Hey beauty full you,

I have something short and sweet to share and offer you.

I am starting to host bi-weekly Ecosophy nights!

These are Interactive Bio-Philic Ecology, Syntropy, and Regenerative Human-Culture study sessions to help anyone ponder, explore and Cultivate a Syntropic Mindsong!

This will be a regular ‘remember-room’ to sit, listen, and learn more of the syntropic nature of Life/your cells/ your life, community, Nature.

Yes, a total Yay.

Okay, whats’ the deal:

  • Because I don’t like spamming people (but I will for the first few weeks) you can 👉sign up to get talk-specific information, access links etc etc here:

  • 👉The first session will be on October 9th at 8 am EST
  • 👉All Ecosophy Sharings will be by donation (buying me coconuts)
  • 👉Sessions are Bi-weekly or “Fortnightly”
  • 👉Time duration: 1,5 hours (8:00-9:30)
  • 👉Format: ‘drop-in/listen-in’ circle, no camera required, audio-recorded.
  • 👉Feautures: group chat, resources/link sharing, limited room for questions
  • 👉Fantasies: hundreds of humans coming to tune in and soak up syntropic ways of relating to life (invite a friend)

You may be wondering: What now is Ecosophy?

“Beyond a simple ecology, ecosophy is a wisdom-spirituality of the earth. “The new equilibrium” is not so much between man and the earth, as between matter and spirit, between spatio-temporality and consciousness. Ecosophy is neither a mere ’science of the earth’ (ecology) nor even ‘wisdom about the earth’, but rather a ‘wisdom of the earth herself’ that is made manifest to man when he knows how to listen to her with love.”

— Raimon Panikkar

You may not know much about Syntropy?

Well! what a great opportunity to dive deeper, lean in more! The space I am creating is one to help cultivate, and uplevel some old systems of belief into an ecologically sound and natural relating-way. I draw from my course material on Syntropic Agroforestry and my years of exploring, studying and experimenting with Human Ecology (community building)

I will also be using these nights to speed up the delivery of my next Syntropy in Human Ecology course! Yes, that is a true labor of love in the making.. huge undertaking and super inspiring work to put into language and relatable form.

So you joining in for these talks will help me practice and learn. Talk about Symbiotic! If you want to do a free Syntropy (refresher )course you can email me directly by responding to this email.

Some other updates and yay things:

For those on Earth Heroes TV there is an inspiring (and relevant series of conversations) between me and Yvonne Teoh Bource that you can access here:


If you are on the move regularly you can listen to my Syntropic Mindsong sharings on one of the podcast channels called Brave New Lifeways here is a recent yum and yay sharing for your cells:

Cultivating a Syntropic Mindset


Syntropy, Self Sovereignty and Self Love. This is a return to our innate natural knowing of how Life within us truly functions. Listen.

That is all for now love,

Here is the Ecosophy page link again:


Ps: Love your cells. that would be very syntropic 🙂

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