Path to Peace – Conscious embodiment through choice of releasing any and all frequencies of unrest, fear, obligation and lack. –

From 2016 before #syntropy and feeling based relating was remember in my world. Good though, albeit a bit direct. But, it was written to myself as that is what i have used writing on social media for. What are your thoughts?

To truly embody peace requires you to get out of damaged, trauma-state-based believes about you, others, and all life around you. Simply put: If you still have un-nice feeling thoughts occur regularly then you have not come into acceptance or acknowledgement of the failure of the unnatural, unpeaceful, hasted society and #humandamage laden world that you got born into, and which imprinted you.

deep breath….

-Reenabling the Natural Frequencies-
It is the natural inborn anticipation of any new child born on earth to “expect” – or naturally anticipate – natural, peaceful supportive, clear following of its being frequencies – it is only natural to be followed and made aware again and again that the child is priority through presence.

This naturally instills believes and awareness that the child is safe, loved and absolutely worth everything – the child and its’ wants, feelings and desires are all important – totally relevant – and this causes the child to know innately of its’ ‘worth’, of it’s value in the world.

-Failure to uphold the Natural Order-
Finding acceptance within your cells of how third parties have failed to uphold for you as a child, the natural/ normal virtues of living life on the planet in harmony and in #NaturalLaw and #NaturalPeace, is foundational for you to resolve, as this naturally restores the natural state of peacefulness within all of your cells/being.

-What is Natural Peace?-
Natural Peace is a navigational frequency that is our Nature, our original and natural / normal way to be. It’s also a highly self empowered, clear and activated state of being, – not a sleepy or going with the flow – accepting everything that the universe puts in front of you – no it’s a state of being wholly #selfsovereign and thus masterfully peaceful, aware and what i like to call “nownow”.

-What does being self sovereign mean?-
No longer does the old paradigm third party interlopers have any hold or effect over you because you see the fantasies (and failures) for what they are -(systems, people, organisations, authorities that do not uphold the Greater Peace for the Greater Good of all living life under Natural Law.)

They fail to uphold peace because they do not embody peace in and of themselves, instead they operate from control, fear, lack, money and all other unnatural fantasy practices.

-No contract-
When you truly embody peace you no longer feel you need to ascribe power, relevance or authority to an external third party contractor / interloper, other, unless you want to. You peacefully navigate around it all and you engage because of choice, as your own sovereign authority over your cells and your cells alone.

If you don’t feel at peace but you want to be, you have to clear and release your #humandamage from your cells as that is keeping you from being free, liberated and self empowered in your thinking, feeling and being.

Your humandamage is simply your #trauma from your childhood because you were not followed, not shown your worth, your wants and need were not consistently made important and relevant to tune in with – this is because your parent(s) were practicing humandamage, because they were damaged by having to navigate this unnatural, distorted, time – money – fear driven old paradigm.

deep breath….

The inspiration is to Choose to explore this deeper with yourself and if you feel attracted communicate with me as I comprehend how relevant it is to be received by someone who is present to you – as you choose to reenable yourself.

If you want to be a conscious embodiment and want to live the #NewParadigm actively from all of yours cells then make a choice – as it is equally a choice to keep entertaining fantasies around this new earth living without embodying / living it.

May Peace be with you.


You may want to join our free community conversations on where feeling based relating is normal and we explore the reclamation of self sovereignty to regain this freedom from within that is awaiting us all.

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