About Souvereign

“the Syntropic Nature of Life”. I share on my comprehensions on the essence of Human Nature and how our intrinsic love-based Human Ecology is foundationally bound on the same living principles that all of Life (Nature) effortlessly operates on.

How to reclaim Freedom and restore Self Sovereignty from within can give people a tremendous insight into “how to navigate” these times that seem to be filled with crisis, breakdown, and chaos by making use of its function.
How to be in relationship with all our relationships from a place of fearlessness, yet with an openhearted place of being through connecting again with our feeling based nature, is natural.

What I speak to:

– Syntropic Agroforestry (online course)
– Feeling Based Relating (talks, circles)
– How to use and apply Language to restore Self Sovereignty
– How to heal Collective Trauma
– How to recognise Cultural Trauma Based Mindcontrol/ cultprogramming
– How to invert MkUltra programming
– How to know truth from fiction through reconnecting to innerknowing/ feeling
– Resolving/Dissolving Archons/entity ‘possession’/ hijacking
– Intergenerational Community Resilience Templating/Design
– Everything on the need for a return to Radical Human Ecology -based on Syntropy
– Everything that is relevant about the Archetypal Nature of the human Journey Experience
– Roadmaps and Legends to navigating the Internal Landscape of the Human Form.

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Templating out Community Living
for future generations.

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