Closing out 7 years of Souvereign Sharing

Hi there,

If you want to follow my journey onwards, consider subscribing here, this likely is one of my last emails wherein I share as I have been .

I am moving from online to onland. Securing a safe haven for the future.

you can read more here and choose to stay connected from my future “blog” space:

For those wondering what has all happened or not, or why such a sudden change, click the link below to (overtime) get the full picture.

Its been an honor and priveledge to share for nearly 7 years from my bundles of wisdom around self Sovereignty, self love and Syntropy. with digitally decompose early 2023.

a new journey begins,

I hope to meet you there, where it really matters, as that is what I will be sharing around moving forward.

Blessings to you, your cells and your navigation on this earth.



yes, I am inviting you to live vicariously through my adventures to come here in Bali, just check out my little wooden house :

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