Souvereign on Retrieving the connection to Love, to Her my “Lost Love”

How do i retrieve these memories? How do i find my inner She who carries in her my story, which is Her story of the premature separation, the raping of my Original Innocence and Freedom.

Being willing to find the memory that this aspect of self resides is carried within the primary imprint of “not feeling connected” to this deep love state of innate knowing you “should” be connected to.

The premature separation from Love, from the Womb and in physiological terms the placenta, which is the doorway, sacred translating organ that had so much to pass on but you did not receive it’s full download that it was wired for instilling in your cells…

If we weren’t birthed as a Lotus Birth Baby, then humans are carrying this deep unresolved sense of being disconnected from love, the great mother, the womb field of all of Life. Only through accessing and processing our innitial birth trauma and the feelings contained in that of our premature separation that occurred without our consent means we can access the feelings that we were violated, and in that, we were violently being raped of our original innocence (deep love).

Being willing to explore this and come into awareness of what is still wanting to be resolved leads to awareness of who the third party was that inflicted the violation and most importantly the deep deep deep lingering question within this realization that asks: “why, …… why….. why…….did you let this happen” this question is addressed to those primary caretakers that “should have” allowed us to go through our own process of coming into this world, naturally, peacefully, unintruded.

#LotusBirth, #consciousWaterBirth and all forms of birth where the innate #selfsouvereignty of the free spirit in HER own body, that belongs to her and her alone, was respected, honored and allowed to have Her make it, Her choice, to separate herself from Her #Placenta, her energetic Wombfield of Love and Life.

Anything that occurred during birth that wasn’t of natural honoring of the innate sovereignty of this baby human being means deep violation of that self sovereign awareness and this leads instantly to the internal disfragmentation and dismembering of the Will of one Self as the first aspect of the whole #self to become dis-membered.

The confrontation and deep raw contrast in being prematurely separated from Love means that humans will be unresolved with the #worldofman#thepatriachy, the world of money, the world of time, the world of you “have to”, you “need to”, work, anything to do with external authority will either be rebelled against or subdued under, but never will there be peace in the being around the perceived “authority of others”.

And so until birth trauma has been deeply resolved, come into acceptance to through feeling that deep and vulnerable “Why………” we are likely to keep looking “for ourselves”, pursuing “finding” our Freedom, being wild and free, non-attached always going somewhere else, again. Do we on a deep level really find what we are chasing out there? or is the external reflection of our search actually only illuminating what we should be doing internally. Find Freedom, she lives inside, find love, she lives inside, find Her, she is within as a dis-membered aspect of self waiting, calling on you to find her, to hear her story, to hold her, to meet her needs, to thank her and ultimately to ask her if she wants to come Home.

She can be aided in its thoroughness of finding her by being willing to come into awareness of how through ones’ life, there was a continual presence of resistance, fighting, debating, arguing, wanting to confront, wanting freedom or get approval, seeking validation, or experiencing the fear of the imagined implications of the verdict of the “external authority”.

Whether it was the headmaster, the primary He, the police, the taxation office, the devil, the verdict of God, ALL and ALL externally perceived “authority” and the internal conflict with it is your body indicating that you were violated at birth and you are asked, pleaded by your cells, by Her to be Willing to be really real with what is truly going on underneath the story in the present, to find the root cause, the without consent violation of your cells, YOUR body, your Life, Your connection to Love, to the Mother, the Womb that is your connection to All of Life and all that is of Love.

When you are willing to come into awareness of what is really going on and follow your many experiences down your own timeline back into the past full of unresolved emotional imprints, be Willing and simply “Will access” to the primary imprint that is triggered through the reflection of your experience with “other” in the present moment.

Willing access gives your body and mind the command that as the authority of all of You declares access to the imprint that is at the root is being triggered.

The memory naturally shows up when you are Willing to come into awareness. Without applying your Will, you simply do not want it as there is no Will given. The body can’t do this for you without you Willing it. What it does give you, again and again, is the opportunity to discover what is on a deeper level of your cells really going on.

Your body is your greatest ally, support system and guide to you finding why it is reacting emotionally. Love your body for this amazing function it performs for you instead of judging and blaming yourself for feeling the feelings that don’t feel nice or scary. They all hold a story and ALL are tied to primary imprints of which there are only 5 to truly resolve.

Retrieving Her, your Will, your connection to Deep Love:

When you feel willing to access your birth trauma and subsequent premature separation of Love make sure you reinvoke your Will to come back into your body as it is your absolute Key to healing all of your past and retrieving all other aspects of disfragmented aspects of Self.

To this there is a process, to all this there is a roadmap, and it all is deeply real, relevant and relatively easy when the framework and field of this quintessential work to reclaim self sovereignty and your true freedom is comprehended.

Your Lost Love is ultimately your Placenta, your portal Home. Your connection to source, to Deep Love.

Properly processing the traumatic separation of Her is all that needs to be done to know that you are still, have always been and will forever always be Held in Deep Love as Her Greater Wombfield is this our Mother Earth, Papatuanuku, and we are all her children. Loved eternally as it was and will always be.

Welcome to the Wananga of Love where we hold hands together as we journey into ourselves.
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