how to free yourself from fear

Love is a foundational, intrinsic prerequisite to the process of returning to freedom again, one human at a time, weakening the grip and freeing souls up from the traps of the past and the future so to come and explore and live, through direct experience of the real reality, their soul purpose in the present present. Amazingly relevant as that is what human life is here for: to live its true purpose.

the Trinity; remembering Nature, Human Nature, Life, and how it functions through Syntropy.

By remembering Human Nature you remember into the School of Sovereignty, that freedom and peace and liberty are the normality experience of a human being on earth. Self Love and the school thereof is what allows sovereignty to become a real reembodied experience as no one can return to freedom and peace without love for Self and deep love for all the shadow aspects of self (all the traumatised parts and dismembered aspect within the psychological landscape called the “mind”).

Self Love needs Will though, which is held in the School of Sovereignty. Self Love and the luster of it is only watery and wavy by itself. For reenabling of ones Nature, Love is not enough. You have to Will it. The trauma induced onto humanity is way too severe for “just Love” to come and wash away the pain, you have to be willing to go to the pain, open the pain, crack the wall and will access to the memories in order to truly be able to let love flow through that space within your being again. And Sovereignty requires Syntropic Thinking as to remember how life functions is to remember your nature, which allows you to see how you are not living that by lingering in the past or safe guarding your future.

What all of this has to do with #wetiko and the parasites “running this world” (of men or “the patriarchy”) it is that the Trinity of the Wananga was and has always been Life’s divine form through which those called in for this work have helped heal entire cultures of their diseased minds and infiltrated cultural thought patterns. It has been called different things and named in different ways but it is all the same Trinity. For this day and age Re-membering Syntropy, Sovereignty and Self Love are the Holy Church within that needs to be resurrected if people want to become free again from the programming that is haunting and fracturing their lives internally.

Love is the way Home
Will is the way there
and Home is your Nature
and all of Nature is based on Syntropy.

This work is worthy of praising,
this work is worthy of celebrating and re-member-ing within as it affects all Life EVERYWHERE.

You are asked to do your inner work and remember what the pasts’ “function” is in syntropic terms of thinking. It should alert you again and again that opportunities of your very own Life carrying vehicle, your body, is giving you yet another opportunity to do what is in the highest of services to your Mother, to Life; re-membering this fragmented aspect of your whole Self back “Home”, within, to love, to the now.

May this sharing lead to inspiring actions and willingness to be of true service to Life by simply being really real with what is really going on in your thoughts so you can make use of the past to bring you, with more ease, each step of the way, into the present, the only place where Life actually takes place.

If you want to dive deeper into this consider the Course in Syntropy which you can access here:



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