Will, Sophia & Freedom

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The “fall of humanity” into the emotional dark age we are each navigating out of again, is simply bound to the fact that humans stopped and then forgot to prioritize feeling-based relating to, and properly processing, their feelings.

When humans are no longer willing (or aware that this even is a choice) to properly process emotionally intense experiences then the unresolved simply remains unresolved, no matter how much incense, meditation, or chakra dust we sprinkle over our aura or cells.

In the Syntropic Embodiment programs that I now run with people the Natural Order is being remembered and that gives the contrast necessary to identify the patterns of discomfort, stress, and anxiety and where they internally originate from.

Any experience that is unnatural, emotionally intense, or goes in against our Nature (which is our sovereignty/ freedom and free Will) – imprints.

What humanity hasn’t been taught, raised with, or is in the maim being informed of is how relevant properly processing all our feelings truly is.

Syntropy: always a function with purpose

Any and all discomfort in the cells, any dis-ease is always performing a function with purpose for the awareness of Self to “enquire within”.

In an ideal world, we could just have a daily check-in with our cells and they would tell us everything that we benefit from still processing so as to remain “on course” in what our spirits’ purpose on this earth is pursuing in its expression.

You may be able to assert that most humans don’t even get to resolve their unresolved.

We seem all be groomed by society to look outside for some form of gratification while freedom can only be regained from within.

I want to encourage you to love your cells and trust that your cells (and all stories emerging from within) are all operating entirely 100% in service to your wholeness of your full being.

Emotional re-actions are always an awesome indicator that a part of self is using its’ limited languaging ability through emotional re-acting… the question is are you willing to enquire within, ask its name, and remain open and lovingly curious as to whom may still want to be found within?

I salute and honor you on the journey homewards, inwards. May Will and Sophia start speaking to you and may you enquire with them if they haven’t been freed, found, and brought back into wholeness yet.

I am always available for a discovery call if you feel it is time to unblock yourself from patterns that are holding you back from being more free or outspoken without fear of rejection.

Every opportunity for healing old stories is always a choice worth considering. I am here if you feel to talk.

In grace and lovingkindness,

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