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Psychonauts 1
I’ve been long feeling into this topic as this rabbit hole is deep and for most unfamiliar territory but the questions have been placed. Q may not give the line of questions required to dig because from the CC the mental aptitude or readiness requires to be observed/noted.

this may very well be my only valuable contribution to the Great Awakening I will be making… my backstory is not relevant…4 years of #invertingmkultra programming, or inverting #cultprogramming with #syntropy as the roadmap to comprehend Natures’ living strategies, thus remembering human nature (and divinity) (which is what is being raped in order to harvest or invert “prana”/ life force / spirit) and from here comprehending the kleptoparasitic expansion of the mind virus that we see as luciferic, satanic, RSA and sacrifice of our human family.

I hope some of my ‘drops’ here may help stir the digging and remembering of the intrinsic aspects of human nature that can become restored (have been omitted, repressed, not taught (anywhere) and are what is being accessed in order to siphon the hosts (humanity)…) this information may meet lots of thought resistance because it triggers unresolved emotional imprinting stored in the cellular biometric of your being. So be present with that. It only happens because it is performing a function with purpose. That is what Life is always doing… . Syntropy is “the hidden hand of God”… never taught anywhere for if they taught about true human nature, sovereignty, freedom and how we would naturally navigate Life as the human family wired for love and living in peace together…. well.. they would have never been able to use us like battery slaves how they have been. So when you do feel ‘triggered’ or rejecting what i share.. Stay curious, be willing to renew your mind… I will do my best to ask the relevant questions for your cells to access what this “bad (luciferic) copy” has been based on… Gods creation raped, to use its Spirited and soulful Life force for purposes more sinister than most can imagine.

One thing though I will give you upfront is that the “God Code” which they are trying to break cannot ever be broken and the whole luciferic dreamspell is but one big futile fantasy based on the greatest distortions ever to take root in humanities consciousness.

Our true nature has been exploited, raped, suppressed and ritualistically violated in ways that you yourself/cells have undergone, have let happen to your children and so this is not for the lighthearted, but the Glory and Grace of God is, was and will always be within you and with you especially if you are Willing to transform the kleptoparastic violations that have come to pass within your self, your family and your loved ones. You and I did not know. Forgiveness is already granted as it was our original innocence that got violated and none of us consciously chose for the things you have long thought were (perhaps) “natural” or at best normal.

In love and service

Another Souvereign.

P.s: more sharings are here on this site, i leave them as a frame of reference and may update/ add within sharings made. Some of my ‘sources’ could be said to be ‘unverifiable’, instead take what you will, stay curious to what you feel you resist. This my current attempt to help the Great Awakening – Re-membering who we really are. I am always available for questions, trolls are dissolved (in Love) to source, in grace, retunring them a favor.

2 Psyonic ability/warfare.

Note: i am not trying to be smart here. but instead apply an proven effective methodology, this information is otherwise so hard to bring into CC… i have struggled with doing that for years.. Q has proven effective beyond words and the line of questioning and thinking i feel is paramount to allowing anyone (on their own) to access what is available.

-Define innate natural human psychological abilities (latent and suppressed).
Think Inverting MK Ultra to access human nature.
Violate in order to dominate/control and harvesting (latent/ natural) abilities?
What do they know?
What is it used for?
Think carving/sculpting.
Craft-ing from (within) human divinity.
Think human (spirited) emotion.
Think highest grade ‘nutrition’ for [non-spirited/ non-living/embodied beings].
They are real and rely on your ‘ignorance’.
This was spiritual warfare.
This is now ‘dis-closure’.
Their greatest fear.
It sets you free, from what?
Think ‘bad copy’.
Unlocking what?
Define ‘divinity’.
Inverting MKUltra.
Going deeper.

3 Psyonic ability/warfare.

what is Syntropy?
what does comprehending it give?
why is this relevant?
looking through time both ways.
Define natural succession
Retrace its’ origin.
Foresee next expression.
Diminishing only.
This was spiritual warfare.
Our job is only to reveal the truth = terminating ‘bad copy’
Think through Syntropy.
average definition undefined?
think this is a coincidence?

4 Psyonic ability/warfare

Define ‘disease’ or virus.
Resolution? Find origin.
Define ‘healing’ of dis-ease.
Think restoring original natural state of being.
Re-enabling Nature.
Understanding Syntropy = comprehending ‘bad copy’/virus
Think (mind)parasite.
Requires (also) a host.
Cultprogramming on steroids.

5 Psyonic ability/warfare

Define a parasite.
Define a host.
Define a virus.
How does a virus spread?
How do you spread a “mind virus”?
How do you get contaminated?
How do you (initially) get infected?
Source code/craft of mkultra?
Think trespass without consent.
Practices existing for millennia.
Practices adopted as normal.
‘Bad copy’.
Full Reality requires remembering
Dissolves griphold entirely when ‘Willing’.

6 Psyonic ability/warfare

Why do they need humans?
Who are they (seemingly) serving?
What do they fear?
What does a parasite require?

7 Psyonic ability/warfare

What was the Luciferic experiment?
What were [Archons]?
What is [wetiko]?
Who knew?
How did they know?
Not ‘corrupted’ in their thinking? Why?
Think uncorrupted Human Nature.
People of war or peace?
What happened to all these “originals”?
Understanding kleptoparatism = comprehending mindvirus.
Syntropy is ‘missing link’.

8 Psyonic ability/warfare

Virus is real.
You are undoing the dreamspell.
Awakening your original potential (Nature) = their greatest fear.
Truth is on our side.
Truth was only ever hidden and/or altered.
Their ‘side’ was always a “bad copy”.
Truth is absolute.
Think SF
Think CD
Think Human Nature

9 Psyonic ability/warfare

Define a (mind)parasite.
What were they hiding?
How did they manage?
Define social engineering.
Think birth practices.

10 Psyonic ability/warfare

Think control-based mind manipulation deployed centuries before it was named such.
Think M e d i a. place and origin.
Think Holly Wood and trees.
First mindcontrolling “agents” ?
Magic? or cultivated ability to manipulate human perception?
Think succession/manifestation through time.
Think present manifestation.
Realise all is false light.
Think “bad copy”.
Understanding archonic mind control, is CC control.
[O.M.] just one (visual) aspect.
Think rituals. Think blood rituals. Think (invented) birth rituals.
Is this Normal?
Understanding cultprogramming.
Going deeper.

11 Psyonic ability/warfare

Understanding trauma and manifesting disassociation.
MKUltra style.
What is trespass without consent?
What is violation of sovereignty of self?
Rape of what?
What is the ‘Original Innocence’?
So, why rape at birth?
Think outcomes.
Rebels or Soldiers.
Victims or Fighters.
Fear or deviance of “invisible” external authority imprinted in cellular memory.
All Controllable Human Narratives.
Understand Social Engineering.
Traumatised humans = programmable.
Corrupted blueprint/ virus install/ at birth.
This is real.
Think “standardised” “western” “medical” “practices”= cultprogramming.
Knowing more.

12 Psyonic ability/warfare

How do you remove/replace a “bad copy” without crashing the entire operating system?
Think infected software.
Think Nodes.
Think nodes within human supercomputer (CC)
Purging, purifying by unveiling and digesting/ restoring truth.
Final Result?
Incorruptible agent/mind/node = Great Awakening.
Dissolving wetiko.
The Truth alone has set me free.

13 Psyonic ability/warfare

Define Human Nature and its original “culture”/ orientation.
Think pre-deluvian.
Think original, natural orientations without (false) hierarchy.
Competition or cooperation?
Fear or Love?
Lack and scarcity or abundance?
Therefor need for control or freely navigating?
Does Life operate on natural coherency or entropy?
What is #SYNTROPY?
Are humans separate to Life?
What is our Natural place within the trophic chain?
What is our purpose/ capacity?
Define social engineering.
Define cult programming.
Think Trauma induced mind control.
What do they fear?
What have they been parasiting off?
Think unresolved trauma.
Think transgenerational hand-down of trauma.

14 Psyonic ability/warfare

RSA victims. “autists’
What happens when trauma becomes resolved/ transformed?
What fills that gap?
What (natural) abilities have been (unknowingly) cultivated and can be used?
Define astral travel.
Define remote viewing.
Active vs. passive.
All from within yet ‘out there’.
What are we really when not compromised?
What happens when Great Awakening expands and ‘autists’ comprehend their latent ‘powers’?
How long will it take?
This was spiritual warfare.
Think #invertingmkultra
Think astral traveling SF agents.
Returning to Source what?
Dissolving wetiko.
Not a fantasy.
Happening. “Everywhere”
Full termination of virus requires ‘autists’.
Cleaning up CC
Dissolving archonic grip
Roadmap relevant
Truth = Love

15 Psyonic ability/warfare

Where do Archons live?
What are they bound to?
Think Syntropy.
What happens when a ‘specie’ no longer performs a function with purpose?
In the agroforest, who manages the system?
Who is/are the host(s)?
Who was ‘given dominion’?
Human Nature = Love
Astral management required.
Recruit your cells
Self Sovereign Will
Navigate with/from Source.
Know who you are.
Think Human Nature.
Syntropy Governs all.
“Hidden hand of God.”


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