural behaviour and keeping the Divine children of Creation enslaved/ entertained/ distracted with themselves and each other over trivial things for thousands of years.

– Human Birth desecration – destroying the Fearless Freedom of the innate self Souvereign Will of every child, man and woman of the human race –

Since the dawning of the Luciferic agenda to create a so called “New World Order” nature/ Life/ creation has been raped and desecrated to serve as the living feeding ground to craft from and with. Well, that doesn’t sound pretty…really.

Before going any further I want to state the infinite, endless futility of the “Luciferic Agenda” as it has no Life in and of itself.  Please read that again and you’ll be able to see how this sharing too, is about sovereignty, syntropy and love.

The Luciferic Experiment has no creational power of itself.
All it has is Life – the Natural Order of Creation – to manipulate, desecrate, rape and pillage.
It can’t EVER create Life.
Not even a seed kernel.
So, Life/ creation is pretty well “fool proof” and unhackable.
(although with AI now online they are doing a pretty darn good job at making it look like we are hackable as humans)

The entire luciferic cult of sun worshipping secret societies, freemasonic jesuit priesthoods and all western cult “scientific” offshoots ALL are bound by the same divine ordinance known as the Natural Order also known as Life itself, which is Syntropy, which is Spirited in and of itself with an undestroyable and never re-creatable “power” or “source code” that is enshrined in all of Life’s expressions here on earth. For free, for the shear pleasure of self expression. (oh, my!)

In these sharings it will become self evident that the entire fantasy that the cult of lucifer is based around requires a host.
It literally, in ALL OF ITS FORMS, requires Life itself to exist, it requires creation to feed into it, and THUS without Life, it has nothing to work with.

Although we may not have it in our own experience or know about people that underwent such horors as ritualistic sex abuse, we as the human species and all of Life are having a Kleptoparasitic experiment in our midst.

I wondered deeply: How did we get here and how do we reclaim self sovereignty so to be once again a Fearlessly Free and life-celebrating culture of humans of Love? Break the dreamspell, bust open the Matrix! Who can lead me the way?!

Be Your own Leader

Despite popular belief that external authorities outside of oneself can “show” people “the way” to …….. happiness, bliss, success, freedom – only you can and will ever be able to Free and reclaim your own self sovereign being. (yes, yes, no joke…)

When one is serious about self ascertaining this state of being it is relevant to note that in the process it is really you who will be claimed, the name, the identity, the ideas about who you are, they are all going to be freed and liberated. In that process Freedom and Sovereignty will actually reclaim you.

It is actually egoic and ignorant to think that “you” can reclaim Spirit, when spirit is You.

There are however relevant processes based on natural comprehensions of our Nature and Syntropy that are relevant components to become “Sovereign” again.

I want to state that it is only you who can do this, you are the guru, you are the Will of you.

All i am doing is sharing from my own experience and articulate how you can reenable your Nature. The actual process naturally takes time as Life does not do short cuts but having a roadmap with a Syntropic legend is proven to be useful to fasten the process of resolving and undoing both trauma and luciferic/patriarchal/western cult programming from your cells.

In and of itself “Lucifer, Ba’al, the “New World Order” has no Life of itself. All participating in the fanatsy are displaying high levels of kleptoparasitic behaviour, (feeding of ones own species). The worship of it only fuels a fantasy- it is likely the most distorted fantasy to be lie f in but we are living the effects of it today in many forms.

#warculture #pornculture #violence #bloodshedculture are the big pillars on which the culture of Ba’al is based. One only needs to question the nature of humans to quickly remember that we in and of ourselves would not do harm to others (we are somehow programmed to), we would from our peaceful loving nature never intentionally cause pain to other sentient life of blood and bones. These are cultured be lie ve systems that we have accepted as “normal” because we were born into them, brought down and deducated with them and none of the outcomes lead to a peaceful, syntropic lifestyle. No, the human culture on earth seems to require to do harm to survive, seems to require to cause entropy/ suffering/ breakdown in order to “live”.

You probably by now get that these beliefs are not our nature, they aren’t even true, it is just what we are told and where we are today as a human civilisation. The questioning and work that i come from is how to undo this “stronghold”/ programming within my own cells. How do I stop participating in kleptoparasitic behaviour and tune my cells again to Life, to syntropy to abundance and becoming Fearless Freedom.

Healing Birth Trauma is key to freeing oneself from the fear based programming of our western cult. When you think about how Life has naturally designed birth to be and the brought down version that we are practicing on babies today we can start to question what the effects may be of violating boys through circumcision and premature seperation from the placenta (the spiritual twin of our bodies). When you think that ritualistic blood sacrifice is a significant part of “fueling” the kleptoparasitic culture you can start to question what the effects are of raping younglings of their souvereign essence through physically violating their cells, how this imprints and that this practice is in one culture specific “THE” practice to bring “pure souls” into this world.

If by now we have learned anything from our “cultural programming” is that the opposite of what is being promoted is likely the most true. So sit with that for a while. What is the opposite of a “Pure soul”? Yes, a demon. How do you bring a demon into this world? By violating life’s natural creation, a baby (boy in this case), and sucking its blood from its bleeding penis.

It is blood ritual that causes humans to be prone to anger, violence, rebellion against an unknown external authority that out of no where can come around anytime to violate, harm and hurt. It is deep rooted unresolved trauma.

If we want to know how to keep people contained and become good hosts for demonic forces then think of Judaism as luciferianism and not by accident do they own the banking system, hollywood, the war industry and so forth.

Look this is a lot to consider and feel into, freeing humanity can only be done within ones,elf and only oneself can choose to reenable ones nature and reclaim self Sovereignty.

What is important to remember is that you are of Life, with Life and from Life you have EVERYTHING within you to do this. To free yourself so you can be fearlessly free and speak truth as it stands without fearing some demon to show up and eat you alive. Heal your birth traumas, seriously, they loose their stronghold immediately over you. If you still operate in fear, from fear, from entropy and thus trauma you are indirectly under their control.

It is just a matter of applying your Will and start undoing the cultural luciferic programming and yes simple steps as becoming more self loving are critical in this.
There is a School within you for this. The School of Self Love. Enrol yourself and start the process of re-membering parts of you that are so hurt that they fear Love, but that’s also exactly what they need in order to be freed.


The Course in Syntropy is a place where the roots of our human cultural dysfunctionality and unnatural distortions are being named and identified for the “False Light” that they are – because ALL Life on Earth is still functioning on Life and on Divine Natural Order – all is still performing a function within Life as a whole –

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