What do Ancient Indigenous perspectives have to do with Awakening Sovereignty?

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“This work can be immensely confronting and also freeing. Hence the club is called the Awakening Sovereignty Language Club”

Ow Kiaora precious human!

Through my Journeying with the Wisdom of the Waitaha Grandmothers I was encouraged to study the greater Patterns of the Universe so to know the ways of peace and love in the living. Syntropy is the Pattern of the Universe.

Through my decade-long study of these “Patterns of Perfection,” I have been able to name and explain the life-strategies so they can individually take form again in peoples’ mind. I teach on this in my courses in Syntropy & Syntropic Agroforestry.

I have learned that without being able to “see as form” the patterns that Life navigates on, by means of naming the processes, humans cannot make use of the actual functions that Life is providing us as opportunities for internal growth (returning to freedom and sovereignty).

What this means is that we benefit from seeing through the myriad of illusions that are contained in our everyday use of language so that we can ourselves return our mindsong and our inner ability to see through the matrix of distortions with more clarity and moreover (even) nonjudgment. (Comprehension brings about freedom!)

What becomes returned to is our innate ability to feel language and feeling the truth or non-truth of our language or that of others.

Because this is all a work done with Love, Freedom (from unconscious programs) can actually become a direct experience, and compassion and empathy are natural qualities that are each intrinsic to humans feeling more free (being wise and informed).

Returning to Syntropy

What particularly becomes perceivable by looking through the lens of Syntropy are the deceptions, false narratives, and the programs that have become “normal” in our western or colonized mindsets.

Normal, however, does not make the associated belief systems true or natural, or true to the natural order.

Many of the programs that society unconsciously runs on have been based on ideologies (or better put fantasies) created by men that have become common ground or common use concepts for humans to describe their thoughts, feelings, intentions and or beliefs. (yes our language was formed during the patriarchal period).

In Syntropic Human Ecology studies we can see human societal degradation over time by looking through all the previous successions that have come before. The main inquiry in this field for me has been around the patriarchal “seeders” or installers of bad and non-natural programs of belief.

In our first session we will journey back in time to retrieve the influential points and persons who had an (unknown to most) immense impact on how humans see reality (which again is not the original organic reality).

As shared in-depth in the 27,- Awakening Sovereignty Foundations Workshop, we have been confounded* in our language since the times of so-called “Babel”*.

That is where the Archonic* rulers seeded the great dispersion in humanity.

The latest succession of this confounding has come about through the installment of English as the “world language”.

English is a predominantly noun-based use of words that are not living but concept-based forms of relating. English as used and taught throughout our current world was reformed (many times) eventuating into a contract-based commerce and trade language to aid the spreading of Empire.

Ancient Lifeways of relating and naming

When we explore “ancient” ways of human relating we can find that their language-ing was verb-based and described the living process in simple forms mostly free of noun-based conceptualisation.

“Nouns”, as such, were and are in indigenous and ancient tongues, expressing the function of the action, purpose, or the doing that “things” were used for or what its active role was performing.

Through English almost all living principles have been brought into “still” forms, dead forms of stagnant concepts that have their own meaning and which often carry double meanings.

Language governs our consciousness. Our ability to perceive.

That which is not named cannot be seen but merely guessed at and yet, all things are name-able. (This was Biblical Adams’ first “job”, why not Eve’s?)

This naming or finding the language takes some training (unlearning) and a willingness to feel the truth in language. (Hence the Club!)

And Yaweh*, (the vengeful and wrathful so called “overlord”) said: Go to, let us go down, and there confound* their language, that they may not understand one another’s speech. – Genesis 11:7

For those wanting to release from their mindgardens the cult programming of luciferic/entropic orientations I encourage you to explore finding the language to name again and thus give form to what Life IS.

What this statement is about is that most of the common use English language is describing what things are not, or how things or not feeling like something. Or even more common is the word use of “it is like”. With that, we often try to describe what something is like without actually saying what it is.

Without a language contrast that is based in the Natural Order we cannot discover the distortions that have seeded themselves over time in our language use.

As a forewarning: this work can be immensely confronting and also freeing. Hence the club is called the Awakening Sovereignty Language Club!

Once you comprehend that your Will rules all of your navigation you can indeed set your cells free and bring yourself back into harmonic relationship with the natural order.

This is the restoration or regeneration of a syntropic mindgarden or, as I like to call it, Cultivating a Syntropic Mindsong.

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Onwards and In syntropy,

Souvereign Freedom!