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Remember Innate Wisdom
& the Language of Your Cells

Be fully seen in your wholness.
Healing the ‘untransformable’ in Ease, Love & Grace

Only 2 seats left for June/July


4 Weeks Private Support Journey
(Zoom, Email & WhatsApp)

Deep and profound healing of old trauma.
Bringing home parts of you.

Finding Anger, anguish, sorrow, and recurring grief.
Making use of its syntropic function.

Processes for accessing your unconscious mind.
and navigating with YOUR cells for healing.


Dreaming Awake✨
the Internal Landscape Navigator

Your first introduction offer: $777,- (flexible payment)

(Normal price $1195,-)

Book a free 45 min discovery call 🕊️

This work is for YOU if you want to:

Discover the full Syntropy of your Humanity & your own innate knowing.
Remember your own true Nature & Sophia’s Wisdom stored in your bones.
Navigate your own Internal Landscape & find yourself again.
Transform any blockages you may be experiencing in your Life

🌿Syntropic Embodiment is about aligning one Self with Nature’s Innate Wisdom so that:

🕊️ Radically heroic (beautiful) things in the field of Self-Healing and

👉 the expansion to live a more fulfilled and Nature-Connected life

becomes a daily experience.🧘‍♀️

Without adventure (Journey) there is
no growth, expansion or change.

If you want to expand, grow, heal and or learn
then stepping into any Wisdom Journey is key.🕊️

🕊️Each Syntropic Embodiment Journey provides an experience for a deeper “Homecoming” and a richer sense of place and purpose in this world.🌏

Journey Risks & Journey Guarantees:

👉You get to access and develop underused navigation skills

🕊️ Learn to read the language of nature.

🕊️Discover the language of your inner-feelings

👉Relate with aspects of your Greater Self

🧬Connection to your own Divine & innate Wisdom

Be fully seen and held in your wholeness.

Bring healing and transformation to:

– Community Connection
– Nature Connection
– Soul Connection
in Syntropy

Journey Investments & Exchange

All Individual Self Guided Journeys are each valued at $77,- Dollars.

My 4-week package (777,-) includes a minimum of 7 Journeys

Journaling throughout each Journey with Self is required.

Let me help you create more freedom!
Book a free 45 min discovery call 🕊️

I hope to see you on the other side,


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