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Syntropic Answers to the Madness

do you have some syntropic answers to the madness all spreading its venom…? #dreamwisely tend your mindgardens with care and Lovingkindness–The-form–the-intrinsic-from-within—Exploring-our-Blueprint–Our-Soul–What-is-our-purpose–and-so-much-more-eruir3

by Souvereign


She was my ultimate reflection.Simply by being.Exposing, revealing, unveiling me,naked onto myself,This mind,I finally returned,to Nature in the raw,In the real, in the living,In her reflectionLife, Love, self sovereignty in human ecology,Became again,Pure,Syntropy. In all her ways, alwaysI am welcomed to partake,to enjoin my mindsong to hers.And She giggles as I try to sing allContinue reading “Anew”


Remember I wrote to you about my latest acronym SHE..? (If you haven’t, consider having a read here: Well, I thought to record it for my own process so I could listen to that a few more times, there seems to be a different frequency when I hear spoken mindsong.. Brave New Beginnings. I haveContinue reading “SHE AGAIN?!”


Syntropy. Thank you for reminding me what Love feels like.Thank you for staying curious and open.Thank you for showing me how Life functions in its own rhythm and natural timing. As below, so above.As within, so without. I can feel you now.and all I had to do “is become as a child again” original innocenceoriginalContinue reading “Syntropy”


Hey loved being, Finding more of me within has been the most rewarding and naturally fulfilling and liberating focus I have committed mycells to since I made my conscientious cell choice to re-enable my nature. On this journey I have remembered what ‘undoing cult programming’ truly involves. Its been a fulfilling and complex series ofContinue reading “SHE”

Seeing through “Helter Skelter” Cult-Programming

The below is an overview of only some of the stark contrasts we have observed over the past weeks. Most of this is all part of the greater bifurcation to separate each individual from sound reason and connection to their inner knowing of what is just, right and natural. While in France a French professorContinue reading “Seeing through “Helter Skelter” Cult-Programming”

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