What is Ecosophy?

Self-guided Inner studying Bio-Philic Ecology, Syntropy, and Regenerative Human-Culture sessions to help anyone ponder,
explore and Cultivate a Syntropic Mindsong!

This is an inner ‘remember-room’ to sit, listen, and learn more of the syntropic nature of Life/your cells/ your life, community, Nature.

Yes, a total Yay.

Under “journeys” I have listed special Syntropic Embodiment Journeys to have you be supported and gain effective access to this field of EcoSophy. Please check them out.

You may not know much about
Syntropy or Nature?

Well! what a great opportunity to dive deeper, lean in more! The space I am creating is one to help cultivate, and uplevel some old systems of belief into an ecologically sound and natural relating-way. I draw from my course material on Syntropic Agroforestry and my years of exploring, studying and experimenting with Human Ecology (community building).

Cultivating a Syntropic Mindset Journey

Innerstudy of Human Nature
through Natures Lens 

EcoSophy is a return to our innate natural knowing of how Life within us truly functions.

“Beyond a simple ecology, ecosophy is a wisdom-spirituality of the earth. “The new equilibrium” is not so much between man and the earth, as between matter and spirit, between spatio-temporality and consciousness. Ecosophy is neither a mere ’science of the earth’ (ecology) nor even ‘wisdom about the earth’, but rather a ‘wisdom of the earth herself’ that is made manifest to man when he knows how to listen to her with love.”

— Raimon Panikkar

There are various Syntropic Journeys for you.

Your first EcoSophy Journey is ready for you below!👇🕊️

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“As time has flown by us we have been given numerous opportunities to stand still and observe Nature in her primordial natural state. Time and time again we seem to have forgotten how to relate to her, how to ask the question that would open her mysteries to us. As humans we have long forgotten our innate and deep connection to Life and how, and where we fit into the Creatrix – Eden – Paradise of Abundance –……….

If you have inquiries around consultancy for community projectspersonal coaching, or private landholdings implementing syntropic agroforestry systems please connect to me through this page.

I offer personal or group/community services in:

  • Syntropic Agroforestry Coaching
  • Strategic Syntropic Business planning and advising using Nature’s Rule.
  • Bringing Syntropy into your personal life, work relationships, family, community or inspired project.

In other work I offer one-on-one private Journeys in:

  • Doula birthing support work,
  • inner child work,
  • trauma releasing work,
  • internal family dynamics work,
  • complex psychological healing work (PTSD)
  • I offer 4-week private tuition and support in all the above