4 – FormKeepers – Peoples that have kept safe perceptions and reality views

What is Language other than an expression of Culture?

What is culture other than an expression of Consciousness?

Visiting Original FormKeepers.

In order to achieve a clearer perspective we are about to step back and behind the veil of english language basing people’s consciousness, into the mindsong of peoples that were relating to Life and the living from a different place of being. This I call the Indigenous Mind. The original Mindsong of our human family.

In order to really get access you benefit accessing Lemurian Peoples’ consciousness and I recommend greatly getting the Whispers of Waitaha.

For today’s function please peruse the following links (and rabbit holes).



All this is shared to slowly bring in to proper place the succession over past centuries of the increase of the entropic mind-set that we as humanity have been induced into whilst resounding the “original” knowings of our Indigenous Original Wisdom of Ancient Wisdom Traditions.

I thus expose that which is not of Love, Human freedom, sovereignty under God Goddess, in co-creation with Life but instead defying Her creation, Syntropy and spell casting beliefs into the human ecosystem that have had a tremendous impact on the forming of the western mind-cult that we are in the middle of awakening from.

I know it is only relevant to focus on Syntropy and restoring our Patterns of Perfection within the Greater Pattern of the Universe, but the depth of deception needs to be exposed to help re-enable our innate abilities for communion and attunement to the Patterns and strategies of Life in the Living.

We are exploring the Sophianic Message Myth and Origin Story which is Herstory, which I have written about in so many ways of wonder and yay.

This study group is going to be a powerful way to understand the background of what has happened with language so that you can shift your language to be creative and empowering.

This is a group of Wisdom Seekers coming together to empower each other through our shared language & sovereignty interest.