• Lotus Birth & Syntropy

    Lotus Birth & Syntropy

    “Lotus birth in that sense is the most beautiful, most holistic, most sovereign and most respecting of the spirit and the body and the being of a new human Life coming to the earth.” Our original heritage and birth anticipation is a culture of love and natural self-sovereignty, not one of fearing external authority and […]

  • Syntropic Self/Cell Healing

    Syntropic Self/Cell Healing

    Syntropic Self/Cell Healing Because everything in Life performs a function with purpose including our cells, thoughts, and feelings, we are on a daily basis able to commune with messages from the internal landscape that all relate back to aspects of self that dis-membered. We have to first restore and re-member our Will (which carries primary […]

  • Will, Sophia  & Freedom

    Will, Sophia & Freedom

    2 minute read The “fall of humanity” into the emotional dark age we are each navigating out of again, is simply bound to the fact that humans stopped and then forgot to prioritize feeling-based relating to, and properly processing, their feelings. When humans are no longer willing (or aware that this even is a choice) […]

Helping people release & reprogram Primary Imprinting.

My main function as your guide and teacher in Syntropy is to help you re-member, release and reintegrate that which is still blocked in the subconscious mind.

The purposeful function: restoring freedom from within your cells. This leads to a life lived with inspiration, renewed faith and clarity for your navigation.

Syntropy the Missing Link
Syntropy is the language of the Original Reality, the Language of Nature and the Language of our Cells. I offer various Regenerative Practices based on the principles of Syntropy.
My work is steeped in both Gnostic and Ancient Indigenous Wisdom teachings which our western culture is truly devoid from.

Pregnancy Support for Him & Her.

I was never taught anything empowering about our many male roles, functions, and or response-abilities during the sacred period of pregnancy and birth.

Because Pregnancy forms the foundation to your childs psycho emotional development I am here to show you how to show up more powerfully.

Sophia’s Fierce Wisdom Keeper
I share with you the Syntropic teachings and healing process intrinsic to our human feminine inner nature. (the language of your cells)

These Ancient yet retrieved teachings are off Will & of Womb creation. Combining both the Male & Female energetics to restore wholeness from within!

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Revealing The 5 Secret Imprints that hold all humans back from living a free and open life the Good Gospel✨ Syntropic Wisdom Podcasts

  1. Revealing The 5 Secret Imprints that hold all humans back from living a free and open life
  2. Language Keys: The 5 Primary Imprints
  3. Overcoming Poverty Consciousness
  4. Are there ONLY TWO Worlds in existence?!
  5. Comprehending Trauma Based Mind control through the lens of Syntropy

Syntropy is a natural antidote to entropic society or the ‘world of man’ as we know it.”

Loved by progressive podcasting media.

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