What if I told You…

What if I Told You…

What if I told you…that the external world is just a reflection of the state of our own collective internal world?

What if I told you that you can assist in the #SAVETHECHILDREN MOVEMENT with powerful impact that is guaranteed to make you more effective in creating better future for ALL CHILDREN?

What if I told you that you are the assigned co-author of our human story?

What if I told you that by your actions we actually can start a Brave New Life?

What if I told you that the fate of our world and the future of our children depends on
what we do here, now, today?

I will warn you now that the information that you’ll be accessing is going to trigger you, but rest assured in doing so more children can become freed and our world will be transformed.

Right NOW we need Willing Fathers, Mothers, Brothers and Sisters to Rise

Welcome to: HeartStorming for our Children

About Healing Collective Trauma

Trauma is what is holding us back from being able to co-create the world we want to see our children grow up in, wild and free.

As we each look at the complexity of our cultural malfunction we can feel disempowered and overwhelmed, AND YET we all carry this dream, we all intuitively know that change is not only possible, but that we are to be part of making that change happen.

When you learn how to ACCEPT THE FAILURE OF THE THIRD PARTY and how significant this change in your being is, you will be able to start reclaiming the self sovereignty that was and is always yours.

You will become free from false belief systems that were socially engineered to keep you sedated, fearful, ashamed, and “less than”.

This is what all our children need from us and such is the beginning of a Brave New Life for our Collective.

Your welcome and invited to join us if you feel open to exploring this work and community project.

Circles for Change

About Heartstorming

Believing in a world where every child can be free and save is like having a really nice feeling-fantasy that is actually riddled with absence of REAL PRESENCE to the grave depth of deception that we have been collectively cultured into AND, more overly, what YOU can do about it FROM WITHIN YOU.

Without proper depth of vision and comprehension of the broader landscape of how we are actually collectively responsible for ALL OUR CHILDREN and their fate, you will just have wishful thinking as your crayons to draw the future with.

Heartstorming is a radical, real way for communities to address the unaddressed, heal the unhealed, and freeing all that sits like frozen freedom within our cells, so we can lotus-birth this New Earth we all have fantasies around.

Inner Circle Content & Community

I have written a tremendous amount of free content and have just poured out my heart and my knowings on Syntropy, reclaiming self sovereignty, Human Ecology, Exposing cultprogramming and sharing a lot on the Bigger Picture that underlies humanities collective trauma.

As people become aware of a Luciferic agenda many are still lost to properly come to terms with the vastness of “how we got here” with a worldwide paedophilia and human sex trafficking network becoming exposed.

I have deeply explored the process of the Great Awakening and feel strongly that the time-window of this initial process now needs processes for proper integration and transformation of our individual lives and as a community of Truth Seekers. The focus: #savingourchildren.

I want to navigate now with people that are Willing to do the work. Willing to get real and willing to heal the collective wounds that keep humanity bound in fear and scarcity mentalities.

When you join you will become part of a community of loving, self activated people that want to all transform our current human story.

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