I Help Women (and men) Heal unresolved Trauma so they can reclaim
their Freedom to Love and feel Love.

to being heard

Feeling-based relating is a practice that is part of the training that I have been committed to uphold. The outcome has become my own Syntropic Embodiment through re-membering that feeling-based relating as humans is part of our Human Nature and natural Human Ecology.

Wisdom Keeper

I share with you the Sophia teachings of our Will & Womb and how to heal both our Womb imprints and the overriding of our Will that we all experience in our childhood.
This work is both sacred and yet natural to navigate as your cells are wired for wholeness.

Committed to Love

There are not many man out there that are stand for love and receiving and also comprehend how to navigate trauma transformation. I am open to start navigating with you if it calls you in your cells.

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Syntropy is a natural antidote to entropic society or the ‘world of man’ as we know it. My Syntropic Wisdom Podcasts are Rich reminders to help you navigate the day-to-day hustle of modern-day Life.

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