Original Artwork by Autumn Sky

Hey Love, so nice you are choosing for this. Welcome to a space within that is real, that is living, that is founded on the innate self knowings that these parts are real and they all want to come home.

Please read the following with open willingness to receive and activate the internal landscape (from yesterdays email)

I am the Farmer of this Agroforest.

I am the sovereign of these cells.

I carry the Will to Will change, Will access and resolving.

I am Love by Nature.

I am Willing by Nature.

I am aware now,

more than ever,

that I have a role and response ability

to tend my mindgardens with care and sternness,

for pruning Life,

properly composting Life,

exploring the subsoil of my soul allows me to become more effective,

more aware,

more compassionate,

more resilient,

more productive, and much, much more alive!

I think I may have just found myself on a journey into a Brave New Life.

I feel I have found a roadmap based on Natures’ original patterns.

I feel I have just unlocked the Legend by which I can start to navigate:


Oh, how I did not see this coming…

Oh, how grateful I am to my curious smaller Self that caused me to feel the attraction to explore Syntropy.

Oh, how I can rejoice in the mystery of Life that I can now question,

one situation at a time.

Oh, how I am feeling ready and peculiarly Willing,

to dive deeper into my Earth Mothers Teachings,

out there,

right out my kitchen window.

Oh, how I wish to walk in wonder again,

being open,

as if for the first time,

to listen,

to be curious,

to question the function….

To question the function of everything…

I feel ready and Willing.

I feel open.

I feel touched,

I feel moved

somehow beyond words,

so subtly…

Who is this curious me that took me on this journey?

I never saw this coming,

but here I am..

Am I ready for this?

Am I ready for you?

Thank you for guiding me here so I can feel this place

Thank you for calling me here..

Now that I found you…

I don’t ever want to deny you again…


Welcome Home to the Original Innocence…

I hope you feel the realness,

I hope you take the leap and journey with me deeper into Syntropic Agroforestry…

Soon EVERYTHING has the ability to make sense!

Syntropy was the missing link.

Syntropy is Her, in you.

Thank her for finding me.

I knew She could.

She is real.

She was and is the one Willing.

She is hungry, and she is waiting.

Listen to the sounds outside.

Listen to the melody of Life unfolding,

calling you,

With Her

There is a garden to tend,

lifeways to re-member,

with her,

with you.

I hope this song may take you deeper into your internal comprehensions of what has been bringing you to this place right now…

What is shared here is all for you. Because you have been willing and open. This song came through on its own because of what I was navigating at the time with all I already remembered. I have never been able to replay it or remember the words as they came through.. may it serve as a reminder to you and an acknowledgement to you within that you are on the doorstep now of the Homecoming you have been waiting for and moreover that this part of you has been waiting for all this time…

Close your eyes.. explore the within.. allow your feelings to be felt..

I am giving you all of me because I know what wants to be spoken to.

love, remains, and she/he has a name….just be open.

If you feel that it now becomes relevant for you to comprehend the Internal Landscape navigation for your self please follow through to here where you can activate your own inborn and innate capacity to find and retrieve all the parts of you left behind in time for so long.


Love, please email me with any thoughts or feelings that feel relevant to share, make the subject of the email ‘original innocence’ so I have instant context to you sharing.
I am open to receiving.

In grace and Lovingkindness,