Exploring the Syntropic Function of living with Tyranny (stress in the system)

Have you noticed that we as a human family are being cult-programmed right now? That we are in a global “live exercise” of epic proportions, with huge ramifications for our collective ability to know what is healthy, natural, coherent, and of truth?

The whole “corona virus” (which is the Great Awakening that is like a virus to the globalist elite) has this year become a massive trans-cultural, trans-national programming exercise to have humanity become (in their fantasy, once and for all) accustomed, and used to a tyrannical state of emergency, despair and accepting that our Governminds institutions’ solutions are there ‘for our protection’.This years’ ‘corona virus’ exercise is psychological warfare on the largest scale ever deployed across the earth. It has been, and continues to be, a literal war for the sanity of our minds.


After months of mental abuse, at some level, it is possible that we get a little used to the globalist agenda madness and the blatant corruption we have each been becoming more and more aware of. One of this years’ agendas is to attempt to numb us all out. To have us succumb to the mental exhaustion of having to, day in and day out, mentally fight for what is of truth and what is our sense-felt knowing of what is rightful and natural. We are subconsciously being programmed to get accustomed to mental tyranny.

Our humanities’ ability to critically think for itself has been under siege, and yet, it is AT THE VERY SAME TIME being awakened.


For some, these future projections of mass forced vaccinations, more lockdowns, and further raping of our human families’ freedom and the crushing of our childrens’ future liberties are becoming tiring to stand guard and remain vigilant at the door of our own minds for. That all is a by-product, by design. Seeding chaos and continual confusion, so to have people themselves normalize the existence thereof. Because the (actually, fake/illusion) “problem” is not going away, accepting it at some level may make us feel more at ease, or at least, it may feel easier that way.

Millions of people when they were given the “instruction” to mask followed these “orders” started policing the living hell out of others not wearing one, just so to avoid having to think about their unquestioned adherence to external authority or feel the incoherence with their inner knowing as to what they are actually choosing or signing up for.


While we are all being told that the only way out of this (scamdemic) is by “such and such” order, or a new martial law fantasy, we are subversively told to stop listening to our Soul.

During this entire exercise we are each being tested on our humanity, and we are each offered an opportunity to awaken our divine, fierce, love-filled, warrior spirit and remember the deeper truths about our human ecology, or wait a bit longer for an even harsher reality wake up call. (These are the only real two options)

In essence, during this year of 2020 we are finally, after decades of socially engineered cultprogramming, rudely confronted with a choice:to source from Love or to succumb to fear.

Because this entire saga is an experiment about and a war for the Divine Free Will of Humanity, this is for each and everyone a real-life choice. A divinely orchestrated series of events culminating into a flashpoint of transcendence of all this non-sense, non-truth, and non-life action. Wow.


The sadist minds of Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci are pushing a future projection into humanities’ face that is calling us to radically wake up and stop hoping, wishing and waiting for the New Earth to come about and be this ‘rosy fantasy’ of ‘ideal communities’ all living in harmony with Nature while we sign ” we are all one”.

Their luciferic agendas and spell casting of dystopian totalitarian overrule is grabbing humanity by its’ loins, compressing our sovereignty, and while we feel the overwhelm of all that could go wrong and all that what we don’t want, what these bad dream actors are really saying to us is:

“Are you ready to come alive?

Are you ready to come alove?

What is your choosing?

What are you Willing?”


It seems that amidst our own experience of the reality we are navigating. Each day we are offered a radical opportunity to re-assert our self sovereignty. Each day we are offered a revisiting of our soul covenant with Life.

Each day we are offered a choice point on whether we Will to be sourcing from Love and speaking the truth of our human sovereignty and freedom,


whether we surrender ourselves into the fear-based contracts that are being offered to us, to agree to.

In our upcoming Community Conversation opened the “Corona Virus” narrative up as to the Syntropic Function it is able to perform for us as individuals. You can join us and get the private zoom link by visiting www.bravenewlife.net and watch the Live Stream here: https://youtu.be/zUSB6L00vH4

Thank you for being part of our Freedom family.

In grace and lovingkindness,

Souvereign and Imani

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