All of You is wired for Wholeness

The Reintegration process 
Based on the comprehension that a part of self disassociates when humans are faced with emotional experiences our work together is focused on retrieving the memory-based imprints surrounding the primary experience that caused the fragmentation of Self.

Together we navigate the internal landscape using our Willingness to come into awareness of what has remained unresolved in our internal emotional landscape. 

The parts of self that got locked away all want to be retrieved and brought home because our cells and our bodies are wired for complete wholeness and a full free functioning flow-state in which we are free of emotional reactions or unnatural frequencies of projection, blame, shame, guilt, or fear.

Our original natural blueprint is orientated to operate on wholeness but because we disassociated parts of self throughout our life we all unconsciously attract and magnetize unpleasant or difficult situations and circumstances that can each help us revisit the original story of the primary imprint.

The Practice
Through the practice of utilizing our Will to “Will Access” to long-stored memories and unresolved emotional imprinting, we get to commune directly with the wisdom of our cells. In this process, we pay close attention with open willful curiosity to have our cells guide us as they bring up the neurochemical-associated stepping stones to help us arrive at the primary imprint.

The Knowledge

Knowing how to navigate the internal landscape based on our human nature’s design gives us great advantages. 

  • We don’t have to judge, explain or make sense of our inner world intellectually.
  • We don’t have to study, read books to learn new concepts, or travel to any practitioner location.
  • We use our Will to commune with our cells to gain access to the unconscious mind
  • We are “Willing to come into Awareness” and so our cells provide us the roadmap
  • We navigate internally with gentleness and grace to retrieve the original imprint and request the name of the part of self
  • From a place of Love, we relate with the part of self to uncover the imprint and reveal what was done against its free will.
  • We navigate with what this part of Self still wants, needs or requires from us.
  • We are willing to feel the emotional intensity and true essence of the imprint.
  • When the time feels right and the Will of the little Self has been fully heard we bring it home to reintegrate back into the wholeness of self.
  • We are willing to be gentle on our cells and take time after the process to gently reintegrate avoiding getting busy so our neurochemistry can complete the rewiring.
  • We take lush naps, walks in nature or do what was asked of us to do during the process.

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