Syntropy, Self Sovereignty and much, much more…

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Human Ecology & The Archetypal Nature of Consciousness.

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If you want access to more on Syntropy, Syntropic Agroforestry, Internal Landscape Navigation and Human ecology I welcome you to pay 99,- for this 6 week course.

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– Syntropic Agroforestry
– How to use and apply Language to restore Self Sovereignty
– How to heal Collective Trauma
– How to recognise Cultural Trauma Based Mindcontrol/ cultprogramming
– How to invert MkUltra programming
– How to know truth from fiction through reconnecting to innerknowing/ feeling
– Resolving/Dissolving Archons/entity ‘possession’/ hijacking
– Intergenerational Community Resilience Templating/Design
– Everything on the need for a return to Radical Human Ecology -based on Syntropy
– Everything that is relevant about the Archetypal Nature of the human Journey Experience
– Roadmaps and Legends to navigating the Internal Landscape of the Human Form.

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