Seeing through “Helter Skelter” Cult-Programming

The below is an overview of only some of the stark contrasts we have observed over the past weeks. Most of this is all part of the greater bifurcation to separate each individual from sound reason and connection to their inner knowing of what is just, right and natural.

While in France a French professor abducted, thrown in psych ward for questioning COVID-19 vaccines, in Austria Coca Cola Tests COVID-19 POSITIVE inside the Austrian Parliament !

While in the US You Can’t Sue Pfizer or Moderna if you have severe COVID Vaccine Side Effects, a nurse who took the covid vaccine on public television has not reappeared in the living since she fainted on camera. Mainstream media however is doing its’ best to cover it all up.

As South Africa’s chief justice remains unrepentant for linking vaccines to Satanism, and the Brazil President simply  Says No To Vaccines, Prime Minister Scott Morronson of Australia has only scrapped a $750 million vaccination project after the shot wrongly gave some people positive HIV test results and instead, to compensate for the cancellation, has increased its orders of vaccines developed by AstraZeneca, Pfizer, and Novavax. 

Then onwards we hear from investigative Journalist Gemma O Doherty in Dublin, Ireland we discover that the Viral Verocious Virus called Sars Cov-2 or Covid-19 turns out toactually NOT EXIST at all!!

To keep up with the changing times of utterly failing false narratives spread by the ‘powers that be’ the now mystery COVID virus has MUTATED into an even ‘WORSE’ ‘strain’ and countries like Indonesia are shutting their borders for a whole 14 days because of it.

What this all means or perhaps is to show us all, is that a world of mis- and dis-information is in accelerating helter skelter (panic) mode. A by-product of this cult-programming tactic is that this causes most often more conflict of opinions between friends, family and social connections, if not confusion and destabilization of the sense of groundedness. Well, that is if you let yourself be swayed and swindled into more dystopian distortions of what the real pulse of humanity is about of course.

What is more important to note as we witness all this bi-focation and the predominant increase in sheer lies that lack any and all foundation is that the governments controlled by a corporatocracy of vested trans-humanism eugenics agendas are not in control of the narrative. Yes, you may read that again: They are not in control of the narrative.

Helter skelter tactics that shapeshift the narrative is a clear sign that the old ones did not stick, succeed or were going to. It is a last bid for control over a playingfield that isn’t just shrinking, it is being reclaimed by the people.

Now this doesn’t mean that this is going to be over any time soon, nor that people won’t be affected from “mandatory” (unlawful) vaccination programs, what it means is that the pulse of sound reason and innate knowing is strongly increasing in our collective human family.

And in that process, we can become master navigators. Never again outsourcing our response-abilities to third party agents that work for roque corporate interests, masquerading as your government who “is always here, for your protection”.

If anything 2020 was a rude awakening to the truth that the opposite is real and this continues to challenge our humanity in almost every aspect of our lives.

Please know that luciferic greed, as the true sickness that underpins the globalist agenda, knows no ethical boundaries, follows no ‘rules’ and fabricates only ever its own “news”. Just follow the money.

What I feel is most relevant during this time is to stay centered, trust your inner knowing, find and continue to connect with those who are your new earth kin. Stay true to the pulse of your living humanity. The pulse for truth, freedom, full disclosure, justice, health sovereignty, and self-determination.

We will not relent, we will not succumb, we will continue to see through the lies, and deceptions, and because of our willing this, the truth will prevail and justice will come to each of those complicit in these crimes against humanity. The Focus on Fauci event is all about spotlighting one of the centre stage criminals in the sick globalist, transhumanism, de-population agenda.


Please find a full article on the Swiss Policy Research website, which is a gem for those wanting to know more about the network of dis-information agencies and public mind-control.

To most, it was already obvious that vested interests, known as “stakeholders”, are to be pleased by all large corporations and that this concept pretty much determines the level of dreamspell casting that the international media network operates on in terms of Controlled Narratives. Controlling of “the narrative” means propaganda for profit, but, as some may know already, the reality of how controlled “news information” is, is actually far worse.

“It is one of the most important aspects of our media system, and yet hardly known to the public: most of the international news coverage in Western media is provided by only three global news agencies based in New York, London and Paris.”

Here is one other aspect of the American Media Empire and how part of it is controlled by the Council on Foreign Relations.


large image:

Exposing Luciferic false light

When you were younger you may have wondered: “How does the newspaper know what it knows?” We all know much more now and yet, it can be challenging to grog the reality of the underlying Luciferic greed that drives the corporatocracy in this world.

Through NewEarth Media I have assisted in a tremendous effort to expose the truth of what is really going on in this world and how we can untangle ourselves from a system of (mental) enslavement.

In order not to fall prey to other false narratives and false light it is relevant for people to gain awareness around the “frontmen” (the Gates’s and Fauci’s) of this world that seem to control and dominate certain aspects of the global economic hegemony and their subsequent”news” information streams. Some of these frontmen are really just used as useful collateral in a much bigger eugenics chess game.

Ruport Murdoch’s Media Empire under “inquiry”

In Australia, it is commonly known that Ruport Mordoch “dominates” the monopoly on media through his “News Corp”. A petition started in late 2020 by Ex-Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is proposing a “Royal Commission of Inquiry” and it looks like “the People” are going to witness an “investigation” into Murdoch’s “power overreach” and monopoly on media.

This strategy, also known as “Bait & Switch”, is an effective tool to lure the public in so as to have a sense of relief during harsh and trying times. What we can witness is a changing of the public narrative and thus the public focus for, most often, ulterior motives and or political self-interest.

I encourage you to deepen your connection with the living pulse of your own knowing of truth and to stay vigilant, thinking for yourself, as you continue to distinguish truth from fiction. Your intuition and your cells know.

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