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CultProgrammed: the real 2020 COVID agenda & the end of all contracts

The year of 2020 has been a radical opportunity for growth for all of us. The function of the draconian overreach is urging each of us to make new choices and reflect more deeply on just about everything that we thought was “normal”.

We have delved into and continue to speak to the dreamspell/ cultprogramming that is truly the undercurrent of this social engineering exercise called “COVID-19”.

There is not only Hope for Humanity, this is the Birthing of a New Beginning.

It is intense. It sometimes is gut-wrenchingly challenging to process and unbelievably hard to navigate.

The radical influx of distortions, the continual false-light-false-speak narratives, they carve deep into our own sense of truth, what is right and what is natural.

We each become involuntarily unstable to some degree, having to sink deeper into our own ground of knowing, searching for the meaning, the upgrades, and deeper opportunities that these times must, at some level, be putting to us.

When we look outside of ourselves and we each are confronted with a deep ignorance and fear in others while those who speak-out are named, shamed, and blamed as the covid conspirators and violators of the ‘law’.

Seeing with Eyes unclouded

This years’ ‘corona virus’ exercise is straight-up psychological warfare on the largest scale ever deployed across the earth. It has been and continues to be, a literal war for the sanity of our minds. 

One of this years’ agendas is to attempt to numb us all out. To have us succumb to the mental exhaustion of having to, day in and day out, mentally fight for what is of truth and what is our sense felt knowing of what is rightful and natural. We are subconsciously being programmed to get accustomed to mental tyranny.


While we are all being told that the only way out of this (scamdemic) is by “such and such” order or new martial law fantasy, we are subversively told to stop listening to our Soul. 

During this entire exercise we are each being tested on our humanity, and we are each offered an opportunity to awaken our divine fierce warrior spirit and remember the deeper truths about our human ecology, or wait a bit longer for an even harsher reality wake up call. (These are the only real two options: see the spoiler alert: #lovewins)

In essence during this year of 2020 we are finally, after decades of socially engineered cult programming, rudely confronted with a choice:

to source from Love or to succumb to fear.

Because this entire saga is all about the battle for the Divine Free Will of Humanity, this is for each and everyone a real-life choice. A divinely orchestrated series of events culminating into a flashpoint of transcendence of all this non-sense, non-truth, and non-life action.


The sadist minds of Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci are pushing a future dreaming into our face that is calling us to radically wake up and to stop hoping, wishing, and waiting for the New Earth to miraculously appear and be this ‘rosy fantasy’ of ‘ideal communities’ all living in harmony with Nature while we sing ” we are all one”.

Their luciferic agendas and spell casting of dystopian totalitarian overrule is grabbing us by our loins, compressing our sovereignty, and while we feel the overwhelm of all that could go wrong and all that what we don’t want, what these bad dream actors are really saying to us is: 

“Are you ready to come alive?
Are you ready to come alove?
What are you choosing?!
What are you Willing?!”

This whole global sharade (albeit a persistent one) is but a calling onto ourselves to remember how to tap again deep into our Soul essence and align with the sovereign flame of Source consciousness within ourselves. It is calling us to arise within ourselves and radically choose love over fear.

Still, questions lurk and remain

What brought this all to bear? How did this happen so “all of a sudden”?

Questions…. they just riddle our minds on how to deal with, cope, avoid, by-pass, and (mostly) not feel what the fall of Empire in this ‘great reset’ will bring about if this madness continues.

Perhaps the more relevant questions to explore are why am I here,

what is the function of all of this for me?

And moreover, am I ready,

ready, for this?

The truth of this very moment is:

We were each born for this, no matter our choice. We are here now,

as a Spirited Human-being, born for love and freedom.

Then how can we each make use of the function of this tyranny that roams around us and has been festering so profusely in our mindgardens this year?

Even those not wanting to affirm this:

This moment in time is a radical opportunity for Growth, renewal, and transformation of who we were.

It is our dreaming that from all this mental chaos and convulsion will arise, from within each of us, the purified Earth-loving, Life-loving Warrior,

that chooses love over fear, life over death, and connection over solitude.

The future of our communities, personal lives, and collective destiny is in our own two hands.

We pray that we may each become renewed in our mindsong, pick up the tools that we already know work, and become willing for this Brave New Life in which we become the heroes in this bad archonic dream.

We will navigate with Life, not against it.

We will cultivate with love, not against it.

We will seed with care, no longer control.

And we, we will elevate Life,

As we are each offered a radical opportunity to re-assert our self-sovereignty.

We are each offered a revisiting of our soul covenant with Life. 

We are each being forced into a choice point on whether we Will to be sourcing from Love and speaking the truth of our human sovereignty and freedom,

or whether we surrender ourselves into the fear-based contracts that are being offered to us, to agree to.  

To these ridiculous archonic offers-to-contract we can all say:

“No, thanks… I am not Willing”

And more relevant will be our proclamation of what we are choosing moving forward.

At New Earth we know what we will continue to speak to more directly as we open the “Corona Virus” narrative up as to the Syntropic Function it is actually performing.

The whole global Plandemic is a planetary activation and compression of an immense springboard for our collective human family to radically awaken from the dreamspell, and propel us consciously into fierce love-filled collaboration with each other, so to bring into being the New Era of Peace and prosperity for all the generations to come.

That at least is my dreaming…

In grace and lovingkindness,

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One thought on “CultProgrammed: the real 2020 COVID agenda & the end of all contracts

  1. This is exactly what I need to hear from a brother who is travelling this path of speaking and living our truth and the truth of the LOVE and LIGHT which is our sovereign birthright as souls incarnating as human BEINGS. I am so greateful for your musings and dreamings and inspiration. Thankyou, Mara, Combermere, Ontario