The Self Memory Retrieval Technique & The Inner Remedy Process

The Self Memory Retrieval Technique is a practice to bring you from a state of feeling stuck or feeling triggered back to wholeness through the process of going within.

This is best seen as a journey into the subconscious mind and tapping into the wisdom of your cells.

I support and guide you in the inner Journey.
I know how to walk through the inner worlds and know how to navigate with the wisdom and language of our cells.

Together we retrieve the memories long lost to the conscious mind.

We then follow the Inner Remedy Process to help reintegrate dismembered aspects of Self that hold the Story of the primary imprint.

Rooted, Nature-Based Wisdom

Because the work is rooted in the physiological (and spirited) Life-principles of the Syntropic Nature of Life, this work is grounded and is not “spiritualized” or made sacred through the adding of spiritual concepts.

The practice offers anyone direct access without there being some form of prerequisite to being spiritually equipped, advanced, or experienced in the language of spiritual wisdom.

Instead, you are offered easy to relate with comprehensions that are based on our human innate knowledge of our own Nature and how our cells operate on life-strategies that are all serving us with purpose.

These strategies are can be seen as universal patterns that are present throughout all of nature. These patterns are not at all spiritual or illogical, they are the natural life-ways and strategies that life simply operates on no matter what strata or field of Life is being explored.

This rootedness of this practice (accessing the way that Nature operates) allows the language of our cells and our own comprehension of this communion from our cells to become seen, understood, and functionally navigated with again. We do this by making use of their true function.

In order to understand how the internal landscape navigation works, it is relevant to first understand what may be the cause of dismembering, what the possible signs of that are, and how to heal this energetic fragmentation of the Self.

Book a Discovery Call to initiate your Journey

Invest in an 8-week Life-transforming Inner Journey in Syntropy with me.

Our mission is to unlock your inner access:
– to fully FEEL LOVE flowing again in the places where it was blocked.
– to feel fully FREE again TO BE LOVE in the areas where you feel blocked.
– to fully HEAL any stories, projections, or difficulties.

You get to reshape and transform the painful (untold) stories of your life so you can express even MORE of YOUR LOVE into your world and your Life-creations.

If you feel to embark on the Syntropic Self Healing Journey with Souvereign you can Book a 30-min Discovery Call or read more below:

Embark on this Journey

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