What is Language other than an expression of Culture?

In studying language, it is very easy to get stuck at the surface level of studying by trying to pick apart words all governed by the same consciousness that was formed through the language applications itself.

To me it was only when get to sense and feel that others viewed reality and were relating to life differently, that in my own consciousness (mindgarden) a new avenue of relating (the original form of relating) became accessible. Yes, Syntropy was and is that missing link.

Nature’s Language is key to seeing through many of the language distortions and confining belief systems that go unchecked and unverified at large by means of everyone simply saying and using the same words. All thinking we all mean the same things.

Previously I shared how “Naming the Namers” as in the formgivers of our langauge-use is important as it allows for our own unconsciously abnegated ownership over language to become dissolved.

In our human ability to name “things”, there seems to lie a means to control or to possess by means of naming. If not the “things” (because no one can own anything), names have the power control or possess the thinking around that which is named.

You may remember my self found discovery about language:

Language governs our consciousness, our way of perceiving reality.

If you don’t have words for “things” you can’t see them and thus not relate to it. If you did have words for it, intrinsic to humans using wordsounds, there is an ‘attached’ meaning coming with sounds or words used for naming things.

Traditionally speaking the english language to me can be considered a system of man made thoughts turned into word-sounds conveying someones’ meaning for things, concepts or ideas. Through shared use (not agreement) these words are all understood by a community to mean certain things and subsequently form their way of relating to Life.

Cultprogramming & Deducation

None of us agreed to or were checked in around the meaning of words, the structure forms of language and or the common values intrinsic to varying wordsounds. Nope, we were all programmed with it and when you see life, reality and human orientations through the lens of Syntropy like i do you can see broadscale degragation, degeneration, and cultural erosion of meaning, purpose and function and all of it is because we have strayed through the adoption of man made limiting beliefs from the Natural Order.

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