I want to share some more about trauma based mind control aka #cultprogramming or the socially engineered believe systems that the matrix/ western cult society is based on and fabricated around. 

Yes, I know… it’s not a popular topic and it doesn’t sell itself like any other new cage / spiritual by-passing fantasy, but by now some of you know I care little for sales or reach, only a handful will only ever return to the Master Navigators that they came here to be, simply because most are not Willing to stay Willing to do the work. 

Most just want to continue their projections, blamings, and complainings about the external authority they witness trespassing the natural order.. I am not here to condemn, judge or shame you… I am just being real with the truth that what we resist persists and I am not talking about the external landscape.. Indeed resolution with the world of men can only be ascertained from within and thus freedom can only be reclaimed by resolving the unresolved that the external world seems to be triggering.

So who is this Fritz Springmeyer character and what does he have to do with any of this?

#mkultraprogramming #mindcontrol #exposingwetiko #endofthearchonicgrip

I have been sharing for over five years now around #humandamage, where it comes from and who is response able for ending it within (most relevant), and who are causing the programming to be started in the first place (less important).

Do you know where you are going?

Just take a moment with this… 

Yes, i know that you know what you are working towards, what you are accumulating in finances or resources by expanding your energy for the digits or value in equity that your efforts can generate.. but that’s not my question…

What is it that you are here for? 

What is your Commission?

Is it to endlessly return to being upset with the rape of our Earth Mother or are you born to be a #MasterNavigator who is here to transcend and thus END THE PROGRAMMING?

This can only be done within you… that is where the programming has been seeded, stored, and governs most decision-making processes. 

The matrix is a fantasy, it’s a concept, a non-existing, non-living noun that is an “idea” and thus the matrix and all it means to your cells only exists in your mind. 

Same for “the government”, the so-called self-proclaimed “elite” and the same for the Luciferian network.. these concepts all but have a place in your mind and only there can your relationship be addressed with it (restoring self-sovereignty) as the “external authority” that its program has been designed to be (social engineered)

“If you don’t know where you are going how do you know if you get there? “ Is what Fritz asks…

How do you know that your froopyland full of your belief systems isn’t a collection of prefabricated programs for your mind to operate on? 

How do you know that you know whether your truth is the true truth?

#syntropy = inverting the narrative = inverting the programming = inverting your emotional reactions = questioning the function = accessing the stored trauma = accessing the programming (which isn’t of love, isn’t of freedom, isn’t of sovereignty) = remembering how nature functions = restoring the original blueprint from within = restoring self sovereignt, freedom and the power of unconditional love in action

So, how do you know that you know whether your truth is the true truth?

The answer can always be known be comprehending syntropy/ human nature/ what is natural/ what feels natural and being present to what doesn’t feel natural. Your nature knowns and if you are a She, you have one advantage, as She, your womb knows, deeply.

What I have found is that all cult programming (any promoted belief system shared by “the government”/ or external agency as a plan, or media “news”/false flag attack item), the NARRATIVE can always be inverted and 9 out of 10 times you get a whole lot closer to the truth of what the hidden agenda truly is.

Test this for yourself unless you still live in the fantasy that “your government” is all good, and not a corporation run by psychopaths. (If you don’t feel clear about this yet.. go read the International Tribunal for Natural Justice Justice’s Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Ritual Child Sex abuse www.commission.itnj.org and watch the video testimonials Committee to Support the ITNJ and reboot your froopyland that got formed through years of deducation you were subdued to.)

“When the mind and emotions are put under extreme stress they “break” and create a new mental-emotional state. It is within these mental states – born of trauma – that the mind can be conditioned.”

“Trauma Based Mind Control has been used by criminal organizations to maintain secrecy and ensure every order is followed to the letter. Through this process, you get the Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave.”

“Trauma Based Mind Control creates separate personalities within the individual that will carry out their duty with robotic exactness and then “sleep” so that the individual has no memory of their actions. These people are used as messengers, drug mules, sexual blackmail slaves and are placed in positions close to the world’s most powerful people.”

PLEASE NOTE: I ONLY share this because I am offering awareness on how to free your cells from the entropic #mindvirus programs of beliefs by simply returning to your Nature, which is Love, Freedom, fearlessness, and how to restore the feeling based states of the continued experience of Freedom, Love, and peacefulness. I do this for your children’s past, present, and future and I have shared extensively how to navigate this process.. It remains a CHOICE to be Willing to do the work though and this choice is always yours.

Why is it relevant for you to wake up deeper and become the Master Navigator you came here to be? 

Well first of all because you just read what you did, point-blank, the other reason is that the so-called “elitists” agenda is as follows:

“this agenda is for the destruction of the human race”

and we could do with a few more demonic program dissolvers as they can only be dissolved back into love by those who see through all the fear-based illusion and choose to reign again in love (when and if it is relevant) – It’s your birth-right yo!

Look it is not easy.. BUT all it requires is your WILLINGNESS to show up, your Willingness to be curious instead of judgmental, to be self inquiring instead of projecting, to be vulnerable instead of defensive and AS SYNTROPY HAS IT:

Your feelings (emotional reactions) are YOUR GREATEST ALLY. Your Cells/ your body through your feelings is here to help you heal each time you react to the external world doing something “wrong”.

Entropic = staying in judgement and protecting your froopyland/ keeping your world “stable”/ the same = fear of change = fear of Life = fear of growth = identifying with the intellect/mind and staying in the programming which is trauma-based.

Syntropic = being curious and open to come into awareness = questioning the function = willingness to accessing the primary memory related to the narrative (through questioning the neurochemical associative memory) = discovering why your cells are emotionally RE-acting = being willing to recognise the pattern of your reaction through time = is seeing the same reactions play out in many other similar situations = be willing to question if you want to keep doing it like this = finding that answer and thus creating a CHOICE POINT in your neurochemistry = creating a NEW neuro pathway/ possibility = realising that the only way “out of reacting” requires willingness to “go into it” = accessing the primary imprint = finding the fragmented aspect of self = is finding the part of self that was responsible for the emotional reaction in the first place = ability to be grateful that it found a way for you to find it = is reconnecting to that part that “got lost’/ dismembered through the primary experience (not being met or loved, rejected, shamed, violated, suppressed) = feeling its’ hurt and knowing it is going to be ok (because you already made a new choice) = ability to ask this part its name = being willing to be open to receive the sound that is neurochemically associated to this persona = by being willing to ask and receive = ability to “fire up” every associated memory/ experience linked in the neurochemistry to this “placeholder”/ persona = is being able to relate to this part inter personally and asking what it wants = receiving the authentic truth of the core seed of the trauma (that what it actually wanted, but did not get) = is ability to go through (trans scend) the core of the trauma and release it by FEELING THE FEELINGS and knowing it is ok = being able to ask this part if it wants to come home and be RE-MEMBERED = opportunity to practice unconditional love for self and all found parts of self as some don’t feel safe yet to come home or can’t come home because other parts would then be lost forever = opportunity for more internal dialogue to find other parts and reintegrate those IF THEY WANT THAT (these parts are trauma carrying personas, they are young hurt parts of self and the best way to navigate relating with them is how you would meet a crying child = ask its name, see it, meet it, acknowledge it, be gentle with it, tell it that its safe and it is ok to speak and EXPRESS what is there for it to express = opportunity to be your own healer 

:= returning to wholeness..

sooo..Blessings to your cells for being the agents that translate the unresolved emotional imprints into emotional reactions so you can explore the internal landscape of your mind(!!) so to find and potentially bring home the parts that are ready, willing and able.

Love (and only acts of love) is only to reintegrate disassociated aspects of self. Love is your way “Home” to wholeness and every external situation that you emotionally react to is an opportunity for growth and returning yet another part back into wholeness.

– #cultprogramming is real.
– That it is entirely aimed to dismember and splinter us from our wholeness and divinity by raping our original innocence is real.
– That all it can do (for it is bound by syntropy) is tempt us to react from fear, impress us to react from fear for ALL THE WHILE its SYNTROPIC FUNCTION is to awaken us to the reality that it is performing a function with purpose to find our primary wounding so we can heal that -> which makes ALL OTHER programs become dissolved FOR THEY NO LONGER PERFORM A FUNCTION WITH PURPOSE.. and hence you do not emotionally react anymore (not because your numb but because you have RETURNED TO FREEDOM)

Well done everyone!

Carl Jung wrote about our next evolutionary expression of Homo Sapien and called it Homo Maximus 

– Divinity Restored in Full, Self Sovereignty Reclaimed in full, Freedom returned to in Full and thus our DIVINE FEARLESS and FIERCE ABILITIES reactivated in Full.

THE ONLY WAY there, is doing the work and taking cult prorgamming serious. 

If you shy away from all of this or in the moment of the opportunity being provided to you by life, you avoid the opportunity, deny the realness of your reactions by diffusing or justifying your behavior.. (everything in Life performs a function with purpose).

..the question naturally remains:

Do you want to keep doing it like this ? Do you want to keep feeling like this?

#cultivateyourWILL #radicalselflove #comprehendinghumandamage #returntolove #wearesyntropy #thegreatturning

and……..Back to Fritz:

Yay to just listening to the audio and double yay to a diaprojector presentation..

Jump straight in to the juice.. just to get a taste.. promise no horror stories here:

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RESOURCE PAGE: https://souvereignsharing.net/inverting-mk-ultra-resources/ 


Soon to be #homomaximus – reclaim your birthright mammals!!

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