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Welcoming exchange

I comprehend this won’t be for everyone ‘just having a look’ and there is already so much to access all across my site and it is all for FREE. Yes, I feel good about sharing freely what I feel is relevant to relate around with other humans. HOWEVER….

If you want to support my ability to share more with you, I welcome any and all symbiotic reciprocation and it comes with more depth and more access to more on Syntropy, Syntropic Agroforestry, Internal Landscape Navigation and Human ecology.

What I offer in my private sharings

1) The inner workings of Returning to Wholeness. the marriage of the divine masculine and feminine within.

2)- the Ancient Metric and the original dreamseeds that have been kept safe and that are to be shared during this time.

3) The simplicity of natural law, common law and sovereignty

4) – How to navigate Healing Collective trauma and why it is undeniably part of the regenesis and legacy we are here to create.

About Healing Collective Trauma

Trauma is what is holding us back from being able to co-create the world we want to see our children grow up in, wild and free.

As we each look at the complexity of our cultural malfunction we can feel disempowered and overwhelmed, AND YET we all carry this dream, we all intuitively know that change is not only possible, but that we are to be part of making that change happen.

When you learn how to ACCEPT THE FAILURE OF THE THIRD PARTY and how significant this change in your being is, you will be able to start reclaiming the self sovereignty that was and is always yours.

You will become free from false belief systems that were socially engineered to keep you sedated, fearful, ashamed, and “less than”.

This is what all our children need from us and such is the beginning of a Brave New Life for our Collective. Support me by joining this site and you’ll become part of our inner circle for change.

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