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Silky Fantasies of the New Earth.. mmmm…😊

New Earth is a place within, and although we all feel wonderful about such a New Earth vision, together we benefit asking and exploring the “how” physical communities and sanctuaries for the New Earth really function based on the notions of love, peace, and harmony in a world that operates not so.

The question then becomes: How is Syntropy (comprehending how Life operates) relevant in relation to our Communities?

Together we discover more depth. Together as a community we can explore and put language to the true Ecosophy of our Human Nature which for the generations to come (the children) remains ever so critical in an age where top-soul/soil erosion has reached a maximum and caused soul/soil deficiency of cultural magnitudes that many of us don’t even begin to comprehend the long-term impacts of AND yet, we are the dreamers of this reality AND our Future!

Together we can go beyond the silky feeling fantasies and observe what there is to embrace as we willfully surrender mentalities that never were going to bring us closer to our heartsknowings (where your ecosophy lives).

In that world we need the Hemp Builders and Navigators who know how to work with Nature, the Land with their Hands AND we need all the Heart-Centered Wayshowers examplifying relating to Life from the stance of Syntropy, Compassion and Self Sovereignty.

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Outside the different zoom circles happening through the Brave New Life Community, that are about Feeling-Based Relating, Yvonne and Souvereign meet every week to talk about Self, Soul, navigating this old world, and where the bridge into the New Earth is found. For the BNL Circle page:

Here is the promised podcast with Yvonne.

There is an urgent need for humanity to relearn heart and soul relating with self and with each other. 

To regain the old family values within their family of origin and their family of community.To recreate tribal laws that are in harmony with nature and Mother Earth and to re-establish natural health of body, mind, and spirit.

The New Earth Communities that are being formed globally by the Way Showers are practice grounds to relearn how to live in peace, love, harmony, and abundance for all.

The Sanctuaries will be an extension of the Communities, places of healing the human damage perpetrated by nefarious beings upon our species for thousands of years.

Places to learn how to live in the energy of the New Earth and develop powers and gifts still lying dormant with every human being on Earth.

There will be new technologies to learn about and new ways of growing our food, new ways to lead our individual life with a conscious awareness yet to be discovered and revealed.

But most importantly there will be new ways of perceiving truth and relating with each other and the environment. This is a conversation worth having.

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Free, self sovereign human Life expressing and sharing natural comprehensions around human Nature and how Life Functions in all its aspects, expressions and forms by simply questioning the function.

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