Freedom is a sound mind

So.. Life is what I want to further my relationship in and with and through as it connects me to so much more of myself that seeks freedom, truth and love..

Freedom is a sound mind, a pure mind, a mind that is free and liberated from any demonic mind parasites, any emotional addictions, any physical addictions (which are emotional addictions), a mind free of trauma, free of judging others, blaming others, complaining about others. A mind Free of worry, free of petty, free of comparing this to that. A mind that is in acceptance of the world around it, certainly not afraid of it and actively and fearlessly willing to engage in each moment with that world in service it.

A mind that is in its freedom naturally filled with thoughts, dreams and fantasies that only serve Love, only serve truth, only serve the greater good in its highest potential in each moment.  In service to caring, sharing and through being, offer others the peace, grace and clarity that a Life in Freedom brings about in people.

Insights would be shared into the intricate simplicity of such Life in Freedom as the more people that come to experience the freedom that Life can be lived in, the more more peace, love and harmony would then become activated in this our world.

I will thus share from my personal journaling journey for those that wish to explore Freedom within, Self Sovereignty through embracing the need for self love and a willingness to surrender to Sophia (Innate Feminine Wisdom of Life)

Read these pages not as you to me but imagine you being this person that wrote all of this. In L’akesh remember? My human story of the search for freedom, self sovereignty and peacetness is your story as it is our story being born into this world of Man that has always felt to have fallen from true love, connection and full freedom.

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Freedom doesn’t need a sound it is itself, complete in and of itself, self Sovereign.