Welcome to Souvereign Sharing

Sharing from years of study,
ancient wisdom teachings,
experience based research
and Love for Life.

The Syntropic Nature of Life,
Original Human Nature,
Self Sovereignty,

The suppression of our potential,
through cult-programming
and trauma based
mind control

I give thanks to:

The Syntropic Nature of Humanity, my children Joshua and Sarah
& my Grandmothers’ guidance.

I am proud to share with you in the roadmap to
trans-generational wholeness that restores our culture of love.

Be it Syntropic Agorforestry
or de-programming yourself
from the Matrix

I want to invite you to self sovereignty, syntropy,
human ecology and conscious community building..
I want you to feel the value of your experience.

Unlocking your Innate Wisdom as
the Master Navigator
your were born
to be.

Hearing the Call to Adventure:
A Different Sense of Language

Across the years, I publicised the intrinsic part of the human
(hero’s) Journey and the important function
of finding the Language to convey the Syntropy of Humanity.
The Human experience (and experiment) is about a Journey back home to Self,
to wholeness, to self sovereignty, to freedom, to thriving, AND ADVENTURE.
Without adventure there is no transformation, growth, expansion or change.
I welcome you to make that choice of adventure.
You did not bring yourself here by accident,
that’s for sure!
Navigating Syntropy in real Life

Remembering Ancient Wisdom
Unpacking the Narcissist Culture
Internal Landscape Navigation

Navigating Regenerative Culture
Navigating the Matrix of Deceit
Navigating the Archetypal Reality of the Hero’s Journey
Recontextualising our Navigation
Navigating Sacred Unification

Surely, it is Natural attraction and curiosity
that brought you here!

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