Remember I wrote to you about my latest acronym SHE..? (If you haven’t, consider having a read here:

Well, I thought to record it for my own process so I could listen to that a few more times, there seems to be a different frequency when I hear spoken mindsong..

Brave New Beginnings.

I have a fantasy for the coming months to become a writer instead of navigating techland for others and their projects… I know, what I have been doing for ReclaimYourLives and NewEarth has been worth every bit of my life-force, and, I also feel that I have continued to put my desires for expressing and sharing second to third place.

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SHE (Syntropic Human Ecology)


I thought I speak it all out. You canClick here to listen to the audio.

I want to share something else with you. You may know of my sharings on inverting Mk Ultra or Re-enabling our Nature, restoring our internal human emotional/psychological ecology into wholeness. I have delved deep into comprehending the Luciferic greed that underpins the humandamage that has its’ origin in the Archonic realms of artificial intelligence that has “plagued” humanity for eons and studied human ecology even before I knew there was such a word combination. For me (while I was myself still utterly under entropic programming) it has always been about bridging, transitioning, transforming, undoing, re-enabling, regenerating, and restoring, but since studying syntropic agroforestry I have invested myself into comprehending the Lifeways and strategies that Life in and of itself operates on and finding accurate language for that. With that, I am relating Life to cells. Cells in your brain, cells in your body, cells in the soil, cells in plants, Life as cells with a self-organising strategy and self following orientation.

You may have read them on my blog/ writing section or heard me share in some of my videos on myyoutube channel. I feel to explore this field in a more articulated form as I now live in my humble dreamhouse and get to really contemplate the languaging syntax of Syntropy applied in Human Ecology: SHE.

I have been struggling to see how all this internal attraction to deeply explore ecology may be of value to others because what I often do is totally empty my mindsong out so as to allow Life from within my cells to inform me of what benefits exploring.

Because Life always in all ways performs a function with purpose I can easily navigate an hour looking into one or two words. I look up the etymology as I follow my deeper curiosity, free of judgment, and explore the many ways that language-use with those words weaves certain patterns in specific frequencies that construe certain beliefs about reality. I often think that language governs our consciousness, but really, it has the ability to free it as much as it has the capacity to limit our ability to relate to Life and the patterns it operates on in and of itself. 

I used to believe that “worth” or “reward” should be based on “work”, being busy, being able to show results, accomplishments and often would this ‘dark cloud’ of self-judgment come in when I follow my deeper (cells’) attractions and their creative-ridden orientations to explore language to the depth of where it wants to be followed.

I often say “the cells know” that is because our Nature Knows from within based on feelings of what is sense-felt true or closer to full reality. So many wordsounds I feel attracted (from within) to explore are often inverted from expressing their fuller meaning and that causes misconstruing of what we as humans think (or have been taught) we want to say. All this has everything to do with Syntropic relating to Life or Entropic relating to Life.. Better put navigating With Life instead of against it.

For instance “remedies” or “natural remedies”… a really nice word combination I thought until I noticed my cells’ being really attracted to just sit with it longer after I created this image for a group on the Brave New Life Community platform that I have launched.


Remedy means:  “cure for a disease or disorder; means of counteracting an evil,”

Wow, well that’s pretty hefty language if our cells are actually navigating in favor of Life, in favor of us, our wellbeing, our thriving capacity…. then “ailments” isn’t much better because the underlying presupposition is that something is “not good”

ail (v.)

c. 1300, from Old English eglan “to trouble, plague, afflict,” from Proto-Germanic *azljaz (source also of Old English egle “hideous, loathsome, troublesome, painful;” Gothic agls “shameful, disgraceful,” agliþa “distress, affliction, hardship,” us-agljan “to oppress, afflict”), from PIE *agh-lo-, suffixed form of root *agh- (1) “to be depressed, be afraid.”

So how do you reword these “against Life/ cells/ natural biological processes”?

How can I find the syntropic language that is life-affirming, what does that feel like, and of course I can’t help myself being curious (with still some judgment) how the heck we end up speaking against Life in ways that are actually giving off a “feel-good feeling” –  Natural cures for evil… wow.. well putting natural in front of something seems to be very much how so-called tourism has “greenwashed” its industry by adopting all sorts of empty, and by now hollowed out, wordsounds such as eco-tourism, sustainable or green-tourism…

What happens in the process of these natural, nature-related terms being used in front of, or in direct association to other nouns is that the human experience of the actual living truth of these words is being hollowed out (while it is supposed to “add value or meaning of course)… this is what language is doing on a hidden and subconscious level; it numbs peoples ability to perceive truth by using fake, false, unreal, fantasies that they entertain as being real… Well, that is then, of course, my definition of #humandamage: Grown-up human beings practicing fantasies as if it is reality without comprehending that it is not.

So I sit… I feel, I open up my mind, I will to renew my mindsong, I will to see and sense what “natural remedies” is, in an inverted way, away from the entropic confliction, is sensing like… Well, that leads into life-affirming languaging and I must say these explorations are requiring surrender, wilfully opening of my brain cells to access what Life IS DOING through these “Natural Remedies” …

As I suspend again my self-judgment of “spending time on nothing of substance” I use my willfull capacity to allow Life to inform my mindgardens again from the Syntropic syntax based on Natures’ real and living processes. I often experience a real feeling based process as my dreaming merges with the ointments made of herbs applied to bruised cells, I move “back in time” into the herbs on the dry racks, back in time into the plants themselves, into the soil and all the interactive relationships that become the unique plants again that carry these natural “healing properties” naturally, effortlessly, as an isness… What is the anointing or using of these herb plants doing in relationship to our cells.. are they warding of evil? Are our cells carrying evil? perhaps our cells are sinful? That would fit nicely with my cult-programmed religious patriarchal programming at least… “Gosh, there is so much not true about these simple words that were supposed to just be left alone and just to be used.. who cares about the language?!”

“They are fortifying wellbeing…”

There SHE comes….

Sophia on Syntropy… that is, if i am willing to open up and stay open…

Not only is “natural remedies” now become verbed, it also has become reinverted from the against Life orientation that was carried in the words used…

Of course, these simple words are all based on “medical” presuppositional ideas or, as I put them, “man-made fantasies” or intellectual attempts to explain reality from a mindset that was not only limited but moreover exclusive of the interrelationship and interconnectedness that Life operates on. The best explanation for these unexamined assumptions that underly simple language use is entirely hidden or going on mostly unnoticed in our day-to-day language-speak. They have their foundational origins in the “world of man”, the world of “science” and the world of reductionist men-tal-ities going back all the way to Socrates and Platoistic “thought”… I use the word “world” consciously as that wordsound is entirely different in its meaning than what it is commonly related to and therefore it differs in the intrinsic function it performs in language image casting, to the wordsound for Earth or Planet or Life. World is a construction and congregation of ideas upon which man bases his orientations towards life and his navigation among it. World however is a separate space in the perception of man when looked into deeper. I have come to remember how we have ended up in a “world out of balance”…Koyaanisqatsi… 

ever so real and accurate to express what is happening in between the lines of our syntax usage in the “English Language…

fortifying wellbeing….

Sitting still and retrieving these rare gems in in-accuracy of language allows me to find these syntropic lifeways of languageing expressing and apply language appropriately in its function and purpose linked to its intrinsic true meaning so it follows and navigates with Life, with the cells, with the current that consciousness effortlessly promulgates itself on… I realise now that I have been martyring myself in many ways as I carried for too long all this shame for wanting to dis-entangle the socialisation of cultures through language that I refer to as cult programming, because I felt to express to the “world” around it. I was being difficult, too much… all the regular selfloathing programs stemming from systemic insecurities and believes originating from early childhood imprinting and my exposure to 2 decades of deducation.

How would anyone value me just sitting here “being open” to Nature…? And what do these word changes really do for Life… Well… that narrative comes from the same humandamage laden reductionist, nihilistic men-tal-ities that I know are all part of an artificially altered human mind…

The roots of these underlying patterns of thought have been fertilized with industrial attitudes, propagated as “how reality works”, “how the world functions” (!!).. but neither of these “worldviews” are how Life functions, how Nature operates…in and of itself as She is syntropic by Nature, which means expansives, complete, self reproducing, self sourcing, self generating and fully enabled to be self restoring through the strategy of always in all ways consolidating more quality and quantity of consolidated life.

in deeper exploration these industrial mindset based ideas are lack and scarcity based mentalities of Newtonian, Darwinian, Baconian origin, and they are decompartmentasing thoughtforms which operate as non-organic ideas that have no actual basis in the fully Living reality of Life’s processes….


I am so so awe-full as I allow myself to become informed again by what you do, be, are and are living as strategies of living life…

In articulating all of this I comprehend (again) that it is moreover relevant to simply embrace all of me in the doing and being of this process of receiving from the patterns of Nature the insights that have been amiss in my own social programs and belief systems… With will-full awareness being brought to the entropic programs that take up space in my mindgardens I can allow Life to fill the gap again… Simply by changing how I use language which is my expression based way of relating to Life… and this brings me to Cathy:

Cathy O’Brein: Time for Love to Prevail – the Strength of the Human Spirit

I will it to share more on this subject in the timing. Cathy has reharmonised herself in ways that are a living testament to the syntropic nature of human cells combined with the will and comprehending mk-ultra mind control and how to re-associate or reintegrate disassociated aspects of self back into wholeness (the by product of trauma occurring for human cells) Click here to listen


Yes, play this a hundred times over..never has there been a more syntropic way of relating to mk-ultra programming entered my mindsong on the simplicity on how to invert trauma based mind control. I encourage you to get her book if you feel the attraction: PTSD: Time To Heal

So gloriously natural and free her languageing is…yes 100 times over…:) I rendered the original two hour pow wow down to just the real essence. You can find the 2 hour interview with Sacha Stone and Laura Eisenhower on where I also have my channel.

All for Love, all for you, Enjoy..

I feel good about writing more and welcome your receiving of me growing me in the process! Be sure to get onto the Syntropy List if you haven’t yet.

Love from Bali,




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