Your nature knowns

“The answer (to questioning programming) can always be known by comprehending syntropy/ human nature/ what is natural/ what feels natural and being present to what doesn’t feel natural. Your nature knowns and if you are a She, you have one advantage, as She, your womb knows, deeply.”

If you follow my work, I covered 3 information sections on what certainly to me is unconventional language study.

From my own experience, a syntropic orientation naturally does that to any subject studied as it is free of status quo / cultprogrammed assumptions and instead pulls those into question by offering a wider lens.

Last week’s session landed in the profound discovery that patriarchal cultprogramming has shaped people’s cosmology views (the way we relate to life, the universe, and everything).

This programming operates unconsciously and ultimately governs our language, which governs our experience and creates a neat little feedback loop of us affirming (because of our inbuilt language limitations) the limited patriarchal false version of our cosmology.

In the upcoming 3 sessions I am going to cover the actual practical application of shifting the language we speak into a syntropic natural orientation. And these are some of the strands of entropic language programming (which are all bad copies of syntropic (truth based) expressing).

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🗒️ What is Language other than an expression of Culture?

In studying language, it is very easy to get stuck at the surface level of studying by trying to pick apart words all governed by the same consciousness that was formed through the language applications itself.

To me it was only when get to sense and feel that others viewed reality and were relating to […]

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🗒️ FormKeepers – Peoples that have kept safe perceptions and reality views

When we navigate beyond the realm of our current age – the glorification of mind – we can (when we are willing) retrieve the wisdom gems, spirited breadcrumbs and perceptions of peoples across fast spaces of times who retained, retrieved, rekindled and remembered the original story.

This story when Syntropy is comprehended blends often effortlessly […]

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🗒️ 4 – FormKeepers – Peoples that have kept safe perceptions and reality views

What is Language other than an expression of Culture?

What is culture other than an expression of Consciousness?

Visiting Original FormKeepers.

In order to achieve a clearer perspective we are about to step back and behind the veil of english language basing people’s consciousness, into the mindsong of peoples that were relating to Life and […]

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