Thank you for reminding me what Love feels like.
Thank you for staying curious and open.
Thank you for showing me how Life functions in its own rhythm and natural timing.

As below, so above.
As within, so without.

I can feel you now.
and all I had to do “is become as a child again”

original innocence
original blueprint
natural born freedom
innate knowing
peace and grace found
in Love without fantasies

Feeling into what you are doing, being and bringing through…

How do I even find the wordsounds to express and articulate what i feel when I am with You quietly in the original mindgarden?

“Eden is a place in ones mind”.
Eden is the garden
and how awfully misconstrued have I tended to your original instructions!!

It was of course never about “owning”, controlling or contriving!
and yes, of course, I was simply hurt and afraid all those years…
to feel you… to touch your reflective mirror image of my own inner being left long ago, far away,
inside of myself.

And yet I have re membered, refound, returned, regained and,
in a fascinating way it was worth all the “forgetting”, losing and misconstruing…

No “answers” were ever to be found in the “world of men”,
the glorification of mind,
the mis-use and overuse of the intelligence…

Now I can feel you
and I can start performing one of my magical, unique and mega powerful human functions.. one of the functions why we humans are here!!

I will it to reflect back to you, the awe in the face of beauty, the wonder in light of your splendor…
and there you meet me,
and I meet you…

In-form me again!
In-lighten me again!
In-fuse me again!
In-struct me again!
In-liven me again!

Oh, Love! I will it!

Published by Souvereign

Free, self sovereign human Life expressing and sharing natural comprehensions around human Nature and how Life Functions in all its aspects, expressions and forms by simply questioning the function.

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