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“Every Living process in Life is performing every function it expresses in its growth, movement and directional orientations only ever with purpose. Humans are Life and every living process within and from our cells only ever performs a function with purpose. Questioning the function allows for discovering it’s purpose.Entering the study of Syntropy, of Life, leaving behind a world made of prefabricated, preprogrammed and often simply regurgitated judgements and beliefs to explain away what we observe and instead entering into our natural intrinsic world of wonder and curiosity.

Applicable to all levels of human conduct in every possible situation.”

We are of Life, we are Syntropy

Example: Exploring bodily attractions occurring to others while in a “committed constellation” with “your” lover.

I feel the attraction and the thoughts associated to the attraction to another is what is performing a function. Since I am free of shame and guilt for having thoughts occur outside of my own direct intend or control has given me that space to be curious (I am out of self judgement) and in that the attraction itself is a “phase” in and of itself totally worth exploring. For what causes the attraction and associated thought patterns to emerge?

I know from Life and the syntropic nature of the human organism that these cells are making use of the surrounding environmental inputs of experience based information and renders that information into the internal landscape and connects to it through association based on relevancy in certain categories, where the overall organism is still benefiting freeing and liberating or resolving of stored emotional imprinting that hasn’t been properly released through expressing, and thus is creating opportunity from within for reintegrating the aspect of self that got dismembered through some form of overwhelm or incapacity to process the feelings occurring in the associated past lived experiences fully.

The body’s intelligence, the cells’ intelligence, in its wiring strategy is to bring resolution to anything inhibiting its core “pure consciousness program”, our blueprint, to come into full expression throughout the whole bodily philosophically manifested form (which in human form is to bring to full expression the soul or spirits’ original intentional encoding/blueprint/purpose ) and so the body being the carrying vehicle for the spirit in the body works endlessly to match real life experiences to unresolved parts on the internal landscape of the psyche, hence our uncontrollable emotional reactions that occur before we can even stop them.

Our traumas colour our perception. “We are addicted to our own “limitations””.

Although we mostly cope, due to manually overwriting feelings based on social belief systems or more complex internal conflict between several disassociated aspects of self, all forms of coping are still in the greater expanded awareness of what our cells are operating on, as a Life strategy, all performing a function to indicate that we are resisting certain naturally occurring feelings and associated thought patterns also clustered as belief systems. The function of both the coping and the initial reactions are full of purpose performing a function that when questioned with open willingness to come into awareness can take us to those exact personas that are being “triggered”.

Because of the socially engineered cult programming what has been mostly hidden, veiled, misnamed and repurposed as a name use, is the, self Souvereign, human Free Will.

Trauma at birth certainly does the trick to imprint trespass and violate and “break” the original innocence by ritualistically raping it with violence of its self Souvereign right to remain free of harm.

Just because we got the cult standards of so-called standardised western medicine today doesn’t at all mean in any form or shape, or context, or setting that this is a healthy natural form to bring new human spiritualised Life onto the earth. If anything stands out, it is that this violence based, connection severing from the placenta and womb, (through which this spirit came into human form) orientation is the furthest removed from any natural self Souvereign orientation of giving birth naturally.

It indicates how far gone we as a human species, through the western cult programming, have relinquished our souvereignty and have outsourced our autonomous responsibility for our cells’ health and wellbeing.

Of course humanity in being “hijacked” as such, by means of furthering coercion through the decades of industrial deducation and social engineering that we have transculturally been exposed to, has caused the majority of reasons as to why we are where we are. A culture of humans predominantly preoccupied with survival, staying in control so to feel safe. This is equal to a culture predominantly basing it’s navigation on fear based responses, which all are rooted in unresolved emotional imprinting and more concise directly corresponding to the myriad of disassociated aspects of self that got dismembered through the trauma experienced, expressed primarily as fear indicating feeling based responses. (emotional reactions)

Based on getting really real with “cultprogramming”, trauma based reactions and exploring how we got to where we are, we can start allowing ourselves to sense how far removed from our natural self embodied, self souvereign state of feeling free and fearless (free of fear), in relation to the matrix around us, we are. With this “reality check” it is relevant to know that any day, any moment we so choose we can simply start reclaiming our Will so to put an end to the programmed “belief systems” of “I don’t know” and “I need to” and “can I?”

The key word is agency.

When do you use agency for your navigation? Who is the agent or form of agency you are contracting with and do you feel able to do without this form of agency if you “knew how to?”

We live in a preprogrammed socially engineered cult matrix where outsourcing our responsibilities for our own navigation to third parties is a common form of navigating reality.

Everything and all behavioural orientations that are based on outsourcing because of lack, fear, inadequacy, incompetence, or “need” for controlling situations are amongst the strongest indications that unresolved trauma and a “fractured Will”, or severely compromised ability to navigate based on the Will, is present in a human being.

If we feel reluctant, avoiding or fearful in speaking our Will then we are basing our navigation on the trauma that got imparted and inflicted onto and into our cells most likely at birth and with that we are more often than not outsourcing responsibility over our own cells to a “third party” (an other). Navigating Life with a “broken Will” humans tend to become dependent or more complex co-dependent, which from a social engineering, dominating and controlling the masses perspective is an ideal situation to further the agendas to obscure, hide and discourage self souvereig navigation to be the norm.

If we wanted to subconsciously control others and their navigational orientations what better form than to severely compromise the free Will of a human being upon arrival, at birth, by violating it harshly, cutting into its flesh, injecting needles, smacking it, putting plastic foreign unnatural items down to its throat and nostrils. Of course all to make sure that we keep the baby “healthy” and “safe”. Can you sense the fear based orientations present in our western birthing culture? Fear based projections (love inverted) has a powerful effect on anyone’s cells FOR as long as there is corresponding unresolved trauma stored within the individuals cells. Once the trauma is released fearlessness naturally is our state of being and with that comes our innate ability to feel into the “truth” of what is being professed or projected and more likely than not we simply feel safe in our own selves to be responsible, find solutions and navigate the practical reality that presented itself. We see then opportunities, possibilities above and beyond the limitations that fear based navigation offers. We simply “don’t buy into it. Fear. False Evidence. Appearing. Real.

Whether you like it or not the above shared violations onto new born younglings are all “trespass”. All is totally unnecessary if it wasn’t for the fact that the backup program justifying all this behaviour is our preprogrammed fear of death. It is the cult programmers greatest draw card, like black magic enabling anyone to cast fear into ones’ cells by suggesting if they don’t do something than this “could happen”. Disabling the other to feel and think for themselves, playing into the transgenerationally stored deeply unresolved forms of pain and trauma through the initial (thousands year old) souvereignty suppressing cult programming that was simply based on causing war and famine imprinting severe levels of shock into the body.

Now that the body carries this shock from centuries of genocide, murder, rape, injustice as unresolved emotional imprinting we all carry a programmed fear of death (which also is corresponding to fearing change, which also is known as Life itself)

Patriarchal programming 101.

Have you wondered why “history” is all about war here, and war then, and what war when, and who won from who over what war where, and where during what time after what other war that happened when and where and then? (I know I’m going in circles )

Have you questioned why we didn’t get “Herstory”? The story of Life, of co-creation, the emergence of higher expression of beauty through humanities presence on the earth?

The study of syntropy through natural time and the natural succession of the human specie as an innate culture of Love giving rise to different forms of expression?

Herstory where we were dealing with overcoming natural disasters and how the impactful outcomes around food, shelter and loss of loved ones’ were healed in those cultures?

The tales of Herstory to hand down innate knowings of true value, based in real human experience, about resolving real human universal challenges?

Herstory with the sporadic mentioning of those who fell from grace and natural feeling based relating into the entropic traps of fear stemming from encountered trauma and how the human cultures of Love overcame and healed the traumas induced by these occurrences?

How we restored balance and made use of its function for growth and resilience to be imparted onto children and for the future generations to come?

The study of Herstory about Human Nature, synergy, symbiotic cross cultural exchanges for the elevation of human expression?

No, we got only the fear mongered patriarchal programming of how somehow without actually saying so, it is still silently implied that humans are (somehow) just bound to cause war, be in continuous conflict with each other and act out against others in retribution of trespass made against them or sometimes generations before, all harming others.

Through western cult programming humans are indirectly taught to “belief” based on “his story” that it’s somehow just part of humanity, that we are based on the past just a culture of mammals that just fights for what’s “right” because that is what we are taught and oh, how deeply deeply flawed all of that is. What a total fantasy when one opens up to question the syntropic nature of Life and moreso Human Nature – we are born for Love, wired for Love no matter how many thousands of years we have been exposed to manipulative trauma based orientations of others.

” Why?” you may have asked. #wetiko is a short answer to this question.

We have been operating under a artificial superiority/ hierarchical (slave and master) based system ever since the Annunaki walked the earth and likely in times before that. What is most relevant to remember is that all of that has never been our human Nature; to be a slave culture, to operate on a slave based mentality where we “need” to ask “permission” to some external “authority” to be “allowed” to do something, express something, go somewhere.

It is atrocious when one seriously contemplates where humanity has been lured into relinquishing its souvereignty to fictitious corporations, agencies and external to themselves, their families and next of kin, so called authorities posing themselves as “democratic” governminds that all by now are operating on a bureaucratically orientated navigation for decision making processing.

All of this is eloquently all mixed up in the cult programming language that even I write to you in today. Yes the language called English. Designed crafted and created to be a trade and commerce “contracting” language with several levels of meaning to sounds and nouns for things.

I am drawing a fairly imperfect picture of Life here it seems. But the above colouring as such is not about how Life functions. I share this to bring to light the “false light”, expose the matrix of lies and false forms of navigating reality as it has been and is being formed for us, around us, and seemingly so even by us.

The main question I like to offer before suicidal thoughts or depressions set in is:

“Do you want to keep navigating from fear?”

and if not

“do you Feel Willing to come into awareness where this fear based navigation originates from in you, for you, from you, with you?”

You have always had free choice in every given moment of your entire existence. It just wasn’t respected out of ignorance due to cult programming. Your cells however are unconditionally working towards restoring your natural self souvereignty and sense of full freedom so that your body can be the clear conduit and seat for your soul to express its own unique star bound frequency here on the earth amongst and with all other lifeforms all bringing their own unique gifts and contributions to Life.

Whether a mango tree or banana tree, whether an eagle or a fish, a panther or a gazelle, all of Life is here in the greater interconnected web and circle of Life to express itself with its own unique talents and gifts as a specie of living Life giving expression for Life, to Life, from Life, for the Greater Web of Life to continue the cyclical spiral dynamics that Life navigates on.

The spiral, all expressions, all individual and collective manifestations all have but one underlying intrinsic frequency field that it operates on, from, in and towards and this strategy is Syntropy, the missing link and the greatest relevancy of Herstory.

Once remembered this simple intuitive knowing, intrinsic to all human beings, has the potential to explain and answer to the function of everything living and nonliving on this earth and all we require is all we have already. Innate and natural curiosity. Childlike inquisitiveness.

Making use of the function of emotional reactions is a choice and if your Will is applied then resolve can actually come about from a deep and ultimately super relevant place. It’s just about reversing the orientations most of us have been programmed in (denying our feelings and suppressing them) into fully becoming curious why feelings feel certain ways and where these feelings actually come from.

Much of this work has to do with reintegrating the disassociated aspects of self back “home”, back to the whole self, which is supremely effective and exactly what Life through our cells wants to accomplish.

(Disassociation of a part of self is what occurs internally, so to temporally suspend and store emotional experience occurring by separating it from the continuing flow of experience, this happens because of the inability, overwhelm or (most often) already compromised emotional and psychological state of the nervous system to fully express and process our feelings in that moment is real)

The bodies’ intelligence is wild and vast as such is Syntropy, as such is She, Sophia, Life herself.

To all shared here there is more to remember and come into comprehensions around for there is a natural practical roadmap for reintegrating and re-membering all dismembered aspects of oneself back into wholeness.

Much more is coming through the Wananga Of Love.

In grace and Aroha

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