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I’ve been actively sharing around the effortful and deeply relevant work that is coming through the Judicial Hearings by the International Tribunal of Natural Justice in regards to exposing the ongoing pedo-sexual cult that involves ritualistic child abuse and the equally inhuman practices of human trafficking and human organ harvesting.

I used to turn a spiritual blind eye to these horrendous forms of sheer humandamage because I had not processed my primary imprinting around experiencing severe injustice that went in against my Nature when I was still young. I encourage you to be brave, to be courageous and for you to watch some of the testimonies of the seatings in Westminister Hall.

The exposure and revealing of these utter inhumane atrocities that are fast ongoing on OUR earth involving our fellow human family is the announcement of The Great Turning: humans coming together to shine a clear light on the veiled and hidden cult practices that involve, ongoingly, the richest and most “powerful” people that we are “supposed to” trust. People in high levels of governments and their children “care” related institutions, religious denominations, the legal system and aristocratic families.

The perverted and deeply distorted rich and wealthy family networks woven through all these seemingly in “Human-service-institutions” that for decades if not centuries have engaged in these forms of human abuse are being exposed – this illuminates their treacherous and false and pretentious navigation which deeply goes in against Natural Justice and undermining in epic proportions the Natural Souvereignty and rights living humans have living on this Earth.

I ask you to consider signing the ITNJ’s Treaty if you haven’t yet. To familiarise yourself with its intentions:

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Primarily I feel to share here now on this so called “banned” documentary on the pedo-sexual rings existing in the United States of America that the Committee to Support the ITNJ shared around.

Although not as intimate, raw and insightful as the Australian autobiography I’ve recently completed reading called “little tim BIG TIM – The ultimate betrayal of innocence” by Tim Roy, this documentary exposes through investigative questioning the obscene and child violating cult practices that are happening and are ongoing throughout the “higher” echelons of the “powerful” corporate rings and networks of this American country. (The exposure documented is to show that this is happening, and as sad as it may sound, that this is ongoing all over the world in every country on earth where either the western cult of greed and powerhungry savagery expressed as #kleptoparasitism is present or the previous succesions of patriarchal domination and suppression of the feminine is still actively practiced. )

I encourage you to familiarise your cells with this documentaries’ awareness raising content so you can access your willingness to bring support to the work and actives that the ITNJ is putting forth for all of humanity so that Natural Justice may be restored and onwardly prevail to ensure that human Souvereignty and Freedom are respected, honoured and supported naturally by all humans of our collective human family of Earthlings.

I share this with you from a place of Love to expand our collective awareness FOR Love, to overcome and put an end to these deeply distorted activities. I share this for those who did not deserve to experience these systematic and intentionally planned sexual violations and abuses of their natural sovereignty by those that have posed themselves to be “nobility”, celebrities or successfully rich and wealthy people.

And I want to share more and more around this as We are the Ones that can amplify the exposure by sharing from a place of Love this with our networks and family.

I feel really good about the sense felt willingness to strengthen the work of the ITNJ and all awareness raising work that exposes the truth of what is really going on behind the shiny facades of riches and power.

Knowing of its root cause as #wetiko I know also that it is Love that is to make the Great Turning a reality. And there is power in numbers.

In grace and Aroha.


Souvereign Freedom

A 1993, a film crew discovered the machinations of a vast operation functioning throughout the United States, providing children to the wealthy and the political establishment for multiple reasons. This film ‘Conspiracy of Silence’ was to air in the UK but during final editing Discovery Channel withdrew its support. To this day the doc has never been seen on television. This is an unpolished rough-cut version of that documentary. It apparently cannot be uploaded to Facebook as there’s obviously still much protection and control around this film but here is the YouTube version:

Read and add your voice by signing the Treaty here

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