I support fathers to be in their journey from conception, through pregnancy, into birth and early parenting.

Men do have POWERFUL male roles, functions, and response-ability during pregnancy and birth.

Let me tell you how you can show up powerfully and with more purpose.


This is what my first-born really taught me.

Like you, I knew very little about being pregnant, having babies or birth. Because I was not aware of my real functional ROLES and RESPONSE-ABILITIES, I was also totally under prepared emotionally.

This affected much more than just me.
Don’t make the same mistakes I did.

New to the whole thing?
and you care?

I have an 8 week and 9 months support program for you AND your partner.

Please know that out of respect and wisdom,
I do not coach just men. We do have private one on ones and WhatsApp communication.

If you choose to work with me, I am supporting you both.

Conscious preparation is not just
for mothers-to-be

Conscious preparation is not limited to the mother-to-be, although she can often feel like it’s all on her shoulders.

The father or partner also needs to be part of this, and while they might know that, it might not always be immediately obvious HOW they can support the mother.

If this is you – wondering how you can best support your partner as you prepare for the arrival of your baby – then you can connect with me below.

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