Circumcision is an un-holy program

You get really good fear-driven slave minds, or really (equally easily controllable) rebels against the machine, when you forcibly and with radical violence cut the foreskin of little human men after you violated their soulful entry into this world.

The depth of patriarchally cult-programmed ignorance into the western-cult expression of our human societal consciousness is STAGGERING when you comprehend the relevancy of #lotusbirth and syntropy in human ecology.

Entropy is a bad drug… take Syntropy instead

Yes, we have an entropic birth culture that ravages (cult programs) the lives of millions of new souls into submission. Subconsciously and cellularly storing deep pain that makes us either fear external authority or try and fight it.

If you ever wondered how we will heal the patriarchal clusterfuck of issues in this world.. #warculture #pornculture #selfshamingculture #narcisistculture ….. become willing to explore Lotus Birth, the why, the how.

People have been deducated, brainwashed, and have become the executors of the ongoing #luciferic experiment themselves.

Dive into the remembrance of the sacredness of birth, the spirited nature of human ensouled birth onto this earth, and compare it to what it has predominantly become in the Western Cult of control and domination mentalities OVER Life.

Only Humans can heal this story, only Love will be the ‘remedy’, and only Syntropy addresses ALL in our human ecology.


Love is the only way home,

Syntropy is the way,

and it all starts with Healing Birth.

In grace and Lovingkindness,