Post Apocalypse future templating based on Syntropy

In relation to all the horror and injustice being exposed I felt to share my feelings on the future filling of the immense culture gap that we are together as human going to be bridging. Although this bridge is best founded on Love, Syntropy and natural justice this alone is not going to give us the stepping stones required to ment, heal and restore an earthly Eden for our human family. Conscious future design templating based on Syntropy is in the making:

“I foresee that from the groundswell that is merging that a total system reform is going to come about which subsequently means the Great Turning of the way the matrix runs. Our communities’ are the small cogs in an immense operating system that is being revised rather drastically. Love, I see, ultimately being the natural antidote to the fear culture and so on a local level starting initiatives based on this frequency of cocreating a human culture of Love is beneficial.

The work called “reinhabiting the village” is amongst one of those gems that has much to offer to a fractured, misled, misguided transgenrationally cult programmed society of people.

I also feel that apart from the serious (already happening) top-down reformation and soon FEMA camp filling actives it is extremely relevant that as a group collective we put on our thinking caps and bringing into form a brain trust that not only brings into articulate form a safekeeping network but one that I still see simultaneously instill the intrinsic natural virtues of respect for Souvereignty, knowing ones’ own Souvereignty aka programming for a Human culture of Love. I’ve been questioning and exploring this human response with a post apocalypse perspective in the visioning.

I see communities and online networks restructuring their individual and collective relating to Life from a syntropic (with life) orientation and so the cultural reemergence that is (necessary) to come about is more complex than just bandaid solutions to keep children safe. It’s about willfully exposing all forms of entropic (fear,lack and scarcity based) cult programming, that by its very design undermines human Souvereignty and therefor Natural Justice, by naming it and each to their own choosing to undo these cult programmed believe systems internally. (There are a lot to list and all are totally unnatural to actual belief or uphold once they are exposed and comprehended for the false light fallacy that they are, I call it #humandamage)

I think humanity has not been deeper in the fantasy “hole” than where we are now. And yet anything in life is only performing a function for growth and expansion with purpose such is the syntropic nature of all things living and of this earth.

To me any form of inflicted trauma once properly resolved is our capacity to know Love and in that all trauma is an opportunity for Love,ultimately, to come to know the depth and capacity of knowing itself.

I feel open to offer my perspective and experience on solution future human family templating for culturally renewal based on the syntropic nature of Life.

Certainly with the removal of these distorted cult practices a huge, immense gap will be created. The question is what are WE THE PEOPLE put in its place?

We have all the answers to already fill this pending knowledge gap (as in “what do we do now ?!”) we only have to remember how to embody and inspire others to embody and live together in Syntropy, synergy, collaboration, symbiosis and cell support.

As Below the ground (in the microbiological fungal networks of living life ) so Above the ground (in human networks of living life .)

thank the Pythagorean freemasonic cult programmers to invert that one for us. Hiding everything in plain sight by flipping the images. As Below, so Above and Syntropy /Natures natural innate strategy for Life is the missing link they’ve veiled and hidden as best as they could.

System design based on how Life functions (Syntropy) in that light feels really relevant and makes a lot of sense.

Invite me to a dialogue or forming braintrust. Arise ! ”


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