Helping Women Heal Childhood Trauma so they can reclaim
their Freedom to Love and feel Love.

About me
and my Journey

I have studied succession in Nature and Human Ecology and have successfully applied the “Life-strategies” to every aspect of my Life. It has transformed, up-levelled, and empowered me to Teach, Train, guide and coach others in “Syntropic Embodiment”.

Let me help you Remember your Nature.

Experience-based Wisdom

The richness of the experience that I draw from brings through real, tangible, and experience-able ways of relating to life, to “the matrix”, to our social structures and the New Earth as we get to create it.

I teach a better more proficient way of relating to Life through the application of Syntropy in our language. I re-learned this “language-ing” from almost 2 decades navigating with Ancient Indigenous wisdom keepers and the heart-based consciousness they speak and live from.

Services & Journeys

– Syntropic Embodiment Journey (8 weeks)
– Self-study Courses in Feeling Based Relating, Syntropy & Self Sovereignty (2-6 weeks)
– Will Awakening
– Womb Awakening
– Awakening Self Sovereignty

Regenerative Practice

My study of Syntropic Agroforestry has led me to now teach ‘SHE’, Syntropic Human Ecology, which is all about humans operating fully in their Nature with Nature.

I offer a unique “Lens” through which we get to view the world as we know it as Entropic. This betters everyones ability to understand the world around us and offers everyone powerful means to navigate forward.

Courses & Journeys
Reset Your Mindgardens
Cultivate your feeling ability

One thing that I stand for is that Humans are born to FEEL. Regenerating these innate abilities of feeling and revealing brings about powerful healing when we re-member how to navigate our Internal landscape.

Syntropic Teacher – Healer
Natural Human Ecologist

Personal Healing Coach & Syntropic Embodiment Practioner Trainer

I have spent many years adopting the study of Syntropy into Human Ecology with the objective to assist women and communities in attaining their ideals for conscious and freedom-based-living within their cells and with their land. 


Re-enable Your Nature
Journey in Syntropic Embodiment

Brave New Life
Feeling-Based Relating Community

First Course in Syntropy
Healing our entropic culture

Anew, Spirit of the Land
Spiritual Intentional Community Seeding

Pachamama House
Community Based Spiritual Retreat Center

Para Pachamama ~ Spirit of Earth
Global Elder Gathering organization

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