Culprogrammed – Awakening Sovereignty

The ongoing planetary activation and compression is an immense springboard for our collective human family to radically awaken from the dreamspell. I know, it can feel intense.

We each become involuntarily unstable to some degree, having to sink deeper into our own ground of knowing, searching for the meaning, the upgrades, and deeper opportunities that these times must, at some level, be providing us with.

The radical influx of distortions, the continual false-light-false-speak narratives, they carve deep into our own sense of truth, what is right and what is natural. It has been and continues to be, a literal war for the sanity of our minds. 


Because this entire saga is all about the battle for the Divine Free Will of Humanity, this is for each and every one a real-life choice.

During this exercise we are each being tested on our humanity, and we are each offered an opportunity to awaken our sovereignty and remember the deeper truths about our human ecology,

or we wait a bit longer for an even harsher reality wake up call.

What are you choosing?
What are you Willing?
Will you navigate wisely with Life?
Will you cultivate wisdom with love?

Undo CultProgramming: Awakening Your Sovereignty

If all this madness continues!? How do I deal with, cope, avoid, by-pass, and (mostly) not feel what the fall of Empire in this ‘great reset’ will bring about?

Perhaps the more relevant questions to explore are: why am I here?

what is the function of all of this for me?

And moreover, am I ready?

The truth of this very moment is: We were each born for this, no matter our choice. We are here now, as a Spirited Human-being, born for love and freedom.

This moment in time is a radical opportunity for Growth, renewal, and transformation of who we were.

This is a calling onto ourselves to remember how to tap again deep into our Soul essence and align with the sovereign flame of Source consciousness within ourselves. It is calling us to arise within ourselves and radically choose love over fear.

As we are each offered a radical opportunity to re-assert our self-sovereignty, the future of our communities, personal lives, and collective destiny is in our own two hands.

There is not only Hope for Humanity, this is the Awakening Sovereignty moment for us all.

If we feel Willing.

In grace and lovingkindness,