About Archons and Sophia

Inverting Cult-programming.
Knowing from within that ‘things’ as taught are mostly inversions of the Natural, corruptions of the sacred and distortions of the Truth, the deeper you dive the more you reenable your ability to see through the false systems of socially engineered believes and consequently you come to the real underlying matrix from where the ‘strings are pulled’ from (or better put humanity is being influenced by to operate itself in these unnatural, Life harming, sovereignty suppressing ways..)

This is where the word #Archon is inescapably linked to discovering more of ‘what is really going on’ within the hidden (luciferic) agendas on this beauty-full Planetary Earth Mother called Gaia Sophia, Pachamama, Papatuanuku.

My quest for figuring out more about ‘the truth’ has led me to be grace by direct communion with Sophia as the Archetypal Field Frequency of the Wise Gaia Mother Spirit presiding over all creation. My journey with her led me into the Indigenous Heart of Lemurian Wisdom which has been and is part of my star family soul-signature. I was always “a runner” and you may have recognised that I am rather acquinted with that role.

My soul search quest for answers became fulfilled and most relevantly -satiated-because I was willing to discover WHO (as living peoples on this earth) KNEW about the Archons and their agenda and WHAT they recorded for humanity to be used, exactly, in these time that we live in now. This led me to become graced with insights and real living pathways of healing ancestreal womb-trauma in a process I call the Return to the Womb.

Part of the teachings has all been centered around dissolving “wetiko”, the human ‘mindvirus’ from Love and without comprehending the Syntropic Nature of Life (the Natural Order, Nature and her self organising strategies of the Living Metric that we inhabit) it is near impossible to “come Home” to our self sovereign wholeness of mind, body, spirit and soul.

It is in ‘unplugging’ ourselves of the ‘bad copy’ of programming through remembering (‘plugging back into’) the Original Metric. Through this rememberance we get to return to and transform our mindgardens into Syntropy and irrevocably away from the entropic fear-based orientations that have governed so much of our navigation on this Earth.

Maybe take a pause, rest in some stillness, the real work is not stored in simply “knowing more” of a previously perceived devilish origin of the damage of Man, it is in all ways held in transforming it back to Love; Dissolving it into Love. Within. Within your mind as that is the only place where the entropic programming is able to manipulate humanity at large.

Feeling-Based relating is the foundational template from which, naturally, we can re-enable our Human Nature.

I pray that these pages help you remember who we, our Human Family of Love, on this Earth truly are.

In grace and lovingkindness,

About Our Return TO Sophia

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