EcoSophy: Crypto & the currencies of Nature

Hold your hands out in the rain, or soak your cells in a bath… you are submerging your cells in the currency of water…

The currencies of nature are all around us…

I have been asked to facilitate more introduction on this foreign-to-most but known to be relevant subject called “crypto” …especially for women… like a beginner beginner crypto class for women, like a preschool level.

I held an EcoSophy night/rant on the crypto world which can now be downloaded here: in there I share how from a Syntropic perspective this next succession of the ‘money’ is going to allow men to remember, rediscover and thus reshape the intrinsic covenants, agreements, contracts based on transparency, privacy and fairness or one may even say love which is in its own essence, of course, de-centralized in nature, more so, it is omnipresent.. however, it exists always in different unique currencies…


the Multiverse of Currencies in Nature

Take a moment.

Just sit still and notice your breath… guess which currency of syntropic love you are breathing? Yes, the currency of oxygen…

Hold your hands out in the rain, or soak your cells in a bath… you are submerging your cells in the currency of water…

The currencies of nature are all around us…

In a broad reflective sense, man is just externalizing the already existing reality of multiform currencies of Nature in a digital world… It is all but a reflection of what is already here… made in man-made structures reflecting as closely as possible the multitude of exchanges that happen in nature… these digital currencies people now call “cryptocurrencies” are really just a needful reflection of what truly exists so we can remember how to do things right, proper and in prosperity. Syntropically.

Why needful?

Well, you grew up with one central currency. The only one of its kind… given to you by your ‘kind and caring’ corporately controlled government. This currency was by the time you were born funneled into a centralized debt-based currency which is a truly FALSE reflection of Nature, a truly entropic, but worse so, parasitic inversion of how exchange happens in Nature in a multitude of currencies and with the reciprocity factor involving Love.


Born into a ‘false copy’ of materialism.

As humans, we have all been funneled or born into this Economic, fully pre-scripted, and controlled information system which has kept us from being able to feel deeply connected and right from birth an integral part of the macro Eco-logic ecosystems of Life and of Love.

This Nature-based and integrated reality is what the Gnostics called the “Pleroma,” or “Fullness”. What I feel is relevant to articulate here is that again Syntropy is the Missing Link because hardly any gnostic perspective embodies this innerstanding and so they all seem to put materialism and matter and the archons made responsible for the false copy matrix we have been programmed into in the same basket of “bad”, and on top of that, they make Sophia sound as if in her divine existence as the Mother of all Creation she made a mistake when she gave birth to the Earthly expression that we are all part of, by giving birth to the Archons.

Without a Syntropic comprehension that EVERYTHING in Life is performing a function with purpose and that in our human experience Life always performs a function with purpose for the awareness of self to become more free, whole and returned to Love and peaceful existence, well, then we are still looking through programmed eyes by virtue of our belief systems, that often operate as a plethora of unexamined assumptions about reality masquarading as life.

Now, we may have regained our intrinsic and natural qualities of feeling connected to Life and Nature, but to one degree or the other, we were all deducated by the same centralized man-made “public schooling” systems, public policies, and more public fantasies that have always benefitted private interest when coming ‘from above’.

Even if we ended up going to a Waldorf school as teens we still had to choose our “major” or still had to work out what we wanted “to become” “in society”.

Of course, as many now know, we have been properly hijacked as species in a most refined and almost unnoticeable way, and yet, we all have had our inner knowing, our innate feelings, resist, oppose, and not want to fit in with what simply did not feel natural.

We have called it different things: the system, the patriarchy, Trump, men, money, drugs, technology, wetiko, archons, corruption…. it all is part of the same archetypal narrative: the World of Man which is currently but a poor copy of the real natural or spiritual World of Love and Syntropy.

Seemingly we had no choice…

We also each compromised or “had to compromise” on our inner truth known as feelings, and we also each found our way in this World of Man that was ridden with hierarchy, control, lies, corruption, pain, and foundationally, tons of unresolved emotional trauma…

This now Western World of Man has since the 1100’s been inter generationally controlled by a bunch of rogue banksters on the behest of their now known meisters.

This ‘entropic empire’ that is operating on centralized currency control has since the advent of bitcoin been under a growing, and now ever-increasing threat. As it is part of the divine nature of human ingenuity and the power to be creators of our own reality the central banking cartel has now met an expiry date which it never fore-saw coming down so fast.

(You may start to wonder why the Great Reset has been so radically and poorly fast-tracked…. Yes, the “old powers that be” want you disempowered and ownershipless on, and in, their social credit, government-hand-out system, where you will receive THEIR digital crypto currency which is much akin to the number of the beast as in the book of revelation. They don’t want you to be in charge of your own currency and therefore destiny, they are doing EVERYTHING to herd the masses into their digital reality through means of (primarily) the vaccine passport. Without it, you can’t get to their “society” goods and services. You can’t trade, enter, buy or sell and so… we may want to look at the Free Trade world of people-driven crypto space with some fresher eyes….)

Restoring the Natural Order, digitally…

Because of our intrinsic, innate knowing of how we should treat each other and how exchanges should happen these transparent and decentralized exchange systems are being recreated by men that are not part of the socialist agenda or their control systems.

I must acknowledge that they, and currently too many men, seem entirely lost in a digital froopyland of seeking financial independence that to most of us feels still super alien.

What most of them in that space don’t know how to articulate but most would say is very true for them is that: they have each found a certain level of redemption away from the confines of what were once centralized mentalities, old ideas imposed by central governments (that have failed all peoples more severely than ever over the past decades, but literally for centuries).

Since the advent of the internet, which has facilitated the advent of bitcoin and the so-called ‘blockchain’… humanity itself has created a technological spacetime dimension called the digital world and what has been happening in that digital world has been a tremendous amount of brewing and expressing of ideas…

The internet has become a reflection of our collective consciousness and field of shared knowledge or information. This wild and wonderous ‘inter net’ has progressively been prone to the same centralized mentalities and monopoly-based control operations that all do their best to profiteer from the users of this wonderful internet and coax their privacy, digital sovereignty, and natural human rights.

If you are subscribed to internet watchdogs such as reclaim the net, you would know exactly what I am speaking about and you would know how these corporations collude, conspire, and are trying desperately to control people’s minds about what they have and won’t have access to. Yup, they’re all in it for profit gains to control the narrative.

If you join the Leaving the Matrix group on you may find helpful steps to start taking your digital footprint into your own hands more, but first…

Through the Syntropic Lens

In my syntropic lens perspective, I clearly see that the centuries of people having been duped and stuped into non-truths and operating systems that have not been syntropic is now fast coming to an end or better put:

out of the repression of mans’ inner knowing, man is creating, at rapid speed, the ways, and means, and is actively restoring the ideas necessary, in a togetherness mentality, on how to transact without intermediary third party agencies that profiteer privately from our human interactions and thus our, capability of creating self-organizing, self-directing human society…

The world of crypto is a long, wild, crazy, some may even say, over-the-top going world that is almost hellbent on cultural change…and it is!

It literally and foundationally is here to revolutionize the way we as humans interact free of centralized control and all the freedom-limiting stories we have been brought down with.

Looking into the crypto space…

From the outside people on the inside seem obsessed, foreign, and somewhat weird as they all talk a language that seems to conflict with our own single currency mindset or upbringing.

These people all talk about different types of coins and trading these “tokens” for other coins to make a profit, much like the also non-attractive regular “stock market”.

There are literally more than 10.000 other coins or tokens that all are being a representation of their own idea about something… some have quickly come and gone, others like etherium or litecoin are worth more than a regular dollar.

What is the cumulative function of all these unique coins or “ideas” is what I ask myself…

Crypto and blockchain technology is archetypally speaking not about money, or trading, or the weird world of NFT’s, or the radically informative DAO’s space. Nor is it about the multitude of DeFi initiatives that are spreading like crazy. These are all just expressions of one singular drive.

Archetypally, all these components and spaces are all part of something much bigger than themselves and they all operate and develop of something that is much grander and greater than the artificially induced lack and scarcity-based economic models we have been navigating within.

All these ‘froopy coins’ and all their fantasies are all operating on and of a series of principles… fundamental basic decentralized approaches to humans exchanging energy in a public system or public marketplace, the original Agora in the public square. Peer-to-peer trading outside of fake taxation laws or third-party interlopers who benefit from your sweat equity exchange.

These fundamental principles from which blockchain technology is fashioned are the underlying foundation upon which the whole crypto-crazy world is being built and they all speak, or when you listen more intently, SCREAM but one word.


As I shared in previous musings, emancipation from a debt-based, slave-mentality-based system is what is relevant to explore during these times.

It is a relevant and already happening step into our own reclamation of sovereignty and safeguarding that sovereignty for our children’s future.

This sovereign future of our children is currently being shaped and is rapidly being developed and is filtering into the collective consciousness simply as “now a different way is possible”…

Roots, remembering, microbes and men

The internet is the container for this crazy crypto world and all of it is akin to a continually expanding microbe brewing tank where bio diversification of microbial life forms equates to ideas, projects, platforms, new coins, and NFT’s and it seems that more and more individuals are finding themselves attracted to explore this vast universe of alternative ‘self-made’ currencies.

From a spiritual perspective, this whole crypto world and all its currencies is a necessary step for men to regain and restore conscious awareness and remember what the true principles of human interaction are based on.

In the process, everyone who is willing to learn the fastly different world of these systems and its language can cultivate their own prosperity.

From a distance, we are witnessing man’s way of recreating the inner reality of proper relationships outside of himself so he may come to understand the intrinsic rules, patterns, functions, agreements, and original exchange dynamics that are natural, pure, and just and are pertaining to Life all around them…

What I am talking about is Natural Law systems in community, in their garden, their social dynamics, businesses. The same foundational rules based on true justice apply themselves in both worlds or better put: they will be and are being rediscovered through the external, digital world.

In this and through this crazy realm of technology he will remember how to be with and serve nature, his human family from a righteous and emancipated place.

The above part I already eluded to in my talk on EcoSophy here.

Now what I did not say in this talk is why this space is enabling men to remember these intrinsic knowings and their relationship to life?

Are we women just left out of the equation?!!

Well, to answer that is actually very easy and I like sharing my matriarchal innerstandings of our human ecology with you:

She and the Wombfield…

She, deep inside her cells and personal wombfield has always remembered and retained the knowing of these natural lifeways referred to as the Natural Order.

She holds them, is them, and since the dawn of our manifestation She has passed these codes and intrinsic awarenesses on to the next generation of wombkeepers.. Women of this earth.. Mothers, sisters, daughters….. Shes.

That innate knowing that man is seeking to recreate through his mind and the world of technology is simply and has always been an inner knowing-part of the World of Love, of the Mother, of Her, of She.

Because she has a womb she is connected to the infinite Sophianic world of innate knowing from within, the Greater Wombfield of Love & creation, out of, and through whichevery spirited being comes into animated form.

Although it may seem that this World of Man-reality must also be conquered with Love or at least understood, it is not up to the World of Woman, of love, of nurture, to dive hard into the World of Man through which emancipation is going to be found. That is his role and function.

To that effect (and only those called into this space) archetypally speaking it is up to men (in the larger part) to remember what She has never lost connection to and so, to her, exploring this crypto world seems foreign, alien, and weird.

The World of Man & Money

Well, let’s face it, the whole of the current externally manifested World of Man feels weird! That’s because he as protector of the tribe has been co-opted and fell asleep into slaveland long ago. He then subjected her to his own loss of self-sovereignty in the most abdominal ways that are all but trauma-based humandamage.

It is his job to emancipate himself out of his own trauma-induced state of slave mentalities, false entropic programs based on scarcity and pre-existing lack, and, naturally, of course, once he manifests his dreams for a prosperity-rich world, he emancipates the terms and conditions for his daughters, sisters, mother, grandmother, sons, father, grandfather…. together with his brothers… such is his natural gift and quality that for too long has been curtailed down to a solemn 9-5 breadwinner task called a J-O-B.

Now, when you actively look inside the cryptoverse, you may not see this deeper, broader, more rich story of emancipation that is underway that has the full ability to return right action to our world of human interaction and value exchange.

When however we look at this cryptoverse from an overarching syntropic viewpoint, with open curiosity of what it is doing and achieving in the longer run, perhaps for a little while we can just sit back as the wise grandmother does, and let the ‘boys’ run wild, and create, out of their chaotic search for personal freedom, emancipation, and their need to express their masculine projections of mind powers, a transactional alternative to the centralized and government (rogue banksters) controlled reality which we all grew up in…

Self-reflection & feeling our truth…

We may ourselves benefit from reflecting on the centralized single currency story we grew up with and start paying attention to the multitude of currencies that Mother Nature expresses and exchanges energy with within her living ecosystem.

Start listing their names. Connect with the currency you notice and then feel your way into the exchange that occurs with your being.

You may discover just like one of those new crazy-looking crypto trading and exchange platforms, you are also being one such “crazy” exchange platform of all these currencies you connect and transact with…

Natural Succession…

The world as we know it is being up-leveled into a next succession of “monetary exchange” and it is people-led. It is brewing and teeming with life and crazy amounts of new information and ideas all unique to their own, but foundationally all part of and operating on the larger whole, the inter (within) net.

Just like witnessing water in a stream passing by, I often sit in front of the crypto world and see the beauty of what Man is doing to regain his consciousness…

Give it 2 more years and the fight for freedom will be defined inside the crypto space that millions of men plummeted themselves into in search of their own emancipation.

Imagine what could happen if they slowly became aware through their unique heroes’ journey of what you and all the indigenous people of this earth had already retained and continued to pass on as natural wisdom and the lifeways of peace and prosperity?

As I spoke to in my EcoSophy talk on Crypto, this is the (long) return of Man to Nature, which in the larger realm is not happening through the World of Nature, but it is going to be accomplished through the World of Man and his man-made technology and the digitally made constructs of ideas that operate inside the digital (inter net) world. He is actively busy in but one long process of remembering and that will be his emancipation out of an archonic take-over world view into prosperity, liberty, and syntropy.

I feel from knowing succession and looking through the syntropic lens this is a wise dreaming to engage in, and perhaps beyond sitting back as a She, maybe encourage those men working their way into the emancipation of the entire human family.

Even if their part is only stirring a small part in the larger scheme. Man has to become Man of his own volition.

Crypto Conclusions…

In either event, this space is being activated with an ever-growing increase.

It seems to be all about money, but it is all about men’s search for himself in a world where he was born a slave without ever being sold, or told he was, but…he, too, felt it all along.

The crazy crypto space is happening.

It is a natural succession of the already created internet and a for too long kept centralized currency exchange system.

You see, it isn’t all that scary or weird for as long as we are willing to look at and free up our own mindgardens from the centralized same picket fencing that our friendly governments’ programming provided for us.

Looking at Life, and any aspect of the human-created World of Man benefits a Syntropic perspective. This allows us to look within when we react because we know that everything in Life is performing a function with purpose. And the purposeful function of our own emotional reactions towards the World of Man/crypto/money/ technology is just a signaling message from a much younger part that got dismembered long ago within ourselves because the world was unfair, injust, not right and yet the one we were all told is the reality.

We disassociated because we weren’t raised with the simple explanation that “the “money” we use today is just a fantasy that we kind of all have agreed to use, but it is not real and is just a current form for us as humans to exchange goods like the toys you like so much..

We weren’t raised by parents that knew about the full illusionary notion of money and its false premise of being centrally controlled by Men ridden with an archonic wetiko sickness to control us.

We furthermore were not shown or told that it was through the abdication and relinquishing of all our parents’ self-sovereignty and self-determination that these Men were given and able to take all their power.

We weren’t taught about humandamage, instead our parents all participated in “practicing fantasies as if they were reality without comprehending that they were not and are not real, that they are only man-made ideas.”

Lastly, we weren’t taught anything about the Syntropic Nature of Life, the Prosperity Consciousness that all of Life operates on, through, towards, and from.

We were not shown how to remain ever curious and open and to always see with eyes unclouded through the man-made fantasies that never were real.

If we look at the macro picture of the cryptoverse now we may see that it is “doing something” and that something to me is in full swing. It is making the old powers do what ever they can to ‘stay in business’ as they attempt to herd many of us into their digital reality through their distorted ‘vaccine passport’ fantasy.

However, since they are only the parasite, the leeches that feed off our ignorance, they will in the not too far future for millions of people all around the world:


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