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Talking about Syntropy involves exposing roughly around 6000 years of entropic cult programming so maybe just make a cup of tea and take this sharing as some light entertainment for your brain cells.

My “learneth” field of expertise is how Syntropy expresses itself throughout every form of living Life and all Life processes. How to harness its potential and accelerate or amplify its functions for the benefit of the Greater ecosystem (gleaned from and remembered through the study of Syntropic Agroforestry).

Life always has and forever is wired to performs all of its functions for Life with purpose. (the micro and macro all being served in every process.) “the art” of learning about Syntropy is as simple as just questioning the function of what is observed – taking oneself out of judgement (entropic relating) – and being curious.

I am very likely the only human being on earth however that has applied the natural strategies present in Life onto and into the human collective ecosystem and more so into the individual human biosphere, primarily my own. I have focussed my orientations on this for 2 years and because life isn’t “difficult”, it hasn’t been hard to remember how syntropic relating to Life operates and how it unveils the false believe systems that aren’t “of Life” in our human ecology.

“Question the function of everything”

Memory has a function, so does preoccupation in the thoughts. Simple questioning without judgement or prefixed belief systems aka cult programming of right or wrong, good ‘n bad and so forth frees innate awareness to come in. Any label is not truth. What is observed performs a function though. Question it, measure it, to Life’s observable strategies and awareness can come in with grace if your Willing.

There is more to it though as all of Life is performing its function based and wired for succession. Hence we are in the last succession of deeply entropic patriarchal programming which I call the western cult. When natural succession is comprehended to simply always be part of Life we can question with even more effect -through time- the function of what we are observing. Removing ourselves again from judgement freeing ourselves up to be informed based on what function something is performing in the larger context of its individual process, through time and forseeing what it is morphing into.

In relation to humanity and us being rather deep in “the hole” – Life however always naturally fills the gap – what I foresee is relevant, because only humans have free will on this earth and we seem to be having the greatest impact on our earth. What we are going to put in the place of the great culling ? (and to question if it is even ours to address individually as every person performs their own unique function in the Greater web of our human family). I feel it’s my function to envision, template but really to make use of the function reflected for me in me so to free myself more of programs that go in against life. And there have been many, hence the awareness around the depth of the “hole” we are in.

Syntropy is and has been the missing link in relating to Life on earth. From business to governance everything is currently still steeped in entropic mindsets this is because the cult programming has been really well thought out and goes right to the core of keeping humans disconnected from source (birth violation of prematurely cutting the cord)

“The powers that were” had such an easy game to play. Observe human nature and then fuck with it by means of creating religion, schooling, science as truth/ authority. It’s all false light as it is entropic and this can be exposed so easily once syntropic relating to Life is remembered.

Syntropy is a continuing orientation that is wired into the living metric of all life. It’s God Her signature and it can never be broken, undone or recreated. Life only ever has come and only ever is to come from Life. The ultimate luciferian satanist fantasy to create as She does “one day” is just that; a fantasy as they can only ever manipulate, distort or parasitically extract from life but never actually control or create it. Life is the Host. Always. We as human Life are the host and “they” are just fear mongering kleptoparasitic creatures that are just like all other Life forever bound to the syntropic nature of all of Life. Believing that we are somehow separate or superior is just more cult programming.

“Mind control from birth by design”

Naturally humanity overcomes the deep rupture that we are going through and are about to see much more of. It is intrinsic to human nature to create a culture of Love. We’ve just been hijacked to operate out of fear, lack, scarcity, the perceived need to control and dominate just to feel safe, all stemming from fear, all linked directly to trauma stored as unresolved emotional imprinting in every persons’ body. This is where the true “mind control” happens. Unresolved trauma keeping people operating out of fear, causing harm to others. And even training “doctors” to ritualistically sever the soul connection to the placenta at birth as soon as possible because it has been made “standardised western medicine practice”. Not natural. Not normal. And severely violating, better put raping of the original innocence of Self and Free Will. Trespass onto the self Souvereign cells of a humans body without consent; rape. It leaves a stain, guaranteed. Proven to work so to control and yet we only ever emotionally react as an opportunity to resolve the unresolved. Such is Syntropy expressing its strategy to restore wholeness and reintegrate disassociate aspects of self stored in memory on the internal landscape of our mind.

It is not human nature to harm others. These are age old narratives that we’ve been sold and deducated with through very cleverly socially engineered programming means. Once the process of how nature functions and what human nature is and thus what is natural for us to be doing as humans we can discover that we are operating in a cult of fear, scarcity and lack where we either rebel or are submissive towards “external authority” and in that never free. There is no “external authority” this is the greatest fantasy promulgated through cult programming and we were all bought and sold into it because most of us got hacked into at birth.

So a human culture of Love naturally emerges if we heal our traumas, re-member our dismembered aspects of self, as a human race, undoing the fear based programming that runs through our cells . (Pfew big task !! I have ideas and experience though.)

Humans are already designing systems that are not entropic/ centralised / control based.

That is already happening when we look at decentralised systems or opensourcing which is simply feeling nicer, more natural, more flowing (because it’s syntropic navigation) that is more easeful, transparent and open.

What I am discovering lately is simply exposing the false light (par example: transhumanism) by exposing or measuring it to Syntropy/ how life functions and from this innate awareness humans innately steer away from it because it doesn’t make sense when they feel into it if it is actually natural.

What “sits in the way” is entropic cult programming, belief systems plus trauma and us as humans are simply feeling based beings. So we are going in against our own nature substantially by means of glorifying the mind and intellect. Yes it has a function but it is seemingly the godmother generator of all “truth” it seems, while none of it is true, right or wrong, it just performs a function which only ever is a living process not a lifeless “noun”.

“Syntropic economy based on abundance”

Now this way of relating to Life isn’t going to sell anything anytime soon as it’s syntropic and doesn’t throw people into fear modes of “must buy” “must secure” “must get” because of lack. Life doesn’t do lack. That’s a human fantasy stemming from post cataclysmic events that aren’t happening now. War is a good cult program to induce emotional coping based on unresolved trauma playing up but not being resolved.

So what sits in the way in people is unresolved emotional imprinting and a matrix of socially engineered service to humanity programs that just erode the sense of self sovereignty further. Added are all bandaid solutions to help us cope in an entirely entropic matrix of fantasies disconnected from its direct relation to human nature or even life itself.

When we teach Syntropy in schools and that’s all we work on: Life and relating to Life in how it naturally functions then Humanity; The human culture of Love can flourish again. But yeah, try and sell freedom of the people to the governments, corporations and economists of today. They’ll all lose their immediate fantasy “jobs”. Go figure.

If we were all healed. Raised in respect and love and everyone’s free will was respected well, we wouldn’t need crap cancer causing ice-cream flavour enhanced with little boys foreskin cells or porn movies, or violence or holidays “away”, so to cope or escape our slave existence.

Watch this video to gain more insight

Seriously we are in a deep state of disparity and to me only a few good years of purging on trauma will do. What we benefit though to put in place are these “Wananga’s of Love” places of remembering how to feeling base relate, where we are encouraged to collaborate and relate to Life and each other in curiosity and love based on Syntropy. It is the missing and intentionally hidden link that connects all of Life with all of Life of which humans are part of not apart of.

How to put systems into place for this? Well if Trump was open to listen I’d have him reform every school to be based on decentralised syntropic relating with nature as it’s study field. Let America lead the way. Make it great again. Or for the first time. We’d teach an entire generation how to “do things naturally” – it wouldn’t be good for our rigged, fake and hollow consumer economy but yeah that too is ready for its next successional expression and has lived it’s life cycle. Suggesting you to connect with work around Re-inhabiting the Village (​​)

An Economy of gratitude and sharing sounds pretty good. It’s how life in the soil functions.

Hijacked humanity. Programmed severely on a cellular level through trauma inflicting acts of violence.

Healing centres. Wananga’s (schools) of Love and Syntropy. Bringing in the ancient traditions, the grandmother wisdoms that has patience and care at heart. They know all of this so well. They in those days didn’t need words for Syntropy nor Sovereignty. The naming started with the cultists naming and demeaning all other things irrelevant so now it is our turn to name the named for what it really is in the context of Syntropy. False light. Etc…

Yeah, I wish I could write you something more to the point but 6000 years of the luciferic agenda at work coupled with archon wetiko invasion, love alone can’t cure that nor can a 1 page plan but our Human Free Will can. This is what makes us divine. This is why cultprogramming is set out to do everything it is doing; to break the Will, to violate it, to stun it so to disconnect us from our divinity and divine potential as the living embodiment of source consciousness with Free Will.

Our Will contains our innate self Sovereign awareness and our intrinsic relation to Life, our tribe, the collective human family, to source, to Love. Compromise that connection and you can rule and tout them how you please. Just dangle some candy or new “liberties” on a stick. The age old “bread and play” narrative.

Good thing about syntropic relating is that each and every individual aspect of society can be transformed to perform syntropic functions once the cult entropic program not serving life but mostly fear or corporate interest has been seen for what it is. Placing our attention on it is paramount for change to incubate.

Throw me an “entropic problem” or situation and I can tell you what its function is in relevant context as it is always still serving Syntropy. All that is here on the earth is bound by her weave, spun from her loom and part of her womb web called living life.

Anytime Ask me anything specific or broad around anything system design. Willing and able and at your service.

You can explore more on the Study of Syntropy here.


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