FormKeepers – Peoples that have kept safe perceptions and reality views

When we navigate beyond the realm of our current age – the glorification of mind – we can (when we are willing) retrieve the wisdom gems, spirited breadcrumbs and perceptions of peoples across fast spaces of times who retained, retrieved, rekindled and remembered the original story.

This story when Syntropy is comprehended blends often effortlessly into a syntropic mindsong wherein our original mindgardens can become accessed again.

I invite you to find the Gates to Sophia in that place of your thinking mind.

Like the New Earth, the Original Reality, the Original Innocence, Sovereignty and Freedom, the Garden of Eden, Heaven on Earth is a place inside of our being, a place inside our thinking feeling world and the views we maintain of the world as we know it.

I wish to invite you into the space beyond the confines of the western mind and navigate with me down the overgrown pathway that can give you access to the world as we knew it.

Onwards I invite you to cultivate and feel your willingness to suspend the programming and Will it to venture towards these Gates of Sophia, the entry into the original mindgarden of Eden. They are there in all of us, archetypally speaking, like a threshold between the current and indigenous mindscape we can operate in.

Willingness is all that is required because the original mindsong although only ever eluded around and towards is alive in all of our human bodies. This is the language of Syntropy, the mindsong of co-creation, belonging, essential purpose and that journey there back to the domain of the beloved leads naturally to freedom as the old systems of belief and practice show themselves to be inadequate, unqualified, incomplete and extremely intollerant of the story of Her; Herstory.

Onto the Gates of Sophia I invite you where perspectives of our originality and human nature inside the artificially created mindscape can be seen for what they are. 

There is a garden beyond the confines of the lack and limitation based stories we have come to see all around us as normal.

There is a language return to the Natural and I hope to transfer my findings of those formkeepers that once reconnected with reconnect our synapsis and neuro networks that are buried underneath all the programming.

And as our original syntropic human blueprint has it, those original neural pathways that are all connected in your original heartware they can become activated again (quite effortlessly) if we are simply willing it so.

Celebrating a wonderful formkeeper hereby:

“When we are in a position to assimilate anthroposophical knowledge not only through reading and listening, but when we are more and more able to experience the content of anthroposophy in our heart, in our feelings, then it is as if living, cosmic beings enter our souls.  Then, anthroposophy will appear to us increasingly as a living being.  And we will become aware that something is knocking at the threshold of our heart saying, ‘Let me in, because I am you yourself; I am your true nature, your very humanity.’”       

Rudolf Steiner, Supersensible Man,November 18, 1923, Lecture V   

Accessing this natural, orginal and pure-essential mindsong is the focus of the Sovereignty Language Study Club. Your investment to partake in the study of Language will undoubtably give you freedom by seeing through illusions and tapping into Wisdom beyond your current mind-Cult-ure.

in Syntropy,