Awakening through Rachel’s testimony

This is Rachel Vaughans’ explicit testimony to the International Tribunal of Natural Justice, Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex-abuse. Rachel has recently stepped forward wanting to go public through the ITNJ with a most indepth, detailed, raw, real and deeply relevant witness account exposing the horrors of child sexual abuse rings in Australia.

I feel I have no other way of breaking this to you other than to encourage you to look at this. To take it in. To be willing to receive this sharing. To allow it into your reality and yes, breathe as you are confronted with the actual reality of what the “power elite” are doing in this country to innocent young children, on a daily basis, and have for decades.

How perpetrators, like her own father, have received immunity for decades from those in places that can give that to them or maybe you know of the 1966 “Disappearance of the Beaumont Children” a 3 children murder case in Glenelg Beach near Adelaide, South Australia that still, after all these years has yet to be resolved. “How is this possible?” Because the world as we are taught to perceive it as is not operating in the integrity and natural justice or any form of true justice that it is proposed to operate from.

I call it “cult programming” because the western cult (however promoted to be glorious, free, or so called civilized) is a system operating on the socially engineered programming of fear and lack all stemming from trauma which didn’t arrive by default but by design.

Ending kleptoparasitic cult practices.

The truth is that this kleptoparasitic mind virus and the utterly distorted deeply entropic orientations that are active in these pedosexual “rings” is not going to stop for as long as it can operate unseen and hidden in the shadows of our society. The ITNJ is performing a global prime function for the exposure and illumination of these human atrocities by creating the formal space for the naming of the hidden, exposing the veiled and mostly bringing out of the silence the truths that need to be spoken and be received to break this ongoing epidemic of humandamage.

Visit the Commission to Enquiry website

The abuse continues for as long as their victims stay silent and in fear or full disassociation of what happened. The abuse also continues when those victims that do speak out are not supported, their message not carried further. We are in this together. One interconnected human family able of healing tremendous transgenerationally induced trauma and dis-ease all coming from the same origin: cult programming.

For as long as further exposure by the living people of the living land is not brought onto and fearlessly into this reality, the corrupt syndicate of power-rich circles is able to hide behind the false facades of complex bureaucracies of mostly wealthy and highly influential people in “high up” places of so called “power”.

Break the Silence. Breaking silent consent.

By not looking at this when presented we are giving silent consent for the systematic raping of younglings to continue. This may sound brutal but if listening to this and accepting that this is happening is hard for you, how do you feel the actual rape victims of these satanic/elitist circles feel?

I ask this from a place of real love as I know that only when we as a human family are kept ignorant and uninformed can this continue how it does and so I ask you again to join hands with the ITNJ. Sign the treaty. Add your voice. Donate money. Share the ITNJ’s work. Talk with friends. Really, break the silence, shine the light. We are in this together and every little bit we do helps ’cause if we don’t, well….

In Australia. Everywhere. Most likely.

State run housing for children is (one of the avenues) where the pedosexual networks operate through in Australia. (“I know right?!!!!”)

It is an utter disgrace and this must be heard in order to be stopped. Not by just one person. By thousands of people. We have the tools and technology what is maybe missing is awareness and willingness to act.

Awakening the Will to Act.

As of late my “spiritual Awakening” has been far from spiritually fluffy. It has been radically real, deeply raw and violently illuminating humandamage of the highest degrees imaginable and from a place of Love I now share, write and speak to inspire you to gather your courage, to heal your own unresolved around injustice so together we can elevate and amplify the ITNJ’s International reach as this is not just going on in Glenelg Beach.

In my previous writings about the relevancy I feel that is here for you to support the work of the ITNJ, I have referred to the book “little tim, BIG TIM” the autobiography by Tim Roy that is in absolute frightening alignment with Rachel’s testimony of how her father was navigating himself within these pedosexual rings as he was actively prostituting out his own children and priding himself doing so. These are not incidents. This is an industry. A really distorted and sick industry if it comes to navigating life in harmony with each other.

For the sake of those brave enough to break their Silence and come forward to express in detail what all was done to them, for the sake of all those innocent children still undergoing these nightmares and violations of their souvereignty, for the sake of my own dignity and souvereignty: i am here to Shine the Light. Here to Break the Silence with and for them.

I feel to share with you to please be gentle on your own ignorance around these sharings. Only Love can bridge what seems so utterly injust and broken. The true pain lies only within each one of us and anger alone isn’t going to create the long term resolutions we all know we want; natural justice, peace, harmony, living life in liberty.

The Great Turning.

Please Take Notice: what we are doing and how we are sharing this work out into the world IS WORKING. Your participation in this is crucial.

This is the Great Turning. This is the so called “spiritual awakening” that none of the “spiritually awake” people thought was really happening or even know about but is absolutely paramount to be entered into for any form of true liberation to come about for our collective human family.

True awakening is being brave and willing to illuminate the dark and the shadow of our collective human story by addressing the imprinted programs of fears that are only ever existing within ourselves.

For as long as we remain unconscious or afraid, the shadow plagues on. It plagues on until you are willing to unveil it, willing it to name it and thus come into full awareness of its form. Do you feel willing to look at this and share it out?

Yes, Love, this is not a fantasy and it is also not going to go away by denying it.

This is as real as it gets and are we willing and able to amplify the messages and courageous testimonies that are being made possible through the ITNJ ? Feel into it. This is the Great Turning

If we truly want to live in this “new earth” human culture of Love and harmony then it truly is time that we face our real demons and start reclaiming this culture simply by being Willing to be really real with what is really going on this earth and be Willing to come into awareness of it. Ritualistic child sex abuse and human trafficking is the Achilles Heel of the network that values not life, Love or natural justice.

The greatest power that this syndicate has over us as people is our fear of looking at all of this because when we remain rejective, afraid or scared of the reality-check involved THEY can in the shadows of our country continue exactly what they have been doing for decades.

Please fellow friends. Take heart. Lean in. Hold hands. Stand together. Feel your feelings. Cry those tears. Allow yourself to face this tragedy. Be willing to look at this. Integrate it. Hold it and transform it with Love. Meet the pain, the rejection, the deflection, the denial, the disbelief, the non acceptance, meet it all with Love in you. Meet all the feelings with love so you may rise as I have. So you can rise too. Above this. Above the fear. Above the horror. Above the utter disgrace. To unveil the faceless and seemingly formless core of actives of pure humandamage.

For when it can be seen by others naturally like a vampire being confronted with the light of the sun it has to dissolve and thus stop existing. It cannot live in the light of day out in the open and public. When we name this and deal with our own inabilities to accept the extend and depth of this horror then we actually start dissolving it’s only source of power which is our internal fear of the horror itself.

Welcoming you to share this publicly, I am also here if you feel to relate personally around your feelings and or experiences.

Kia Kaha, Kia Mia, Kia: Be Strong, Be steadfast, Be Willing

In grace and Aroha



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consider signing the ITNJ’s Treaty if you haven’t yet. To familiarise yourself with its intentions.

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