Syntropy in Communities, a case study

My recent ‘Homework’ on this subject.

Although I have studied human ecology now for years, in the past weeks I have been diving deep into the available ‘science’ of successful online communities and I want to bring you the gems, precious rubies, and gold nuggets that apply themselves in any community of people.

No, don’t worry, this presentation is not intended to go into the metrics and all the statistical research that I have gone through, or the hours of presentations I attended to bring you this presentation.

I am confident that it is bound to leave you feeling inspired and more knowledgeable on what works (and… a little bit on what doesn’t).

Last week’s recording and promise for the BioPhillic Model.

After spending days editing the EcoSophy on Succession last week I realized that I require to do a better job at this stuff for it to be worthy of living online and mostly being digestible for “new comers” of the future.

Wanna leave a legacy? Do it right. Right?

This week, I will still be talking, albeit briefly, about the BioPhillic model in relation to online communities because, as with all fields involving humans, it is our mind’s orientation that matters and influences ‘success’ in communities the most.

Please don’t worry about missing out or coming late. Life is full lately, just send me an email so i can work out how to best support you.

In grace and lovingkindness,


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