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I share from Syntropic Nature Studies,
Ancient Mystery School teachings and the studies of
effective Trauma Transformation.

Wisdom is experience based.
Although I offer so much inspiration on reclaiming sovereignty,
healing yourself with syntropy and seeing through all the cult-programming.
Transformation can only come about when you choose to navigate with the wisdom I share.

For this I offer private transformational Syntropic Life Coaching,
powerful ready-to-purchase courses and regular Wisdom Sharing events.

In all my offerings there is palpable transmission and transformation
that I guarantee is going to make you feel more whole,
alive, and free in the world of man.

Syntropic Agroforestry

Studying Nature in its’ full glory!
Syntropy is the missing link in agriculture and our human culture. The Syntropic Agroforestry foundations and courses I offer make that all very clear. It is a powerful starting point if you want practical tools for bettering your Nature Connection and Gardening!

Syntropic Human Ecology

EcoSophy, I call it! The study of Syntropy in Human Ecology. The Wisdom contained in this field is transformational and awakens your own inner ability to navigate, heal and transform stuck and old patterns of belief while giving you access to emotional freedom on the other side of using this Wisdom!

Sophianic Wisdom

Syntopy, Self Sovereignty and Self Love are the trinity teachings I share from: The Natural Order. Tapping into deep gnosis (wisdom) from Ancient Wisdom Traditions combined with direct access to Sophianic Downloads on our current world situation. This is direct and innate wisdom on how the Natural Order can be restored within to create the freedom we came here to feel.

From the three Schools or Fields of Wisdom


Self Sovereignty


The last two weeks have been…well…beyond words really. The depth of confidence and trust in your masterful navigation gave me constant feelings of reassurance and safety…so good. Tears constantly flow in gratitude for Love and Nature bringing you into my life. It is a priceless treasure never to be taken for granted. The sweet metamorphosis from fragments to wholeness has seen many gifts arise. 

– Kimberley, USA

Let’s Navigate Together

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