Love Sharing for Will & Sophia

As you may by now know, comprehending the Syntropic Nature of our Human Ecology has allowed me to remain in the awareness that whatever is coming up for me is performing a function with purpose.

Knowing full well we are each on this spiraling cyclical hero’s journey to find ourselves and traverse our inner landscape still imprinted with fears, unresolved trauma, and unexpressed emotions, I have learned so much around the emotional/ somatic biological processes that the cells have as their ability to communicate through.

The archetypal nature of human consciousness is intertwined always with Story as such is the form by which we experience reality, or better put: Life.

Untold or often repressed stories or unfelt feelings will remain wanting to be ex-pressed by our human cells to complete a natural process of experiencing psycho-emotionally intense experiences and thus bring us back to ‘safety’, wholeness, balance, and contentment.

Being a pioneer in using Syntropy for Inner Healing, it has been a fulfilling and complex series of adventures returning home to Love, to self-sovereignty, and thus more freedom to be unapologetically me.

This has not been easy! Birth trauma releasing and finding the programs stored in the subconscious mind that imprinted during pregnancy and birth has been hard because I did not have a roadmap and was not finding answers in the common lane of “self-healing” therapies. (and believe me I tried 100’s!!)

Unexpressed emotions in the form of real experience-based stories are what “sits in the way” of us no longer handing down trauma and truly raising the next generations on the natural principles that are the make-up of our Syntropic Human Ecology (SHE).

There is more to relate around all this as this is an inner-dimensional conversation to have within our own cells.

I just want to reach out to tell you are loved, your cells are loved and these parts of you that still want to be found and loved are not forgotten.

They do require you, the awareness of Self, to keep being Willing to keep showing up with love, for love, so to love: all of you.

We all carry some unconscious programs of not feeling safe to feel our will and give expression to what we feel we want.

Our traumatic births and upbringing have a direct correlation to feeling save to express our will.

The premature separation of Love (the cutting of the umbilical cord) and being suppressed, shamed, named, rejected or abandoned all has led to this unconscious programming that we operate on without knowing.

With the syntropic embodiment awareness on how to invert trauma-based mind control, and early childhood imprinting we can heal trauma and create more freedom to be just ourselves!

Syntropy (Nature’s Way) gives us access again to an innate and intrinsic Love Metric as our guiding roadmap to find Will and Sophia again.

The process then is about bring them home to self, to love, and restore our original wholeness.

I hope you enjoy the Love sharing for Will & Sophia. Know that I am here if you wish to unlock more of yourself.
Syntropy is the way.–Sophia-et5auk

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In love and service,


About Archons: Most people arrive here because of a lurking curiosity around the piercing of cultprograms. Knowing from within that ‘things’ as taught are mostly inversions of the Natural, corruptions of the sacred and distortions of the Truth. See MoreSee Less
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