Brave. New. Lifeways.

Brave. New. Lifeways.
Three words…

Full of meaning

and purpose…

Brave New Lifeway 1:
Exploring Syntropic Human Ecology

Relating to life again in Syntropy,
Where everything performs a function with purpose,
And navigating with Life,
(If we are willing to re-enable our Nature)
Returns us to our natural Human Self Sovereignty.

Our Human Nature is love-filled and ridden with purpose,
For such is the Syntropic Nature of Life.

As Gardeners we may find again,
sanity, solace and soul
in Syntropy!

Action Step 1:

Take the 6 week email correspondence course
enter into your existing mindgardens
and create space
for New Ways of relating to Life!

2 thoughts on “Brave. New. Lifeways.

  1. Oh, Souvereign, this is so beautiful!!.. It made me feel quite homesick (I grew up in rural Indiana, nothing remotely close to how I live here in Portland.– not complaining, just stating facts). It also brought tears of wonder and joy that you and your communities have made this happen. As a child of the ’60’s and ’70’s you can well imagine there were times when I dreamed of living like this. I am getting kind of old now but still hope that I can end my life in a place that nourishes Mother Earth and all of her creatures. I am glad you are now in my life.

    Diana in Portland

    1. Oh Diana, this could have been me writing this! I could not be more in vibrational alignment with what you have spoken here – and what joy it generates to be remembering our true selves and being drawn together through Souvereign’s dreaming – yay!

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