Hey loved being,

Finding more of me within has been the most rewarding and naturally fulfilling and liberating focus I have committed mycells to since I made my conscientious cell choice to re-enable my nature. On this journey I have remembered what ‘undoing cult programming’ truly involves.

Its been a fulfilling and complex series of adventures returning home to Love, to self-sovereignty and thus a sense-felt freedom from pre-occupations with other..

Comprehending the Syntropic Nature of our Human Ecology allows me to remain in the awareness that whatever is coming up for me is performing a function with purpose and the “I”, that is me as the awareness of Self, can simply will my cells to come into awareness of what the intrinsic and innate inner awareness is wanting to accomplish, which is always resolving the unresolved so that psycho-emotional and spiritual homeostasis can become restored, so that the expression of what my spirit is here for can come into full expression.

One process at a time and most often retrieving one forgotten, dis-membered memory of an emotionally imprintful bodily/cellular experience at a time, that always was belonging to a part of self that has all this time been wanting to be found, wanting to still be seen, held, heard and given space to fully express that which was repressed.

Knowing full well we are each on this spiraling cyclical hero’s journey to find our selves and traverse our inner landscape still imprinted with fears, unresolved trauma, and unexpressed emotions, I have learned so much around the emotional/ somatic biological processes that the cells have as their ability to communicate through.

The archetypal nature of human consciousness is intertwined always with Story as such is the form by which we experience reality, or better put: Life. Untold or often repressed stories, or unfelt feelings will remain wanting to be ex-pressed by our human cells to complete a natural process of experiencing psycho-emotionally intense experiences and thus bring us back to ‘safety’, wholeness, balance, contentment.

The “fall of humanity” is, in all of its complexity to where we now operate, in grotesk ways, as an entropic species, simply bound to the fact that humans stopped and then forgot to prioritise feeling based relating and properly processing their feelings. When humans are no longer willing (or aware that this even is a choice) to properly process emotionally intense experiences the unresolved simply remains unresolved, no matter how much incense or chakra dust we sprinkle over our aura’s or cells.

Human Nature is self-organised and has natural, intrinsic processes within its primary 4 fold bio-spirit-logical-feeling-based bodysuit to resolve unresolved emotional imprinting. Any experience that is unnatural, emotionally intense, or goes in against our Nature (which is our sovereignty/ freedom and free Will) – imprints.

With enough intensity, the natural human biological processes get activated to cause disassociation within the wholeness of Self. This is an entirely natural process that our cells are “hardwired” to function as. If we did not disassociate during emotionally intense experiences/ trauma we would remain frozen and so our syntropic cells’ biological natural functions are always functioning to sustain full operationality. One could ascertain that when in a given moment of emotionally intense experiences our cells dis-member from itself the experience and “store” that away, so to “pause” processing for a later time when calm and safety is restored and the emotional intensity can become processed, all naturally interconnected in its’ fullness so that the dis-membered aspect of self that ‘split off’ can become re-integrated.

I share all of this because our Natural processes are real, they will never change as they are intrinsic to our human nature and the cells’ intelligence to preserve, protect and keep safe from harm the fullness of our being; our thrivality.

What humanity hasn’t been taught, raised with, or is in the maim being informed of is how relevant properly processing all our feelings truly is. Any and all discomfort in the cells, any dis-ease is always performing a function with purpose for the awareness of Self to “enquire within”.

In an ideal world, we could just have a daily check-in with our cells and they would tell us everything that we benefit from still processing so as to remain “on course” in what our spirits’ purpose on this earth is pursuing in its expression.

You may be able to assert that most humans don’t even get to resolve their unresolved. Some who have awareness resolve their past imprinting to some degree, but hardly any human in the western world is truly restoring their wholeness of self because the notion of dis-association that occurs during emotionally intense experiences is not comprehended, let alone, how to navigate the internal landscape of our human inner experience of what still wants to become resolved and re-integrated. We seem all be groomed by society to look outside for some form of gratification that is only a messenger from within if simply questioned around its true function/ story/ imprint.

I want to encourage you to love your cells, to trust (and surrender your mind) to the knowing that your cells are operating entirely 100% SYNTROPICALLY at all times. Every cellular transition and activity is performing a function with purpose to serve Life.

Human Nature is 100% syntropic, our human cells function 100% on syntropic life strategies that are all action based to serve the wholeness of self (and predominantly the return to thereto, whilst wholeness is to be restored yet). Our body is our greatest ally, it has access to all the wisdom of the entire universe as it is Syntropy itself. Our divine key, so to speak, to access all of this is held in our Will.

Where the re-emergence of the self-expressed divinity of humanity stands or falls is indeed by but one thing: our Willingness or our capacity to operate and base our feeling based navigation in this world on the inner knowing (again) of our Will. If we feel we currently aren’t that, that too is now then becoming a choice, because everything is our response-ability in this now moment.

To many, and certainly to me when I was still deeply unresolved around feeling safe to feel my will and give expression to what i felt I wanted, this notion can feel confronting in the cells and this is because it was our natural freedom of choice that was violently trespassed leading to a stain on our feelings around choice, will and freedom to choose.

This part of self known as Will or Sophia is tied to the premature separation of Love (the cutting of the umbilical cord) and with awareness on how to invert trauma-based mind control or “mk ultra” we can use the innate and intrinsic Love Metric as our guiding roadmap to find Will and Sophia again and bring them home to self, to love, to wholeness.

Unexpressed emotions in the form of real experience-based stories are what “sits in the way” of us no longer handing down trauma and truly raising the next generations on the natural principles that are the make-up of our Syntropic Human Ecology.

There is more to relate around all this as this is an inner dimensional conversation to have within our own cells. I just wanted to reach out to tell you are loved, your cells are loved and these parts of you that still want to be found and loved are not forgotten. They do require you, the awareness of Self, to keep being Willing to keep showing up with love, for love, to love all of you. All of the thoughts, the patterns, the stories, and all of the feelings, because all that ever did not show up that caused us to disassociate was Love.

So I am here to be that Love for me, for all of me, for all of my flaws, my stories, my incomprehensible navigation that I keep staying open and curious towards because I have remembered that EVERYTHING in Life performs a function with purpose and some of these parts of self are shy or have very little to work with to get my attention. Emotional re-actions are always an awesome indicator that a part of self is using its’ limited languaging ability through emotional re-acting… the question is are you willing to enquire within, ask its name, and remain openly and lovingly curious as to whom may still want to be found within?

I salute and honour you in the journey homewards, inwards. May Will and Sophia start speaking to you and may you enquire with them if they haven’t been freed, found, and brought back into wholeness yet.

In grace and lovingkindness,


Sharing with you on Brave New Love


Kiaora oh so loveable human!

How have your recent weeks been? I had the fantasy of sharing a bit more regularly with you what feels relevant to share and speak around… well that was a nice fantasy! Instead, I have found myself rotorless and without drive and prior to that having an amazing sense of what I labeled a weird “writers’ block”.

In reality, my ecosystem has undergone a turbulent, wonderful, and rapid change and pretty much everything that felt relevant seems to be on the recalibration/ radical reflection table. What does still feels relevant? What feels actually natural and attractive from within from a place of inspired love-based action?

I have experienced a lot of old stories arise from within around my value, why I am even relevant, why I am even doing anything that I have been doing and many stories of “deleting” it all, walking away, handing it all over, and stepping out of this “need” for sharing myself with the world. Much of what has erupted from within has come about in how I now comprehend it, as a natural by-product of embarking on a brave new love with beauty full Colleen. Yay to deep Love meeting me in the wholeness I have so diligently navigated myself into from within! But Wow! I did not see the effects coming of what being deeply seen, heard, and honored would bring about in my outward orientations with others.

I have managed to write out two parts of my internal landscape navigation in an attempt to find more of what Love can do in me when finally felt through the reflection and presence of another. I shared these with just a few friends and each one shared that I should share this out as they were each feeling it touched on so many aspects of their own experience and confusing navigation through these turbulent times of transformation. I want to share the first one here with you.

In the Face of Love: “Help me, I am stuck!”

If everything in life is performing a function with purpose then feeling blocked too must carry a message just like breaking a toe or loosing one’s voice right?

Well, I have been feeling stuck, or have I?

My common thread is to ask who is “I” that feels stuck? Which part of self is expressing itself through my cells and sharing this message of stuckness that feels so real and is even able to manifest itself in my cells as even a bloated feeling?

A few days ago the thoughts of “I must have a writers’ block” came through… I laughed it off because I don’t identify with being a “writer”… Well, I know that as “coping” because that is just cleverly bypassing a real feeling, or better put, ignoring a message from within, from a part of self to me, the awareness of Self, as I relate to “myself” as the “me”.

It is rather wonderful to comprehend the Syntropic Nature of human psychology and the archetypal nature of human consciousness, and so I questioned the function.

Just question the function.

Everything in life is performing a function with purpose…all we as humans have to do to unlock the mysteries of the patterns, stories, and messages of the world around and within us, is just to question the function.

It is the willful practice to be open, to be curious, and to be willing to come into awareness.

Through misuse and overuse of the intelligence most humans judge, put in a proverbial “box”, they either “label” and or they try to explain situations and circumstance based on past-programming, and with that pretty much anything and everything is “reason-outable”. If we just explain it, it will all go away or, if we explain it we can move on quicker to encounter the next “problem” to solve.

For those of you who have listened to my free podcast you would have found the “Business of Isness” a short and sweet sharing that relates to the above; overuse of the intelligence, as there are, as matter of fact, zero problems in nature. There are only opportunities for growth, renewal, expansion, and for us as human beings: to come into awareness or comprehension.

So what about this ‘feeling all blocked lately’ then?

I know this is not necessarily what you’d expect to read in an email from me, but I feel good about making use of the function of others to explore my own cells/ self to discover what wants to be freed, found, related with, and ultimately re-integrated.

Parts of Self

It is really simple how human psycho-emotional nature works as we come into the earthly plane and we experience our formative years: Anything other than Love imprints and when we as humans become imprinted, in most cases, our cells disassociate.

Disassociation occurs for us as humans when we experience emotionally intense experiences that we are not able, in-the-moment, to properly process. (Or were not given the space or support to properly process) What transpires in our cells is that a part of self disassociates in order to preserve the bodily functions of the brain and maintain bodily “motor skills” to keep moving. It is a very natural process happening for almost every human being when our navigation involves emotional experiences that are intense.

I have given a series of talks on my youtube channel on inverting MK-Ultra programming in which I elude to this process and I have written extensively around this subject but in reality, I have never really unpacked the whole subject on its own.

Because of how I have re-enabled my human nature (and in my work share how to do this), in my own specific process, I back engineered myself back into wholeness without the comprehensions of what I learned much later around disassociation and how real it is for us as humans. Subsequently, I processed most of the raw traumatic emotional imprints from my cells before I learned about the relevancy of naming and reintegrating the dismembered aspects of self. This, of course, has been an extremely insightful deep-diving into human internal ecology or the “internal landscape” of the human body, mind, and soul, but equally this, now 5-year journey back into my wholeness and the return to inner freedom, has been tiring, exhausting and seemingly “never-ending”.

And this is why I want to write to you…

The never-ending story of Life.

Only a dismembered aspect of Self will only ever be responsible for bringing through a narrative of “never-ending” associated to feeling tired, exhausted or that “I shouldn’t feel like this”. The same goes for the: you or they “always” do something. I learned along the way that the only “always” and “never” that will always exist are those that never will. These narratives simply are indicators from our internal landscape that something from within is seeking an opportunity to be found and become resolved.

In my Course in Syntropy I lay this “trauma-based time window creation” out and explain what happens when we experience trauma that then becomes a waiting imprint-to-be-resolved.

Because of my Life directional changes (aka falling in love with wonder and power full Colleen) my entire cellular story keeping-ecosystem is going through a radical recalibration at present and I feel like I am in an in-between-world and in-between-practical-realities.

My biodigester is overloaded with the quick and radical change that in a short space of time has moved me from navigating techland for 60-70 hours a week for others, to barely being online or checking emails. This has left me at times restless, like getting off a seriously addictive behavioral trait while starting new, what feels like natural, behaviours.

A combination of a very intense detox of ending functions and engagement and replacing it with what seems to still be known in me from a productive place: “doing nothing”. It’s been really “hard”, but simultaneously new growth is happening that is graceful and love-filled. 

Radical pruning: Resetting the Agroforest

Resetting the system is relevant and when you comprehend successional agroforestry (or Syntropic Agroforestry) you will know that Nature thrives better and comes back with even more aliveness and vigor when a system gets pruned or “reset”. It is called “pulsing” in the Syntropic circles and I have done it regularly in my own life, in my own internal agroforest. 

In my “You are an agroforest series” I articulate the relevancy of resetting our internal agroforest and how deleting social media accounts or starting with a new phone without all the old contacts in it is a great and functional way to keep the growth of what we want to cultivate in our lives happening while we consciously remove out of our system that which is no longer performing a function with purpose for our growth. 

Navigating this process of embarking on a Brave New Life-direction really benefits comprehending the archetypal nature of such a Heroes Journey and comprehending the relevancy of the metaphors that the external world and internal cellular world is translating or messaging for us to us.

For me right now though I have done a massive pruning (and apologise if you have felt pruned out of my system also). I am currently digesting and processing one of the most radical resets of my life. I feel in the space of 5 weeks I have cried more (and way more consciously) in the face of being met with Love than I have done in the releasing of my own past traumas combined.

Therein lies the power of Love to decalcify the cells from this “holding myself together” in an unnatural or “self-sovereign” idependent frequency.

Of course, Life always meets us where we are at as Life always fills the gap based on where we are in our overall growth-cycle. For me, I feel blocked from engaging in my old patterns of navigation because they no longer seem to be performing a function with purpose. Love has been found and it is effortlessly undoing “me”, and I am unbecoming in the process more and more.

What has been so tiring about all of this is the feeling of powerlessness in the process that I only know as surrendering my mind, my ways, my hardened self, my staying strong in my “solo navigation”. Opening up to love and knowing that it is “all for me”, and being told so directly, has been both a “homecoming” and shattering of my previous reasons for being. I did it all for Love and now that Love has arrived it seems that all I can do is keep feeling my feelings of deepening vulnerability in being seen, being witnessed, and being honored in ways and depths that I have still so much fear around allowing myself to embody and “own”.

The “I” that resists and speaks of the “never-ending” processing and feeling tired of feeling “these emotions” is that part of Self that felt it needed to “perform” in order to be loved, to be seen, and accepted for who I am. As I write this I feel the cellular release occurring as goosebumps rizzle across my body…

I am grateful as I am being shattered and I dissolve back into love all that has been wanting to be found for all these years. It is in your reflection Colleen Marie Schell that I find these parts in me that have been the deepest hidden from my own awareness. In the face of your Love I find ‘me’, this part that has tried to reach my awareness for decades by saying ever so quietly; “Help me I am stuck”.

I go inside and scoop this little boy up in my arms, finally found, finally home, within, together, wholeness and a return to freedom. What will we create from here together?…

Today I celebrate my Brave New Love, I celebrate the capacity to uplevel, to expand my capacity to relate to Love, to Life in syntropy. I celebrate the spaciousness I have fallen into which is scary even for me as a well-wintered feeling-based relating practitioner and internal landscape navigator. Of course, I am met, with each step that I dare to take within, by her. Within and without.

{{contact.first_name}} I hope you too are willing to celebrate Life and Love more consciously each day!

In my own experience the only way home to Love, to wholeness and inner-freedom, was and forever will be; being willing to remain open, to remain willing to grow, and to endure the process of expansion with the knowing that only Love sees in when we are willing to open up.

And so I celebrate my Brave New Love…Colleen!

So, yes…

There is definitely more to come from my ‘unbecoming’ on my podcast channel

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Thank you for witnessing my hero’s journey and to all those who support me in sharing bravely on Love, on Syntropy, and the journey home to inner freedom and self-sovereignty.
For those in my inner circle please know that without your contributions to my navigation I would have not shared this or do what I continue to do for our Brave New Life Community.

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I wanted to leave you with a little poem that I wrote in reflection of Love showing up, but I am going to leave that for another time.

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With a big heart expanded Love from Bali,

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