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I started reading “Child Hunters: Requim of a Childkiller” as mentioned by Robert David Steele during his following introduction at the ITNJ’s Judicial Commission of Enquiry into Child sex abuse and human trafficking.

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Please, if you haven’t, inform yourself about the ITNJ’s work and the immense rise in awareness that like a huge groundswell is forming into humanities biggest Wave of true Awakening. For those feeling hopeless serious action is in full effect underway and you can offer support for this.

For me I see this time we live in, that our generation is witnessing the #GreatTurning. An Immense Action against human injustice is being activated and it is from all levels of our human family coming to #ShinetheLight.

Are you into shadow work? Do you want to resolve Injustice in your internal world?

I know how relevant it is now to not shy away and pretend that what is happening is not happening. My world is not a happy froopyland knowing that every year hundreds of thousands of children are being trafficked and sexually abused and even ritually sacrificed all to serve deeply distorted orientations to grownups that I can’t see as being human. I take action. I Shine the Light.

Your question may be where to start or how to help if that is possible in something that seems such a complex, dark and evil syndicate of deeply inhumane practices. You too have heard reports over the past years about priests being removed from their offices in various places because of sexually abusing children. It does not stop at the church or any church.

Everything that the ITNJ is bringing forth through its International Court for Natural Justice is eye opening, awareness expanding and if you are willing, false reality shattering.

Visit the ITNJ Judicial Hearing coverage page

The world cannot unhear Truths.

In all things that the ITNJ has brought to Light through its recent Hearings in Westminister I heard Clear Truths that cannot be unheard. Although initially I put my spiritual bypassing philosophies on towards all that I was hearing I also kept wanting to hear more.

I know that as a human family it is our collective responsibility to restore Natural Justice in our human world and more clearly than ever before am I aware how the Deep State has been able to grow and develop into the -against-human- orientations that it operates from.

The court format in which the ITNJ is conducting the enquiries is held in a formal, open and very clear and professional setting allowing the media covering of all the hearings of testimonies to be shareable to any level of our society.

It is one immense brave step of a small group of committed people to deliver to our world the open enquiry and subsequent exposure of what is really going on in our world. The video above in which Robert David Steele as Chief Council shares openly on the extend of human trafficking I request you to watch.

How can I help?

Yes, you can help by spreading this so so relevant work. If you ever wanted to have the dark and evil wrongdoers be stopped from violating our human family then simply exposing the core of their dark practices is the way for us as humans to heal ourselves of this disease.

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Properly naming “Pedophilia”

The word “pedophile” isn’t even doing justice to what it implies. It apparently means “child lover”. In this book “Child Hunters” and also throughout the ITNJ hearings “pedosexual” is brought forth as to name something for what it actually is. Grownups having sexual orientations and engaging in sexual activity with children. Not Love, but sex fantasies and acting out on them.

This must stop but cannot be stopped by just getting upset or rallying for local change. The network of human trafficking and child sexabuse is spread – everywhere -. As it is an intimate part of the rich and wealthy echelons involving innumerous people in politics, media, the justice systems, religious institutions, secret governments, state governments, local governments and secret societies. It is a widespread epidemic that for the most part has been unseen or worst of all, unheard.

The ITNJ through its recent Commission of Enquiry is shining professional light on the depth of this distortion and exposes with explicit high level expertise from various industries the atrocities that are fast ongoing on our earth.

The ITNJ has created a safe haven for victims and witnesses to come forth and share their experiences through providing their testimonies to the Court and more hearings are planned for in other countries.

“We… need you to hear this”

Watch the testimonies on

Pedophilia is the Achilles Heel.

You can help greatly in supporting these efforts to expose the Heel of a syndicate full of inhumane activities that is “running our world” as it will end when this becomes the shared awareness of the common people of the land. No sane person of sane mind will ever stand for human trafficking or child sex abuse to continue, let alone the satanic rituals that take place with innocent lives every day in way too many places.

The rich and famous, the aristocracy, the rings of wealthy and so called powerful people who “run our world” can only be displaced when all of us put our efforts into exposing what is happening. This injustice and trespass on humans of our collective family simply has to end in this generation and it takes all of us to make the Great Turning to a human culture of Love possible.

Please consider supporting this brave and courageous work set out by common people of our collective family. Donations for the ITNJ to continue are welcomed here by the Committee to Support the ITNJ:

The Great Turning is occurring.

Actions are fast underway in America through thousands and thousands of sealed indictments having been created. The current administration under President Trump has signed an order to put an end to human trafficking. On March 13 of this year he stated:

“My Administration will focus on ending the absolutely horrific practice of human trafficking. And I am prepared to bring the full force and weight of our government, whatever we can do, in order to solve this horrific problem.”

I feel strongly that we cannot just rely on Governments to resolve this epidemic as too many political leaders are part of the exact problem that the ITNJ is so clearly exposing. The “high places of power” are deeply infected and although not all are guilty or complicit in the crimes conducted simply standing by and thinking that someone else is going to resolve and remove this transgenerational dis-ease from our collective reality is a lame excuse and not something I want to look back on several years from now having been my stance in this.

What were you choosing to do when the people rose to bring an end to the worlds most hidden and veiled crimes against humanity? Did you lean in to support and Shine the Light or did you shy away because of fear being triggered?

For me i have made use of all the fear and feelings that got triggered and continuously chose to meet them in me and transform them in me.

May fearlessness beget you. May love always guide and support you.


Souvereign Freedom

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consider signing the ITNJ’s Treaty if you haven’t yet. To familiarise yourself with its intentions.


About Robert David Steele in the video:

Robert David Steele is a former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Clandestine Operations Officer and co-Founder: Marine Corps Intelligence Activity. Robert makes his statement to the court about his knowledge of rogue elements within governments and other high levels of society; and why there is cause for alarm. He also advocates solutions toward solving the systemic global problems of human trafficking and child sex abuse.

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