Syntropy, Self Sovereignty and much, much more…

By taking the Course in Syntropy you will receive a journey into:

Syntropic Language/ Syntax Research
introductions to Syntropic Agroforestry,

Human Ecology & The Archetypal Nature of Consciousness.

You’ll also get Access to Interviews, Videos, Podcasts

You can ask any questions via email

You can feel what you knew already silently and can start living more fully

What others say:

More details of what you will receive:

– How to use and apply Language to restore Self Sovereignty
– How to heal Collective Trauma
– How to recognise Cultural Trauma Based Mindcontrol/ cultprogramming

– How to know truth from fiction through reconnecting to innerknowing/ feeling
– Intergenerational Community Resilience Templating/Design
– Everything on the need for a return to Radical Human Ecology -based on Syntropy
– Everything that is relevant about the Archetypal Nature of the human Journey Experience
– Roadmaps and Legends to navigating the Internal Landscape of the Human Form.

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