The internal landscape of our human biological form is a magic, mystical realm.

Archetypal and metaphorical in its’ experience-able Nature by us humans, because such is the syntropic communication/ “relatability” or language/ information exchange function of internal (deep or un) consciousness, as it directly relates and translates to the human inner-dimensions (stratas) of thoughts, feelings and emotions.

The key of it is that: “it directly relates and translates to the human inner-dimensions (stratas) of thoughts, feelings and emotions.

“We”, as humans, are both “both” and unique. We are the informer and informee.

We humans all have the potential to be conscious of being (or simply be): omnipresence/existence of consciousness and feel we are being the “observer” (whom is of course consciousness looking onto itself…) (don’t try to get your head around all this too much as humans can only access ‘the field’ “both ways” through feeling or better put body (antenna) sensing by “dropping the mind” and “opening up” like children.)

What is definitely real is that humans have forgotten (been cultprogrammed out of) the natural innate “language” through which “consciousness communication” takes place in our feeling based world and thought-filled “mindsongs”.

I say “both” as there is no us & them/ me & consciousness external.

What I am (trying here) to bring language to is the fullness of the “Nature of Consciousness” which is experience-able within and without through our Human Experience of it, based on the Syntropic Nature of consciousness and NOT the quantum physics fantasy of it, where humans use science (mind) as a ‘slicer and dicer system’ to crunch out the exact same answer that ‘we are both.’

This ‘Nature of Consciousness’ experienced through human cells is:

Archetypal and metaphorical in its’ experience-able Nature by us humans, because such is the syntropic communication/ “relatability” or “language/ information exchange function” of consciousness, in how it directly relates and translates to the human inner-dimensions of thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Just as I like to say #wearesyntropy, you could say #weareconsciousness. (just less sexy)

We are the dream.

the Dreamer.

the Dreamscape.

We are/carry innately the language of dream-language,

We are it all.

We have a unique to our own experience/ direct-experience of consciousness and this is only due to cultprogramming, as humans too have a “hive-mind” as a species, just like all other life does.

We’ve just been fractured individually, which causes this disconnection and breakdown of hive-mind navigation/ telepathic communication etc. etc. (We can go into that later.)

“Consciousness” simply (in and of itself) operates on a universal pattern, which can be seen as a strategy based on the intrinsic Syntropic Nature of all of Life.

It is all the same.

All of Life/ “consciousness” operates in the same way and ‘strives’ to become more of itself because of the same signature frequency that operates the totality of its expressions as Life, is the same..

that is the hidden hand of God…

She is called Love…

So, what consciousness is:

Consciousness (as an etheric field of spirited life density) is highly organised and coherent and operates 100% of the time in the same ways.

The only defining factor in how “consciousness” is experienced or perceived, is based on peoples’ perception on how they think “consciousness” functions. And this, currently in our world, is solely dependent on their ‘programming’ or amount of trauma stored in their cells.

This is because we, as humans, can only see/ perceive what we have been informed with through language & behavior by our culture, or we have put language to ourselves, through our pursuit of finding language that is closer to the full-reality of what Life/consciousness – in and of itself – is actually doing.

You can sense that I belong to the latter group of human mammals that has come here to question the function of everything and expose/reveal all the limiting factors (cult programmed belief systems and transgenerationally handed down narratives) that keep humans from seeing with Eyes Unclouded.

At this point, I would love to weave the above into all the ancient indigenous wisdom teachings about the archetypal nature of reality and the comprehensions that Ancient Wisdom traditions carried as Life-Ways.

Through my soul-search I have come to re-member their original and natural and inborn ways of relating to life based on ‘syntropy’ (the interconnected web of all life and its dreamlike nature). Through my journey with Para Pachamama ~ Spirit of Earth I was led onto the intimate “innerstellar” journey with ‘my Grandmothers’, which has been, and stands foundationally, as paramount in the remembrance of this “work” I am sharing here.

Book me in for an interview of some sort if you feel the attraction to relate on this subject more.

Here are two academic books that your cells may find relevant to navigate with, it captures some of this original mindsong and shines a clear light on the colonised mind and western empiric loss of connection.

Syntropy the Missing Link

We can all easily extrapolate that if anyone’s programming or ‘belief systems’ are not inclusive of the original, natural ways that consciousness in and of itself operates on, but, is, instead, formulated through the limitations of the western-cult programmed mind… well… then, we are going to end up with whatever we were able to ‘allow’ our selves to perceive based on that language, not what Nature, as consciousness, is ‘doing/being’ in and of itself.

Consciousness external or internal is one and the same, as the language coding/ pathways of accessibility or strategy are the same..

It simply is continuously performing a function with purpose, tailored (unconditionally, without expectations, assumptions or even wishes or desires) to be a messenger of Story/information that may become accessed IF HUMANS are willing to come into awareness what, based on the Syntropic Nature of Life, this “consciousness” has the ability to translate for us.

When we operate from curiosity and openness (vs. judgment and rigid belief systems about ‘reality’) we can all easily come into awareness what the innate, intrinsic story would like to still play out within, through and for our cells.

A willful commitment to feeling the feelings assists in this process tremendously (or is fundamentally flawed without it), as does the prerequisite; re-cultivation of our Will.

Consciousness avails itself or simply is accessible through the human lens-perception of its’ inborn ability to relate to the deeper essence of what really can be explored, accessed and navigated for the restoration of wholeness of Self.

Most humans have never truly questioned the function of what story is coming through for us… we just try to make sense out of it by placing it in the circle of our limiting belief systems, instead of surrendering and becoming open to simply come into awareness what wants to become accessed from within itself.

On a significant side-note: with our Will, we can Will access to all of consciousness, in all dimensions, in all stratas in every perceivable reality or form of existence. We are unlimited by Nature, for we are of consciousness itself and it is our natural inborn gift and talent to navigate every strata of creation.

This is where real innerstellar adventures can begin. These are always Fast-paced Archetypal Hero’s Journeys as consciousness, when openness to navigate its’ currents are Willed, flows rapidly and almost instantaneously.

The only limitation is, again, our minds programming and unresolved emotional imprinting.

“Verily I say unto you, unless ye be converted and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Once our eyes become unclouded (de-programmed), through remembering the intrinsic life-ways that we, as the Self, can steer our orientations and mindsong to, this external landscape navigation is a fun playground in which we as inter-galactic gardeners can exercise our natural, inborn and innate roles and response-abilities for. (we are both the wind, the ocean currents and our own vessel/ship with sails)

In another course of sorts I will endeavor to articulate how we as a “Master Navigators” can roam the vast oceans of consciousness “out there”, which can both be fun and insightful, but always serves only our own return to wholeness because Life ‘out there’ is just a reflective mirror of Life ‘in here’, UNLESS, of course, thou art as children or even more lushes(!!), thou art younglings!

the Younglings; Master Navigators

I have a fantasy of showing younglings the doorway to this potential that they hold uncompromised (when lotus birthed).

It is indeed my fantasy that with those who have returned to (or never left) their original innocence, that we may course correct/ prune/ re-callibrate spaces and places outside of our cells in ecosystems that we not only have access to, but soul-signature based, we hold spiritual dominion over (which explains why humanity is kept ‘brought down’, as We, Hu-Man, “Are it”, so to speak, in all of creation.)

All this has to do with the infestation of the archonic mindvirus that lives out its’ presence on every strata of existence and is (desperately) waiting to become properly composted and dissolved back into wholeness/ Love/ Source. It is tied to our “atom seed” of potential which is what the real battleground is all about. (suppressing/ programming human conscious awareness)

Talk about my ultimate purpose/hero’s journey! Sailing the fast ocean currents of innerstellar fortitude with a tribe of uncompromised younglings… We’d need only a handful to redeem the whole of humanity...

Remind me in an email to share some core foundational findings about this subject if you feel to explore this external reality narrative a bit more. Put in the subject “Sophia on Returning to Syntropy”

In Grace and Lovingkindness,